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Stethoscope [Gently] Presses You to Help ’em Publish

Wesleyan’s Stethoscope Press has brought you entirely student-published literature, artwork, and appropriate Wesleying post images for more than a year and a half now. Piers Gelly ’13 hopes you’ll give back:

Stethoscope is doing a fundraiser to pull together some last minute funds! Our books are mostly written and about to go to print, but we’re a few dollars short.

We’ll also be doing a bake/d sale at Zonker Harris Day.

With a description this succinct, what’s not to love? …the description, you say? Ugh, rude. Here’s a little more, from the Indiegogo site:

Each year, we select several writers who work one-on-one with an editor to produce a book of original work. This year, we’re printing five books: a novella, a collection of poems, two collections of short stories, and a book of essays. […]

Please consider donating to Stethoscope! Any amount, however small, means a lot. It costs $4.40 to print one copy of any one book, so by donating just $10, you’ll be funding two whole books. For $22, you’ll be supporting one copy each of all five books.

We are offering some great rewards for donations. Take a look!

Show your support to Stethoscope by next Monday, Aprill 22, if you’d like to help out.

It’s 4:20, Make Some Music for Awesomefest

Yo, don’t front like you weren’t wondering if this was gonna even happen this year (too bad for PNK@DKE…). Dyl Bossy ’13 sends in word of this storied event one last time:


Awesomefest is back with
14 all new bands.
2 stages.
1 night.
1 MC.
??? judges.
1 winner.
1 prize:
1 pizza party.
? fame.

First 14 bands to submit a band name, demo, band members, and stage set-up to teamauralwes(a)gmail(do)com get to play.


Date: May 3, 2013
Time: 9 PM – 1 AM
Place: Historical Eclecticism Society, 200 High St.
Zuckerbook: Zuck Away


If you’re a senior and you’re reading this: you’re too drunk or too tired to read this (or both). Go to bed. Otherwise, check out this big thingamajig that Raechel Rosen ’15 has put together, apparently with some inspiration from Dar Williams ’89:


Humanity Festival is a one-day musical celebration in solidarity
against bigotry, racism, and social divisions within a community.
Foss Hill. Saturday. 3:00 pm. Come dance,sing, discuss, and smile

  • Amanda Palmer
  • Don Minott (with Wesleyan student accompaniment including Matt
  • Chillton, Leo Grossman, Zach Kantor, Angus Macdonald, and Jacob Masters)
  • Jess Best, Mel Hsu & Sam Friedman
  • Siren
  • Oz, Rhys Langston, & Izzy

Along with many talented spoken word artists. There will be time
between sets, called SOAP BOX, for members of the audience to say
their piece about the divisions present in the Wesleyan and greater
Middletown community.

Sponsored by Gibson Guitars and the 1Love foundation.

Date: Tomorrow, April 13th
Time: 3 PM
Place: Foss Hill
Facebook: Event

Senior Class Socratic Exchange

I think David Shor ’13 and Rachel Unger ’14 are referencing that guy from Bill and Ted here:

As graduation approaches, we anticipate the years of our lives that will follow these last four.  Who better to tell us what comes next than those who have already had 50 years of experience post-Wesleyan?  Lucky for us, the Class of 2013 has the unprecedented opportunity to engage with the Class of 1963 in an intimate, Socratic setting so that we may better understand what lies ahead.  We will have the chance to discuss how our Wesleyan experiences influence our hopes for life after college, and they also want our class to ask how they will spend their coming years.  Then, the tables will turn, and they will challenge us.

At Wesleyan and across the nation, much has changed in the last 50 years. So with open mind, the Class of 1963 invites us to join them in a Socratic dialogue to discuss our ideas about the future following this year’s Commencement and their 50th Reunion.

The event will take place Friday, May 24 from 11:00pm am- 12:30pm at Eclectic House.  Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in this unique experience.  There are many more of us than them, and pairings with alumni will operate on a first come, first serve basis, so please let us know ASAP but definitely by Monday, April 15 if you would like to be a part of the special event!  Please contact David Shor (dshor@wes) or Rachel Unger (runger@wes) if you have any questions!

