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First Annual Last Concert Ever

From Mickey Capper ’13 Adam Isaacson ’13 WHATEVER YA’LL:


Packing is for losers!! So many seniors playing music TONIGHT at Eclectic cause they never will ever again! If you’re on campus, don’t miss it. If you’re off campus come back to campus for this show or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. BRING YOUR PARENTS CUZ YOU LOVE THEM!!!

10:00 pm Elvis Presley

10:05 pm Protein Stains

10:30 pm Dr. Hackensack

10:50 pm Miami Heat

11:20 pm The Japanese

12:00 am Treasure Island

12:30 am Bamenda

12:45 am Perfecto

01:15 am Adrien Feat. William

01:30 am Tonsil Hockey

01:55 am Juke Wherry???


schedule subject to change so don’t even exist anywhere other than this show from 10pm-2am

If you can’t go at all try tuning in to WESU 88.1 fm. We might be live streaming?!? [Also always a source for great freeform radio! Donate today!]

Place: Eclectic.

First Times: An Interview

Continuing the trend of my former roommates’ undertaking cool extra-curricular projects, Maxwell Bevilacqua ’12 has plans to publish First Times, a collection of short pieces on firsts (not just of the sexual variety — though sharing those stories is strongly encouraged). Good news if you missed the deadline the last time we featured this project: he’s still seeking submissions. Want more details? Here’s a brief gchat interview I held with Max last week.

Wesleying: So, Max, what’s this I’ve been hearing about something called First Times? Does it have anything to do with Wescam?

Maxwell Bevilacqua: Wescam might have something to do with first times but First Times, a collection of short stories I’m putting together, probably has nothing to do with Wescam

(I can still be found as a graduate student btw)

W: A collection of short stories you’re putting together, huh? Sounds like Stethoscope Press. Is that true? I should add that I’m not exactly sure what Stethoscope is.

MB: This is not a stethoscope press publication (though the wonderful Piers Gelly ‘13 gave me some great advice) but it is an independent, supa creative, trendy thing I’m doing just like Stethoscope Press

and hey – you should see a doctor for that!! 

PostWes: Don’t Fear the Bubble Burst

This year, an enterprising senior by the name of Ross Gormley ’13 unveiled his brainchild: PostWes, a story-sharing project/Internet party designed to connect students and grads. I caught up with Ross over gchat this weekend to discuss his vision. (Pardon the erratic capitalization. They don’t call him ReneGade for nothing.)


Ross Gormley:  hey hey

Wesleying:  Hey, Ross! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

RG:  I’m so nervous–I’ve never done one through gchat. Is this better than being a wesceleb?

W:  No, it’s not. But you’ll be fine. Would you like to tell me about this new venture of yours?

RG:  ohh you mean

W:  Right…So what is PostWes?

RG:  It’s a website that I’ve been working on throughout the semester to increase transparency (everyone loves some good transparency) between undergraduate and postgraduate life.

W:  How does it increase transparency?

RG:  …to dodge your question, I’ve been trying to come up with a way of describing how the site works. and this is what i have… 

Documentary Nonfiction and Poetry Reading Tonight

Ford Fellow Emma Mohney ’12 writes in with a pleasant finals diversion this evening:


Please join us for a reading of creative nonfiction and poetry by students in Teagle Fellow Kate Thorpe’s course, Creative Criticism and Inquiry: Writing Documentary Nonfiction and Poetry.  Each student in the class chose an archival collection from the holdings of Special Collections & Archives and wrote a creative piece inspired by the collection.  The results are wonderful examples of thinking outside the box of traditional archival research.  The collections chosen range from Civil War letters to the Hewlett Diversity Archive.  A selection of the archival materials will be on display at the reading.

For more information about the program, contact Kate at kthorpe(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Date: Monday, May 13
Time: 5-7 pm
Place: Develin Room, Olin Library

WESU: Support College Radio at its Best

Hello, Wesleying readers! I would like to call your attention to the WESU spring pledge drive, occurring now. If you like what you hear on WESU–or if you have financially independent relatives who like what they hear on WESU–consider making a donation today by clicking hereDisclaimer: I’m a DJ and a board member for WESU, so this initiative is near and dear to me. Here’s an adorable photo, and the press release that Michael Roth ran on his blog yesterday:


 Just 10 years ago WESU was in disrepair. The institutional memory was shot and the studios, music libraries, and business records were in shambles. The station’s license was nearly lost. Fortunately a dedicated group of student and community volunteers worked hard with the Wesleyan University administration to develop a plan to get the station back on its feet.

