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Original Content Makers Must Seize the Memes of Production

We’re in a tough spot. Our age group has to deal with a melting planet, a thriving possum population, and a plethora of potential employers that expect us to know how to use Excel. That sucks for us sassy NESCAC kids. In spite of these obstacles, there is supposed to be a light in the dark, a city upon a hill, a beautiful beacon of hope: memes.

But, alas, Wesleyan’s meme culture is less than ideal. I would call it bad.

Best of WesMaps: Spring 2018 Edition

WesMaps is a lot like Dora’s map if Dora’s map wasn’t the clutchest piece of technology that has ever existed. Dora straight up asked that thing for a step by step walkthrough to paradise and it delivered every single time. Preregistration with Wesmaps, on the other hand, is confusing and stressful and I hate everything. For example, what is a POI? I have no idea. Am I a Person Of Interest? An interesting person? Can you tell that to the girlfriend I don’t have?

WesMaps has its issues, but it does offer some wacky courses to choose from. If you have time in your Spring schedule, then one of these courses could round it out in a spicy way.

Hit me with that weird shit, Wesleyan. I’m into it.

Michaelroths of Wesleyan

Michael roths of Wesleyan began as a photo editing project. The goal was to photoshop Michael Roth ’78 into a thousand situations. Somewhere along the way, I began to add total shitpost captions alongside these photographs.

I have been blessed with a beautiful campus and a beautiful array of Michaelroths. There are so many stories to be told from these images, and I’lll tell them all god dammit. My hope is that these stories touch your life in the same way they have touched mine. I think these images can change the world.