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Who Broke the Internets?

The internetses, every last one of them, were down at Wes from about 10:10PM to 12:20AM last night. ITS says “WTF?”:

Internet connectivity issues resolved (8 March 2007)
Wesleyan’s connection to the Internet was disrupted between approximately 10PM and 12AM due to a problem with our firewalls. The issue has been resolved, though we are still investigating the cause of the problem.

(… @#@! my computer science homework was due at midnight…)


Wesleying has covered the school’s attempts at providing student, faculty, and administrative Wikis in the past, but this time it’s some industrious Wes students starting them up on their own.

For the unhip and uninformed, Wikis are websites allowing users to collectively add and edit their content. The scope of Wikis can be as small as a group editing a paper, to an entire encyclopedia.

Darwin, co-creator of WesConfess, recently announced the creation of WesWiki. Then, the same day, we received confirmation that WesWiki had been finished. Wait… two WesWikis?

Bear with me.

WesConfess’ WesWiki

WesConfess’ WesWiki, set up by its semi-anonymous co-founder Darwin, is currently a bare-bones Wikipedia-looking wiki with little in terms of content or organization. It runs MediaWiki, the same open-source software Wikipedia uses to allow users to both intelligently edit text and upload informative pictures. It allows anonymous editing, though IP addresses are published with anonymous posts (which when plugged into a dorm connection, leads to your full name).

WesConfess’ WesWiki gets some plus points for allowing anonymous editing, mostly because it allows people to pull epic moves like this:
Then again, it’s still possible to see what IP edits are made from.Who’s that? Remember how to resolve IPs…

I changed the problem for a friend. I swear.

The Good: anonymous editing, uses a very open license so other Wikis can use the stuff you post, and the Wesleyan webmail admin is lovinit.
The Bad: no organization yet, no sexy design, little content (but has great list of Windows shares)

WesWiki dot com

Vernon Thommeret ’10 created in hopes of building a community site that “answers people’s questions.” By using the wiki, “people should be able to [for example,] find out which house they want to live in.” The site’s organization is top billin, and complements the sexy design well.

The site is split up into two sections, Wesleyan, and Middletown. Vernon wants the wiki to include “anything that would be useful to a Wesleyan student. That’s why half of it is about the campus and the other is about Middletown.”

Underneath the Middletown section, one can find restaurant reviews and info and hours for retail stores. Imagining finding PIP Printing’s hours without having to #@$@ing call them up excites me so.

The site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License. The No-Derivative Works part means someone can re-publish what you submit, but not change it in any way. That means, unlike Wikipedia, can’t be branched off into a new Wiki by a competitor. For example, WesConfess’ WesWiki can put’s information on their site, but can’t allow it to be edited. According to Vernon:

“I chose “no derivative works” because I felt that people’s personal work shouldn’t be changed in a medium outside of WesWiki. […] if a real use comes up, I’m always willing to leave it up to discussion.”

Editing the wiki requires account creation, but after a quick email confirmation, you can begin editing articles and uploading images.

The site seemed great, until I noticed the site’s recipe for potential disaster. Underneath the Wesleyan section, in all of its glory:

Oh.. my.. science.

I still can’t decide whether pages on students and faculty will be the best thing ever created or a devil-sent abomination, but either way, it lets pages like this one exist:The Good: Nice design, great layout, and already has a bunch of articles
The Bad: Uses slightly closed copyright scheme, site loads a bit slow
The Ugly.


WTF is the internet?

Dean Mike sent out an all-students-on-campus email today regarding the RIAA’s lawsuit-fest-07, reminding us that illegal filesharing can get us caught. He continued on to quote the ITS computer usage policy.

ITS’ computer usage policy states that, “users must observe intellectual property rights including, in particular, copyright laws as they apply to software and electronic forms of information. For example, running a program which allows illegal sharing of copyrighted music or video is prohibited.”

Uhoh… I can think of lots of things that allow for illegal sharing of copyrighted music or video. Should we be deleting Mac OS X’s Finder and Windows’ explorer.exe?

Save me from myself.

Get Broomballed

The last scheduled Broomball event of the year is going down tonight, 10-11:30pm on the rink at Freeman. First timers are welcome and as always participants must wear clean shoes with no salt on the soles. You know what happens when you put salt on ice.

Think broomball is weaksauce? Try this tidbit from the Wikipedia article on Broomball on for size:

“Recent research indicates that a sport known as knattleikr was played in Iceland in the 18th century that was similar to broomball. The sport was almost considered warfare, with the occasional death not uncommon, and games could involve whole villages and lasted up to fourteen days

Convinced? Then go. Or join the US Broomball Association. Or get some obscene broomball equipment. Or something.

Date: Sunday, February 25th
Time: 10:00pm – 11:30pm
Location: Freeman Spurrier-Snyder Rink (no salt on shoes)

Juvies: Bring the kids!

WesPREP, Wesleyan’s own prison activist group, will be showing the film Juvies tomorrow in PAC 001. According to some rando on the internets (who may or may not be a publicist in disguise):

This film is incredible! It is delivers a clear yet painful look at society’s forgotten children. This film should be required viewing at all educational institutions in this country. It easily will have many children “scared straight.”

Bonus: features Mos Def, is narrated by former thug Mark Wahlberg (aka Marky Mark), and there will be cookies. WesPREP is showing this film “to raise awareness about the campaign to Raise the Age at which juveniles can be convicted of adult crimes to 18”.

Date: Tuesday, February 20
Time: 4:15pm
Place: PAC 001

Janine Antoni

Wes faculty member Kate Ten Eyck (of chicken feet fame) wrote in to give us a heads up on a lecture being given tomorrow by performance/art/sculpture-er Janine Antoni. She’ll be talking about her work in the CFA Cinema at 8.

That’d be chocolate and soap.

Ten Eyck writes:

Antoni creates her work through everyday activities like sleeping, bathing, and chewing. Her work has a unique flavor–literally and figuratively. Two of her main materials are lard and chocolate!

She also walks on water (video), and is creator of the largest freakin’ picture of eyeball licking ever.

Date: Monday, February 5th
Time: 8:00pm
Location: CFA Cinema

Thanks for the heads up, Kate Ten Eyck!

Yoga! Yoga! Yoooga!

WesWELL, committed to making you healthy whether you like it or not, is offering 12 weekly hour-and-a-half long yoga classes for $125. No, not the Hindu method of refining the soul and uniting with God yoga, but the low-impact workout class yoga!

Do the math, and it’s $10.41667 per class, $6.94444 per hour, or $0.11574 per minute! Instead of making international calls, learn yoga and save 4.426 cents every minute you’re working to pull off the Will Ferrell.

Sign up ends Friday, February 9th, and can be done through online registration. Pay by cash, check, or student account.

The REAL Inconvenient Truth: You Haven’t Seen This Film.

What? You didn’t see An Inconvenient Truth the first time we told you about it?

Well, you’re in luck, big fella, because you have another chance to see it tomorrow.

EON is having a free screening of An Inconvenient Truth (the one without the penguins) in recognition of the Campus Climate Challenge Week of Action (whaaa?). Sponsored by the Environmental Studies Certificate Program.

Date: Tuesday, January 30th
Time: 8pm
Venue: CFA Cinema (no, not Goldsmith)

Think this movie might not be all truth? Well, it’s your lucky day, because Marlo Lewis Jr. of the Competitive Enterprise Institute thinks so too. Al Gore totally did it for the Apple product placement cashmoneys. Be sure to read up, because annoyed grunting noises during the movie enhance the viewing experience for all.