Village Voice Discovers the Wesleyan Music Scene

The Wesleyan Music Scene is gaining exposure in the American mainstream media – British periodicals NME and the Guardian have been watching this trend since last year, and the Village Voice has now picked up on it with an article examining how Wes came to be the “epicenter of surrealist Brooklyn pop”. In contrast to […]

The Onion Honors the Film Mafia’s Finest Alum

Apparently The Onion doesn’t like Transformers or Wesleyan’s distinguished alumnus, Michael Bay ’86. LOS ANGELES—In the largest deal ever made to shit out a movie, Warner Bros. and director Michael Bay announced a landmark $50 million agreement this week to monumentally fuck up ThunderCats. “I couldn’t be more excited to completely fuck this up,” said […]

The Film Mafia

The Hartford Courant’s Susan Dunne reports on Wesleyan’s film mafia at this years Tribeca Film Festival in New York: “Judging from the lineup at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, it seems there might be one foolproof method not only to get a foot in the door in Hollywood, but also to become well-established, steadily […]

Career Outlook — Summer in LA

The Career Center’s Rachel Berman wants to help you join the Wesleyan Mafia: Going to be in LA this summer? Check out these opportunities! Our Winter Break Career Outlook now has a summer partner! For the first time, the Career Center is offering Career Outlook – Summer in LA. This job shadow program provides undergraduates […]

Barnett ’94 Premieres Show at Hartford Stage

Ken Barnett ’94, pictured above with co-star Lisa O’Hare, is starring in the new Robert Freedman musical A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.  After premiering October 12, Barnett’s show received a glowing review from Charles Isherwood of the New York Times, who does not dole out praise easily. Isherwood writes that Barnett, who majored in theater at […]

USA Today on Wes Bands, Eclectic, Elmo Costumes

User comment of the year: “AWE SWEEETTTT! Music mucho bien. TRolOlOlololol” Guys. We’re famous. Again. Remember that time Wesleyan became the “epicenter of surrealist Brooklyn pop”? The Village Voice cast an approving eye on Wesleyan’s music scene in August 2009—the dawn of my freshman year—back when MGMT was a fresh success story and Das Racist, […]

Zeitlin ’04 Takes Top Honors at Sundance Festival

“When I was in college, someone at some point told me, ‘If you’re gonna make movies, don’t shoot on the water, don’t shoot with children, and don’t shoot with animals.’ And our movie is really about children and animals on boats.” This isn’t a film series showing post, but by goodness, in a year or […]

Animal Studies Takes Center Stage in Wes’ Humanities Classes

Wesleyan, according to reputable mainstream media sources, is again on the cutting edge of academia: no longer just the “epicenter of surrealist Brooklyn pop” or breeding ground for a rising film mafia, we are apparently also pioneers in what the New York Times identifies as “the growing, but still undefined, field of animal studies,” which […]


I’m just awfully curious now about why anyone would want to “win” the honor of being touted the most annoying liberal arts college by Gawker. Honestly, why? Considering the essence of “annoying” according to Gawker is embodied almost entirely in Zach Braff’s existence (and we can’t think of a reason not to agree with them […]