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Queer Prom 2013


The prolific Izzy Rode ’14 tellz uz:

You, dear, deserve a night of reclamation.
A break from the hetero social life.
A night of demolishing those boxes society keeps trying to throw you
A night of partying among friends.



We Work on the Other Side of Time: Tobias Butler ’13 on Music and Time

On Thursday, March 28, as people noshed on Thin Mints and sipped Moxie before the senior recital of Tobias Butler ’13 seemed to begin, the music was well underway. Crouched in a corner of the main room of 200 Church, Butler seemed to be manipulating his Macbook to produce a series of chromatic-sounding mutant robot noises. As the performance began and audience members trickled in, a sign was hoisted requesting visitors to visit on their mobile phone browsers. As Butler explained to me, it turns out that each visit to the website and the scrolling of each user was what was controlling the sounds.

I sat down with Butler to discuss the technology underpinning this portion of the performance, his composition techniques more generally and what led him down this kind of musical path. Click through the break for the full text of my interview with Tobias Butler, after some introductory thoughts by yours truly.

This first portion of Butler’s recital, the installation for mobile browsers and web server, gradually built into an expansive, thumping mass of wonky beats and siren-like wobbles. Eventually, in the second or third movement of the piece, percussion was introduced with drone-y growls placed over top. Bells and bumping beats ensued.

Notably Sharp: Dressed to the Nines w/ Route 9



Brent Packer ’15 sez:

Come indulge your ear for an evening with us – the best dressed group
on campus – and Route 9, an all male a cappella group fresh-faced from
their journey from Amherst.

We will be performing some of our old classics for the last time, and
unveiling a crazy new piece that’s awesome. And Route 9 always has
something up their sleeves,
put down those books
slip into your groovin’ shoes
and kick off your weekend right – 7pm SHARP (get it?????)

Date: April 5
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Olin Lobby
Cost: Smiles

Espwesso is Open Tonight


Out of consideration for your caffeination, Sam Sikder ’14 sends word that Espwesso, located in the basement of the Alamo Allbritton, will be open tonight:

Espwesso will be open tonight (03/26). Drop by for caffeine, casual conversation and cats*!
*No cats.
Reminder: Espwesso is hiring! Applications are due Thursday (03/28).

Espwesso Appwications Due Thuwsday


As previously mentioned, Wesleyan’s student run cafe, Espwesso, is hiring and applications are due Thursday, March 28. Attached is the job description courtesy of Jasmine Masand ’15, barista extraordinaire. Click through to read the entirety of the application.

Job: Training/Barback Position at Espwesso

Wage: $8.50/hour

Shifts: One to Two 2 hr shifts per week this semester, One to two five hour shifts per week next year

Note: Only Work-Study students are eligible at this time

Espwesso is Hiring!


That’s right, your favorite place to pretend to study is hiring! The eminent Yazmine Jasmine Masand ’15 sends word that the cafe will be taking on barback who will be trained to work as a barista the following semester. Click through the break to see the job description and application questions.

WesRent a WesBike


Though Punxsutawney Phil’s vindication seemed imminent just a few days ago, threats of snow loom over the next few days and threaten early plans for Foss chillin’. Nonetheless, as the spring season approaches and the weather improves, the prospect of biking to class becomes more and more viable. Winston Soh ’14 tells us:

Sign-up for Spring 2013 Rental (March 25, Monday – May 10, Friday)
are currently open. Lease will be 7 weeks long, costing $35. Bike,
helmet, pump, U-lock are provided.

Sign-ups will close on March 20, Wednesday, 11:59pm.

More details on the website.

Espwesleying: Free Drinks at Espwesso


Good news, coffee snobs fans! Espwesso’s benevolent dictator Jake Eichengreen ’13 tells us that in one last hurrah before break, Espwesso will be running a special promotion this week. Sunday to Wednesday this week between the hours of  9:00 and 10:30 p.m., members of one class will receive any item on the menu for free, starting Sunday night with Freshman and progressing up to seniors Wednesday night.

So, the schedule will be as follows:

  • Sunday: Freshman
  • Monday: Sophomores
  • Tuesday: Juniors
  • Wednesday: Seniors

Remember, kids, this is only between the hours of 9:00 and 10:30. If you don’t frequent Espwesso, you’re missing out on seriously delicious coffee in a seriously cozy spot. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the cafe, which is located on the bottom floor of Allbritton.