Currently, WESU operates 24 hrs per day, seven days per week, and is supported by a volunteer staff of over 150 student and community volunteers, two part-time paid staffers, and one full-time general manager. WESU is supported by a partnership between Wesleyan University and listeners, organizations, and businesses throughout the Connecticut River Valley. As evidence of WESU’s transformation over the last decade, for the first time, WESU was crowned “The Best College Radio Station” in the 2013 Hartford Advocate’s Annual Readers’ Poll!

Saturday: Slender James / Ono / Davison Courtyard

Simon Riker ’14 writes in to inform us of what will surely be the Chana of the month:


Trim Jake aka Skinny Jim teams up with Ono McTopia.

Songs will be sung, laughs shared, demons exorcised.

Joint concert (was that a pun?) May 4, 8:30pm.

Davison Courtyard. If rain, WestCo Lounge.

See comments for directions. Thanks.

Date: Saturday, May 4
Time: 8:30-9:30 pm
Place: Davison Courtyard
Ono: Oh yes

Call for “Slice” Suggestions


From Izzy Rode ’14:

Hey everyone,

This year at the Shapiro Creative Writing Center, Amy Bloom and the Center began holding events called “Slices.” These informal chats with writers — during which you can ask any question you like and enjoy delicious pizza — will continue next year and we would love your suggestions! We’re happy to invite writers from any discipline. Past writers have included Sarah Moon, Jane Stern, Donald Margulies, and Julia Wertz.

Writers should live on the East Coast. Please email suggestions to irode@wes.

Date: All this week
Place: Your headspace/email address

UFO Movement Hip Hop Dance Workshop

From Olivia Ford ’13:

Experience fresh choreography from the “Thrash & Groove” authentic duo Algin Sterling & Tati Larot, aka “UFO Movement,” in a FREE hip hop workshop to feed your body and brain. This Sunday at Fayerweather 108.


UFO originally started in the Bay Area, California, and are currently teaching & performing out of New York City. These two have choreographed and danced with many dance crews (The Company (Camp), Shero’s, Culture Shock) and performed with many artists such as Zion I, Los Rakas, Noriega, etc. They have also worked with industry choreographer Roland (Aaliyah, Usher) and trained each other through freestyle movement.

Facebook event here.

Date: Sunday, April 28
Time: 1 – 4pm
Place: Fayerweather 108, Dance Studio
My: Space

Mountaintop Removal Awareness Festival

Are you MTR-aware? Zia Grossman-Vendrillo ’15 invites you to promote environmental justice:


Humans are intimately connected with the physical topography of the Earth, whether it’s Foss Hill or Appalachian hills and river valleys.

On the evening of Thursday, April 25th, Foss Hill will be alive with drums, banjos, guitars, voices, stones on stones, fire, and resounding cries for justice from Appalachia. We will use these media to raise awareness about environmental and social destruction in coalfield communities from the practice of Mountaintop Removal (MTR) mining, as well as the dedicated movement to resist these forces.

The Wesleyan MTR-awareness crew will be joined by:

-Guest speaker Colin Bennett from (350CT) and organizer of
Mountain Justice
Morgan O’Kane, virtuoso banjo player, shouter and activist from
Virginia, now based in New York City, whose live performances are sure
to bring stomps, whooops, shakes and smiles
-Professors Michael Dorsey and Bill Johnston

Click past the jump for the full line-up.

EMG Presents: Marty Ehrlich – Ray Anderson Duo at Russell House

u55VwpXFrom Matt Chilton ’16:

Two improvised music legends and frequent collaborators, Marty Ehrlich (saxes, clarinets) and Ray Anderson (trombone) visit Russell House for an unamplified set of exploration to close out a jazzy weekend.

This concert is part of the Experimental Group’s Spring concert series, which began with Ensemble Pamplemousse last month and continues with the Mary Halvorson – Jessica Pavone duo on May 2nd, also at Russell House.

We’d love for you to join us this Sunday!

Date: Tonight!
Time: 9:00 pm
Place: Russell House
Cost: $0.00