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Sewing Machines & Friends at Earth House

Live show/CD release party at Earth House tonight, featuring the Sewing Machines and assorted live acts.

Future Folk Records, a web label run by Max Horwich ’08 and Rod O’Connor ’08, has put out a compilation of music by Wes students and alums, and will be handing out free copies!

“rollicking American folk-pop, landing at some hook-heavy intersection of the Band and Fleet Foxes…”

more info here.

Date: Saturday, November 22
Time: 10 pm
Place: Earth House

reminder: show tonight

Earth House, 10 pm, free

“Ripping at the seams with a hundred years of musical history, it’s hand claps, tape manipulation, Beach Boys harmonies, and melodies your grandpa might hum…”

more information about this show & others at auralwes.


AURAL WES is back in action after a long, slow summer, and we’re ready to start posting about bands other than boy crisis and bear hands.
exciting things:
the fall calendar is starting to fill up, with bands like au, double dragons, and the mathematicians slated to come to campus in october and november.
we’re getting gossipy this year, because we want to be more popular.
we’re looking (always) for new writers and contributors. if you’re interested, shoot us an email at auralwes [at] gmail.
if you’re organizing an on-campus show, house party, festival, or jam sesh, let us know. if you want to start a band and need a drummer, or if you just recorded an EP on garage band (use your better judgement on this one), or if you run a charmingly obscure tape label out of your backpack, you can let us know about those things, too, and we’ll do our best to cover them.

Beach House Tuesday Night

Tuesday, April 1:
Beach House, Papercuts, Romans
8 pm to 12 am, Eclectic, $5

“like having your new favorite band, your new secret crush, and your new alternative to Ambien rolled into one…”

Baltimore honeys are close to selling out the space. Only 25 tickets are left, and will be available at the door between 8 and 9 pm. More information here.

Beach House: Heart of Chambers
Dear Employee