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Polls Now Open for Class Rep Elections

Polls are now open for the WSA’s class representative elections for the classes of ’11, ’12, and ’13.

Also up is a survey covering a broad range of issues, from academic certificates to fire safety policy. Fill it out so the WSA can know how the student body really feels about these important issues. Your responses will help inform the WSA’s initiatives next year.

I know many of us are electioned out, but I encourage you to still participate. Support your classmates, and let us know what you think about some of the most important issues on campus.

Voting is happening at through Friday, April 30 at midnight.

The Results Are In

Congratulations to all of the winners!

WSA President
Micah Feiring ’11: 934
Bradley Spahn ’11: 235
Lowell Wood ’12: 170

WSA Vice President
Ben Firke ’12: 1019
David Markowitz ’12: 318

Senior Class Officers:

Senior Class President
Samantha Pop ’11: 163
Miles Bukiet ’11: 124

Senior Class Vice President
Adrian (AJ) Chan ’11: 203

Senior Class Secretary
Allie Southam ’11: 204

Senior Class Treasurer
Tamar Charles ’11: 150
Isabelle Jacobs ’11: 107

Opera & Oratorio

Jordan Brown ’10 writes:

Come see the culmination of this semester’s Opera & Oratorio class! The show is FREE and un-ticketed. Arrive early to get a good seat. The oratorio starts promptly at 7pm.

Here’s the program for the night, courtesy of George Frideric Handel:
The Choice of Hercules, an oratorio
Hercules, an opera

Don’t worry, the opera is abridged!

When: April 24th, 7-9pm
Where: Crowell Concert Hall
Cost: FREE

Last Chance to Become Concert Committee Chair

Interested in being the chair of the Concert Committee next year? Applications are due by 10 PM today.

The Concert Committee is a committee created by the WSA charged with the responsibility of funding concerts at Wesleyan.

For further information about the responsibilities of the Concert Committee and its Chair, take a look at Section 1.13 of  the WSA’s by-laws.

If you are interested in the position, email by 10 PM today. Include a statement of no more than 500 words detailing your qualifications for and interest in the position.

All candidates will be interviewed by the WSA Appointments Committee on Saturday in the WSA Office
between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.

Polls Now Open / Run for the WSA

Polls are now open for Senior Class Officer and WSA President and Vice President elections. You can cast your vote here. Elections will be open until Friday, April 23 at 11:59 PM.

The WSA Constitution is also up for approval. To see what changes have been made, check them out on the WSA website.

And for those of you interested in running for the WSA in the ’11, ’12, or ’13 class representative elections, petitions are now available in the WSA Office in Usdan or online here. They’re due in the WSA Office by 4 PM on Friday, April 23. There is also a mandatory meeting for all candidates on Friday at 4 PM in Usdan 108.

WSA Presidential Debate

It’s time for the WSA Presidential candidates to duke it out. Come hear what Micah Feiring ’11, Bradley Spahn ’11, and Lowell Wood ’12 have to say about the hot campus issues in this year’s WSA PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE. Expect things to get heated.

When: Monday, April 19, 7 PM
Where: The Usdan Courtyard

UPDATE 4/18, 11:46 PM: Due to lack of sunlight and potential chilly temperatures, this event will now be taking place inside Usdan.

The WSA is Reviving E-Squid

Cordelia Blanchard ’12 and Micah Siegel-Wallace ’10, of the WSA’s Academic Affairs Committee, write:

What is this E-squid you might say? It was an old Wes-specific version of The Academic Affairs Committee is trying to bring it back, because who likes sitting down on the first day of drop/add to a boring professor? BUT…..there’s a catch. We need a programmer!

We are willing to pay you, yes you, to program our new site and allow hundreds of your fellow students to avoid the painful and traumatic experience of dropping a boring class.

Required skills and specs outlined after the jump.

Date for Course Withdrawal Extended Beginning in ’10-’11

The new deadline for withdrawal, beginning next year, has been moved from April 15 to a week before classes end.

This is something that the WSA has been really pushing for and has been thrilled to see the faculty and deans embrace.

By moving the deadline closer to the end of the semester, students will have more time to complete assignments (and get them returned from professors!), and truly judge their performance in their classes and determine if withdrawing is the right decision for them.

Thanks to the faculty and students on the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) for making this decision.

For more information about why and how this decision was made, check out EPC member Arya Alizadeh ’13’s post on the WSA blog.

Responsible Investment at Wesleyan

Do you know what companies Wesleyan is invested in?

Do you know what values these companies promote?

Do you know how you can influence these companies’ social, environmental, and governance policies?

The Committee for Investor Responsibility is hosting a town hall forum this Wednesday April 7th from 7-8 pm in PAC004. There will be pizza and a discussion about the role that students and other members of the University community play in Wesleyan’s endowment.

Similar committees at peer institutions have successfully engaged in campaigns to induce companies to include sexual orientation in their nondiscrimination policies and have added socially responsible funds to their endowments.

The Committee for Investor Responsibility wants to know what issues are important to Wes’ student body; with student feedback, Wes can work toward meaningful change in the companies in which we are invested.

Date: Wednesday, April 7th
Time: 7-8 pm
Location: PAC004
What: A conversation on responsible investment at Wesleyan and FREE pizza