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New Teen Force Auditions

Please watch this video from Stephan Stansfield ’13. It might change your life, or it might just tell you where and when you should audition for New Teen Force. It’s the least important video since KONY. I haven’t seen either one, but it’s what I’ve heard.

Interest Meeting for New Local Co-Op

Interested in eating local? Maxwell Hellmann ’13 writes in about an exciting new alternative to the existing Fruit and Veggie Co-Op at Wes!

You might have heard rumblings about a student-operated local food co-operative that formed last year. Maybe you didn’t. Last year, after much pressure from students, Bon Appetit agreed to run a pilot program that would bring fresh, seasonal produce from local farms to students’ kitchens (much like a CSA). The program’s success has convinced Bon Appetit that the local co-op is a worthwhile and financially viable venture, and they will be allowing it to grow in size this year!

The co-op will now be offering several different options that can be purchased with points:

  • -Veggie share (with some seasonal fruit) : $130
  • -Egg share : $55
  • -Meat share : $50
  • -Non-meat protein substitute share (tofu and seitan from The Bridge) : $50
  • -Dairy share (from Ronnybrook!) : $TBA
  • -Bread share (from Hartford Bread Co.) : $TBA
  • -Value-added share (other local products such as honey, jam, maple syrup, etc.) : $TBA
  • **In the works for future semesters: Seafood share

Heat in the Foss Hill Dorms

As winter approaches, many of our Foss Hill dorm rooms become very hot. In an attempt to offset this discomfort, many of us leave our windows and balcony doors open. This seems very inefficient. I propose that we create some kind of resource to explain how our radiators work and how we can turn them on and off if we so please. I presume there are different models. Almost everyone I have spoken to has complained that they have not been able to do so on their own, and it does not make sense to have Physical Plant do this for everyone individually. All I wanna know is… who’s coming with me?!

Fake Plastic Tree-Huggers

Activists at the “Occupy Wall Street” protest were left high and dry today at 4:00 PM when famed British alt-rockers Radiohead were rumored to play. The official website for the movement,, updated its blog this afternoon announcing an impromptu show at the protest, presumably to show allegiance to the ongoing anti-establishment efforts in downtown NYC. Protestors were let down when the only music murmuring throughout the massive crowd was a sole, half-naked dude banging on a garbage can drumset. It has yet to be confirmed whether or not this man was, in fact, Thom Yorke.

My unrelenting cynicism typically keeps me far from such a locale, but I was optimistic enough to schlep down from my Upper West Side synagogue where I was innocently attending Rosh Hashanah services. When I arrived at the small park two blocks north of Wall Street, I found an astonishingly large amount of middle-aged hippies and liberal arts students flirting and smoking enough hand-rolled cigarettes to burn the whole Meryll Lynch tower down. For more coverage of the protest, click past the jump.

People at Wesleyan Made Music!

For whatever reason, there appears to be a mildly successful alumni band out there who we don’t talk about at every opportunity. Darwin Deez, or Darwin Smith ‘?? (apparently dropped out of Wesleyan), sounds like the lovechild of Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr. But seriously, they sound just like the Strokes. Apparently, they are pretty popular in the UK. Go figure. Plus, They Make Ridiculous Music Videos.