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Alternative Ammo

Anyone else as pumped as I about the Z vs H game next week?

Well, just in case you were looking for something a little quirky that might give your tasty human flesh a bit of an advantage over the undead opposition, I’ve found just the thing!

Recently flipping through SkyMall, I noticed this odd device:

You will notice that yes, that is a MARSHMALLOW GUN!!

Seeing as your nerf arsenal will never be enough, you can now blast savory confections over thirty feet with this baby!

BUT WAIT!! There’s more:
More Sex

And if 30 feet is too close for comfort when it comes to walking corpses, you can test your sharpshooting skillz with the Marshmallow BLASTER:
Your Mom

A quick google search will give tons of stores from which to purchase these puppies.

Happy zombie hunting!!

Eclectic Parties

I got this message from Janine Criscuolo ’07 today. Everyone should respond. seriously.

“As some of you may know, the annual Eclectic Halloween Party was held this past Saturday at Mocon. In the coming weeks, we will be having discussions with the administration about the party and the future of Eclectic parties in general. Student feedback will be extremely important in this process. This is where you come in.

Please email me at with any feedback you can offer. Don’t be afraid to be as frank and as detailed as possible. Questions and suggestions are also welcome. Some topics we’d especially like to hear about: What do you think of Mocon as a venue? What specifically did you like/dislike about the party? Would you attend another party at Mocon in the future?

You can talk about anything and everything you want. If you feel your opinion would be best expressed in a Wespeak, then by all means go for that as well.

Thanks for your help — this is really important to us.

Janine Criscuolo ’07
President, Eclectic Society”