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Make way for the Whey Station

In October, a new food cart called Crusin’ Cafe parked itself between Beta and the Bayyit, to compete with the ever-present Mamoun’s carts. So far so good; Crusin’ Cafe is still to be found. As of last week, a third cart, called the Whey Station, has joined the scene. It’s open most nights and some days, parked on Williams Street, up the hill from Hi Rise. It serves “gourmet grilled cheese, specialty hot dogs and ‘truck-made’ soups.” Some kid gave me a bite of his sandwich last night/early this morning, and it tasted worthwhile, to say the least. More on Tuesday, courtesy of the Argus.

Playwrights Convene

Visiting Assistant Professor Catherine Filloux and the students of Theater 299 invite you to “Playwrights Convene, a night of theater that starts at the beginning.”

See a reading of twelve new ten-page plays and ask questions of student playwrights: How do you get your ideas? Where do your characters come from? How do you develop them? How does a blank page turn into opening night?

  • Date: April 11
  • Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Location: CFA Hall

Petition for Planned Parenthood

At a rally on campus this afternoon, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Southern New England president Judy Tabar, and CT senator Richard Blumenthal spoke out against the House of Representative’s measure to slash funding for Title X and to exclude from the federal budget all Planned Parenthood health services (birth control, cancer screenings, HIV testing, and other lifesaving care).

If you couldn’t make it to the rally but you still want to let Congress know that you don’t support the bill (and that you don’t support the amendment against Planned Parenthood), you can sign a massive petition here.

Brontomerus “Thunder-Thighs” Mcintoshi

Second science discovery post of the morning: UK newspaper The Telegraph reported yesterday that scientists in Utah have discovered a “charismatic” new type of dinosaur with massive thighs.

Dr. Mike Taylor from University College London explains:

When we recognised the weird shape of the hip, we wondered what its significance might be, but we concluded that kicking was the most likely. The kick would probably have been used when two males fought over a female.

Since Aristotle, and Probably Before, Students Have Been Encouraged to Combine Rigorous Physical Exercise with Demanding Mental Calisthenics

On May 9, 1985, the New York Times ran a stunning exposé on the fitness scene at Wesleyan:

MIDDLETOWN, Conn.— Twice a week, a philosophy class at Wesleyan University here adjourns to the gymnasium, and Sartre gives way to squash.

“We work up a serious sweat,” said Leslye Herrmann, a senior who joins her professor and other students for the extracurricular workout, “I’ve had a real consciousness-raising about my body.’

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Cognitive Development Lab Wants You to Participate in a Study About Numerical Estimation!

The Cognitive Development Lab is currently looking for Wesleyan students who want to earn money playing a number game.

Participants will play a number-line game on a computer for roughly one hour. Each participant will receive $8 for participating, with an opportunity to receive an additional $2 reward (contingent upon performance).

If you’re interested, email Lab Coordinator Jennifer Garcia ’10: JGarcia02_at_wes.

Student Activism Reaches New Levels

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or unless you don’t attend Wesleyan and you don’t read Fox News), then you’ve probably noticed that the university’s revised housing policy—developed in response to a long-standing kerfuffle between the administration and the Beta Theta Pi fraternity—has sparked a revival of righteous (and self-righteous) activism on campus.

From what I can tell, few students support the new measure. Some people, myself included, have a difficult time caring either way. But it does seems that the administration may have gone too far this time, at least in terms of how it chose to word the policy revision.

According to Cameron Couch ’13, a WSA Representative: “Under this policy, if you go to eat at church, that’s grounds for suspension. You also can’t go and help out at the soup kitchen and eat meals there after volunteering.”

Aural Wes Seeks Writers and Designers

A message from Aural Wes, campus music blog:

Interested in writing // graphic design // web layout for AURAL WES?

Contact us at auralwes(at)gmail(dot)com

Their mission:

Keeping the Wesleyan community informed about upcoming shows, concerts, festivals and other student-run, music-related events on campus.

If you like writing about music or designing websites, or if you want to learn, then let Aural Wes know.