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8^8: A Synaesthetic Pan O’Rama

This weekend, Jake Lewis ’07 will make worlds collide in his senior thesis, 8^8. He writes:

Dance music, spoken word, ambient noise, and live electronic jazz are shaped in real time by the behaviors of all beings in the trimodal space. You can run but you can’t hide from my eye in the sky.

YOU are the perfomer. YOU are the audience. YOU are the sound engineer. YOU are the light engineer. YOU are the dancers. YOU are on stage. YOU are the intentional agents. YOU ARE THE SHOW.

Pan O’Rama: Grand Wazoo
Hollow: Goa Guru
3 of Spades: Ambient Entity
60 Cycles: Beat Repeater
G-Don: Low End Theory
Zac the Mack: The Man in Back
Aw Naw: The Foreman
Ronald McKuivila: Consiglieri

Dates: Thursday, April 5th through Saturday, April 7th
Times: 8pm and 12am
Location: ’92 Theater

TICKETS ARE FREE (and can be purchased at the Box Office). THE FUN IS FREE. GO, GO, GO!

30 Strangest Deaths In History

While surfing the lovely Net for journal articles on the mother of modern dance, Isadora Duncan, I accidentally found this website that lists and describes the thirty strangest deaths in history.

It appears that Isadora was killed by her own trademark scarf that she loved to wear. Other notables include a Danish nobleman and astronomer, who died from holding his pee in, the DEATH OF A MAN AT A LIFEGUARD’S PARTY, and a death that happened on stage while telling a joke. How tragic.

This list is morbidly interesting. However, I think that the strangest and worst way to die is depicted in the picture posted above.

Now, THAT blows.

Who Knew What Beer Could Do?

I love beer. In fact, I could go for a nice, cold, Magic Hat #9 right now. There are so many uses for it too. You can bathe in beer, wash your hair in beer, and cook with beer among other things. I’m not so cool with bathing in beer though. I’m not trying to get a yeast infection any time soon.

I saw this article listing the various uses of beer on Yeah, what the fuck? Women drink beers too! I think the real question is why I was perusing through the men’s section of MSN to begin with. Anyway, the article lists 32 things you can do with it!

You can also use beer to put out a fire, make barbecue sauce, and even polish your pots! Who knew!

You can build a house. That’s number 24 on the list. It’s also good for an upset stomach, flushing kidney stones and lowers your blood pressure! Gee, Golly, I’m impressed!

Beer rules. Don’t deny it.

Buddhism and Gender Lecture + Interactive Workshop

Internationally renowned research and author, Rita M. Gross, PhD, will speak on Buddhism and Gender at Buddhist House this Friday. The lecture will be followed by an all-day interactive workshop on Saturday. Gross writes:

Gender is a human phenomenon, not something that belongs to women but not to men. Because women are often overlooked in discussions of Buddhism, even today, when we focus more explicitly on gender, it oftenseems that the discussion is relevant only to women. That is a misconception. This program is about Buddhism and gender, and is equally relevant to men and to women.

“Is The Glass Half-Empty Or Half-Full”? A Feminist Assessment of Buddhism and Gender at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century” (Lecture)

This lecture is the general, introductory overview suggested by the title. It is appropriate for a large audience and presupposes little or no previous knowledge of Buddhism or Buddhist practice. It is especially appropriate for those who may have heard that Buddhism is a sexist, male-dominated religion but have never really explored the topic. This event can be a stand-alone event, but it is highly recommended that anyone who wants to participate in any of the remainder of the program attend this lecture.

Date: Friday, March 30th
Buddhist House (356 Washington Street)

“What the Buddha Really Said about Gender” (ALL-DAY INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP)

The workshop will be based on a close study of about twenty short Buddhist texts from Early Indian Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism. It will be conducted in circle format. We will read each text out loud, then spend a few minutes in quiet reflection on what we had heard, and then begin to talk about our immediate, gut-level reactions and questions. Rita Gross will moderate and provide whatever background on history and dharma may be appropriate. A handout of the texts to be discussed will be provided on Sat. morning for students to keep. Daylong attendance is requested.

Date: Saturday, March 31st
Time: 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm

Location: Buddhist House (356 Washington Street)
*To reserve a spot for Saturday’s workshop, contact eteitel(at)*

Thelma & Louise

Somebody said get a life…so they did.

Date: Friday, March 30th
Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm
Location: Film Hall (Nic 6 Basement)

A Journey Into Crapville

Thesis Showings

Albert Hill ’08 reminds us that thesis showings are coming up soon. Show some support and enthusiasm for these hard-working folks, eh?

  • Senior Thesis Exhibitions – view the talents of senior students in the Art and Art History departments. For details, see the Events Calendar.
  • Senior Recitals – Original compositions by music majors. The recitals start from the end of March and run through mid-April. Albert Hill‘s own senior thesis music exhibition is this Thursday, March 29th from 7:00-10:00pm at the Zelnick Pavilion. Come a bunch of different times because the sound will be changing in interesting ways. For the list of all of the other recitals, visit the Music Events Website.
  • Senior Thesis Dance – Three nights of phenomenal dance! There will be physioballs! Hey Intro Dance students, this is a good opportunity to get that concert viewing requirement out of the way. See the facebook event for more details.

Sankofa Film Screening

Come watch a screening of Haile Gerima’s film before his keynote address on Wednesday, Feb. 28th

Haile Germina the film director and professor at Howard University from Gondar, Ethiopia, is the Black History Month keynote speaker and will be speaking in Shanklin 107 at 7:00 p.m. A screening of Gerima’s film Sankofa, which tells the story of a Black American fashion model on a shoot in Africa who is spritually transported back to a plantation in the West Indies to experience the horror of slavery, will take place in Shanklin 107 Tuesday at 7pm.

Date: Tuesday, February 27th
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: Shanklin 107