Call for Proposals for Green St. After School Program, Fall 2013

Here’s another one from your dedicated Green Street correspondent, Whoever Puts Up the Post ’13:

In the interest of expanding the curriculum offered to students in our After School programming, we are currently seeking  proposals for innovative and invigorating arts, science, math, and interdisciplinary courses at the Green Street Arts Center (which is also now home to PIMMS,  the Project to  Increase the Mastery of Mathematics and Science).  Green Street currently offers After School programming to 1st-8th grade students, who elect to enroll in classes from one to five days per week.  Classes are typically one hour long and meet once per week.  Classes for middle school students are offered on Mondays through Fridays from 3-4:00 p.m and 4-5:00 p.m., while classes for 1st-5th graders are scheduled from 4-5:00 p.m.We currently offer classes in Visual Arts, Dance and Movement, Music, Theater, Science, and interdisciplinary topics, as well.  More specifically, our most recent After School course offerings have included such topics as:  graffiti, fashion design, animation, art & science, digital photography, mask making, playwriting, improvisational theater, breakdance, hip hop, capoeira, circus, clowning, yoga, songwriting, instrumental music, African drumming, science experiments, sign language, Spanish culture, and more. We strongly encourage the proposal of interdisciplinary classes, especially classes which explore the intersections of art, math, and science.

Apply to be a UOC Intern!

Did you know Alma Sanchez-Eppler ’14 has a hyphenated last name? The hyphen’s right there; see for yourself! The world is crazy sometimes!!!

Hello Wes Activist!
Do you love the UOC?
Would you want to support the work of student activists, oversee this amazing student space, and get paid while doing it?

The office of Student Activities and Leadership Development is now accepting applicants for next year’s University Organizing Center Intern. Click HERE to learn more about the position.

Click HERE to Apply!

The deadline for applications is April 18.



Wesleyan Melodrama Auditions

Buster Keaton ’15 liked to satirize melodramas. Brett Keating ’15 likes to direct them:

Come audition for The Wesleyan Melodrama! The Melodrama is back this year, with more gettin’ crunk than ever.* And Beyoncé. Lots and lots of Beyoncé. Auditions will be held tonight from 6-8 and tomorrow from 5-7 in the Nics Lounge. Come prepared with a song (or not) and be prepared to be funny (or not.)

NO theater experience necessary.

*–Not sponsored by 2nd Stage.

Date & Time: Tuesday, 6-8 PM; Wednesday, 5-7 PM
Place: Nics Lounge
Space is the Placebook: facebook

3 on n+1: Literary Magazine’s Editors Give Wesleyan the 411

n1On Allbritton’s top floor last night, three young women  – Carla Blumenkranz, Dayna Tortorici, and Elizabeth Gumport – gave Wesleyan students an eagerly anticipated glimpse into their lives as editors of n+1, a Brooklyn-based print (three times a year) and online outlet for political and cultural commentary founded in 2004. After a brief introduction and reading of a selection from the magazine, the editors took questions and engaged in dialogue with each other and the student attendees for over an hour. Despite extra chairs and the wide surfaces of tables shoved to the corner of the room, the event was packed enough to draw a crowd above seating capacity. Senior humanities majors, students active in progressive politics on campus, and others who I can’t put into a stereotypical box quite as quickly asked questions and heard detailed answers from the editors about n+1‘s history, ideological project, and inner workings, as well as more personal anecdotes about how and why the speakers became involved in the magazine and a recurring joke from the editors identifying their goal for n+1 as perfection “in the eyes of God”.

n+1 self-identifies online as “a print magazine of politics, literature, and culture founded in 2004 and published three times yearly.” At their session, Blumenkranz, Tortorici, and Gumport spoke of the magazine’s group of core editors and writers as a “collective” –  decentralized and minimally hierarchical – of like-minded young people, working on something like a shared passion project. The magazine’s propensity to take on problematic aspects of what they perceive as the left’s literary establishment took front and center last night, too: the brief reading from the magazine, an excerpt from n+1‘s regular, collectively written editorial The Intellectual Situation, critiqued The Atlantic and Harper’s Magazine, largely from a feminist standpoint that the three characterized as a recent development in the magazine’s writing in their interview for the Pyxis blog.