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Download New Wes Hip Hop Album

Check out Rob Rusli ’10 (O-Zi) and Saeid Vahidi ’09 (D1G1TA1 D00D)’s hip-hop concept album about robots and other stuff. Featuring David Moench ’09 (Underfur), Sam Quintero (QUINTessential) and Vickie Wing Yee Cheng ’10. It’s a free download, dog.

Food Collection

Donate ANY and ALL extra food (including condiments, sad produce) to
Food Not Bombs by e-mailing Arielle [] with your
move-out date/time and phone number. Someone will come by on the day
you move out and pick up anything, everything, guaranteed.

Come see the Wesleyan Melodrama

The Wesleyan Melodrama 2010 is ready. Come see the Western-Musical Wesleyan-Satire to end all Western-Musical-Wesleyan-Satires.

You will laugh. You will cry. You will feel sticky. Showing in the Nic Lounge, @ 9 pm Thursday April 29th, Friday April 30th, and Saturday May 1st. No tickets needed. Two marshmallows provided per audience member, so bring your own if you want to increase your chances at audience-actor interactions.

And please know, audiences are expected to come rowdy.

Come See The Elemental, a Senior Thesis Symphony

Come see Robert Rusli’s Senior thesis composition, the “Elemental” Symphony. This four movement piece features thirty-six musicians that make up the full orchestra; check out the facebook event to see who’s playing.

The symphonic work blends western styles of orchestration with Taiko drums to express the elements of nature that inspired each movement.

Approximately 40 minutes long.

When: Saturday April 10, 7:30 PM
Where: Crowell Concert Hall
Cost: Free

Wesleyan Annual Battle of the Bands

Wesleyan’s annual Battle of the Bands is taking place on April 15th at Eclectic House. The winner will open for Spring Fling in May.

Interested in playing? Leave a demo with three songs in Wesbox 91579 or email mp3s to by 5:00 PM on Sunday, April 11th. Bands chosen to play will be notified later that night. Sets are 20 minutes max.

What: Send in a demo to play at Battle of Bands
Where: Eclectic
Put a demo in Wesbox 91579 or email

Those Darlins and Papa at Eclectic

This Thursday evening at around 9:30 swing on by Eclectic for a little rock n’ roll.

Papa will make their triumphant return to Wesleyan. “Papa have found a way to reconcile their inborn melodious eclecticism with a face-punching wham-bam that only slightly suggests the old, old punk rock it’ll invariably be lumped in with…..their live set is reportedly a total sandblast.” -LA Weekly

Those Darlins have a sound reminiscent of groups like Deer Tick and The Black Lips. These three women most recently accompanied The Black Keys and King Khan & BBQ. Pitchfork calls them the most “legitimate heirs to the country-punk throne,” while the New York Times reports “in a world of emo-boys and reluctant band leaders, Those Darlins, country-punk pals from Murfreesboro, Tenn., had a comically leering sexuality and the kind of abandon that seems scarce these days.”

Facebook event

Date: April 1st
Time:9:30 P.M. – 12 A.M.
Cost: Free
Where: Eclectic

Cowboys, Drama, Marshmellows: Audition for the Wesleyan Melodrama

Liz Valentin ’11 writes:

You know the drill, it’s the Wesleyan Melodrama: the stickiest, musical-iest, Western-iest satire around. The tradition is alive and well. Auditions are this Thursday 5-7PM and Friday 2-4PM in the Hewitt 9 Lounge.

So don’t be a yellowbelly, get yer body over to Hewitt 9 and try out for the rootenest, tootenest, show o’ the year. You’ll be the biggest toad in the puddle and it’ll be easier than pulling a donkey’s tail.

What: Audition by reading a scene that will be provided, and provide any song to sing. Singing talent is not required.
Where: Hewitt 9 Lounge
When: Friday, 2-4, Thursday 5-7

Any questions? Email

Class and Social Justice Workshops

On Saturday, March 27th in Allbritton 311, join Tyrone Boucher (co-creator of for two workshops about class, leveraging resources, and movement-building:

Part 1: Class in Communities (11am-1pm, coffee + snacks served)
How do money and class affect our communities? We’ll discuss the often-invisibilized dynamics that class privilege creates, and how to challenge them. We’ll dismantle some myths about how wealth accumulation happens, and discuss connections between class, race, and gender. Come prepared to discuss class dynamics within your own communities.

Part 2: Challenging the Nonprofit Industrial Complex and Leveraging Privilege for Grassroots Movements(2-4pm, lunch will be provided)
We’ll break down the “nonprofit industrial complex” and how capitalist interests and the state use it to consolidate resources—then talk about ways of leveraging various types of privilege to challenge capitalism and support grassroots movements.

Date: Saturday, March 27th
Time:  11 AM
Place: Allbritton 311
Cost: Free