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Busted Roses Talk

At his week’s Green Street Sunday Salon Eric Aaron, Louise Brown, Steve Burkholder, Barry Chernoff, Evan Glass, Marc Goldstein, Paul Horton and Gil Skillman of Busted Roses play rock, blues, and some music at the edge of swamp or country. Between numbers members of the band will talk music with attendees. Chemistry Professor and artist David Beveridge hosts!

Refreshments and snacks will be served. $5. Reservations recommended, (860) 685-7871.

Date: Sunday, April 15
Time: 2-4pm
Place: Green Street Arts Center
Cost: $5

Rally the Troops, Circle the Wagons

Alum Julius Onah ’04 writes in to tell us that his recent film, Linus, that he worked on as a grad student at NYU Tisch was just selected as a Top 25 Finalist for the mtvU Best Filmmaker on Campus competition.

You can watch the film here. And vote for it here.

Nat Webb Appearance (er Coffee House)

Alpha Delt will be hosting Nat Webb, yes, all of him, this Thursday. They will be appeasing the beast with snacks, coffee and music. If you are lucky, a few morsels may escape his grasp and you may eat them.

Performers will include Drake Morgan, Alex Pfeifer-Rosenblum, Todd Rosenthal, Steve Sunu, Zach Young, and, making a triumphant return from graduation, Nat Webb! (And also hopefully Pat Wolf :D )

Date: Thursday, February 22
Time: 8pm-10pm
Place: ADP living room

What’s the Least Fun Thing to do on Vday?

I know! Go to a WSA meeting!

So if you’re extra-crotchety this week because you’re one of those really sorry people who constantly communicate to their love interest via the anonymous confession board, vent your frustrations at the student affairs committee! You know at least they’ll be there for you!

Do you dislike the current state of things at Wesleyan? Was that an understatement? Do you have ideas you think are feasible and should be considered? Do you want a solid understanding of the way things work, who has the power, and how to access these resources of power? Do you want change?

Date: Wednesday, February 14
Time: 9:30pm
Place: Campus Center MPR

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Affairs Committee at wmatthews@wes.

The Case for Impeachment

David Lindorff ’72, author of the book The Case for Impeachment, discusses the legal argument for removing the President from office. Although it is a subject that is often lightly dismissed, Lindorff argues that impeachment process would greatly benefit the country. For instance, he argues that:

(1) Congressional hearings will expose the administration’s corruption/raise public awareness

(2) Holding the president accountable will deter future violations of the Geneva Conventions and the Constitution.

He will be delivering this argument tomorrow. I recommend as this is currently a hot-button issue in the media right now.

Date: Friday, February 2
Time: 7:45pm -8:45pm
Place: PAC 001

Alum in Sundance

Ray Tintori ’06’s senior film project, Death to the Tinman, will be judged at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

“I made this movie for school. I wasn’t thinking so much for this,” Ray Tintori said in an interview from Park City, Utah. “I submitted it anyway. It’s like buying a lottery ticket; you know, why not?

“I was really shocked I got accepted,” Tintori continued. “Some people turned in way more professional, way more expensive films, with big production values and big stars. I don’t know why I got chosen. I’m just glad I did.”

More on Tintori:

Ruckus: The Quick and Dirty

So by now, everyone on campus probably understands what is meant by “the network.” On a campus where each computer is connected to a lightning fast central server, the exchange of documents and files is pretty quick business. Well, the administration started testing out legal filesharing programs in the hopes of curbing illegal sharing. They tried out two programs: eMusic and Ruckus.

What was the difference? Well, digital rights management software or DRM. Ruckus files are crippled by DRM so you cannot use* them on your iPod** or even on other audio software (without paying a fee); You can only use them on the Ruckus player. With eMusic, there was no DRM, but you could only download 15 songs each month. The selection of each was different, with Ruckus catering to more mainstream tastes and eMusic to the indie crowd.

This year, the school only renewed Ruckus. You can download unlimited songs off of Ruckus, provided you don’t mind dealing with the player and the limitations on how you use the music. The music you download, you do not “own,” instead, it is more along the lines of “borrowing.” You cannot access your music library when you are not online (though off-campus is fine). There are ads embedded in the player. Should you for whatever reason decide to quit your Ruckus account, your files would be useless. Lastly, it doesn’t work on Macs, only in Windows.

David Abravanel ’08, who I asked most of my questions to in regards to this post, discusses the controversy involving services like Ruckus and DRM:

Right now, companies that use DRM are treating us all like potential criminals. The end user license agreement has turned bonkers. When you buy a CD, you expect it to play in any CD player you put it in. There are services with independent clients who have done just fine without DRM. My personal favorite is I cannot recommend Bleep more– high quality, DRM-free mp3s, great site, excellent selection, specifically if you’re into obscure electronic music like I am (it’s run by Warp records, though it includes many more labels). eMusic is another example.

Of course, it’s going to be harder to convince major labels to do this. They have higher costs, it’s really a different industry for them. With videos, promotion, and other absurd shit, they can be in the hole millions of dollars with an artist before his/her album even drops. Though labels have started to adapt; recently, Korn signed a contract with their label to share a portion of their live profit. Live music will never be replaced by downloads.

More about Ruckus:

More about DRM:

**iTunes also uses DRM, so whatcha gonna do?

WesFest Internship Reminder

Don’t forget, you can apply to be a WesFest intern! The deadline is Monday, Jan. 29th.

The WesFest Intern position is an opportunity for students to engage closely in the recruitment activities of the Office of Admission. We seek hard workers who are mature, dependable, energetic, team players, have a sense of humor and are enthusiastic in representing Wesleyan. Four positions are available and are open to members of the Class of 2008 and 2009 who are in good standing.
Responsibilities of the WesFest Intern include: developing, coordinating and implementing activities for WesFest 2007 (April 19, 20, 21), giving special tours, data entry, phone-a-thons, e-mail correspondence, and host recruitment and coordination. This position is for the Spring 2007 semester, starting on Monday, February 5th and ending on Friday, April 27th. Interns will work three to five hours a week from February to March and ten to twenty hours a week in April. Compensation will be based on campus work-study pay rates, although you do not need to be eligible for work-study to apply.

The Wesleyan Bowl

This Sunday, the NFL’s Wild Card Round will be between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots. As some of you might know, this will be putting two Wesleyan alums head-to-head–and that’s just the beginning:

Bill Belichick ’75 is the head coach of the Patriots and a 3-time Super Bowl winner. Eric Mangini ’94, the Jets head coach, also has 3 Super Bowl rings, but they were earned as one of Belichick’s assistants – which adds to the rivalry between the two teams. Beyond the typical mentor versus master angle (before going to the Jets, Mangini’s 11-year NFL career was spent entirely working for, and learning from, Belichick), Belichick was reportedly extremely displeased when Mangini decided to take the head job last year with New England’s most hated rival. The result was a rather frosty treatment of the student by the teacher in their first two meetings. But the mood has warmed somewhat in the last week. The New England coach even lauded Mangini by name in a recent press conference – something Belichick had not done before or after the two previous games.

For more info on the game: