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Soul Train feat. Victor Vazquez of Das Racist

From Eclectic:

In honor of Black History Month, Eclectic presents Soul Train on Friday, February 17th. Come celebrate the longest running television program in history. Bust out your bell bottoms, tube tops, and dancing shoes, and get down on the Soul Train Line. Special guest performances will be provided by Victor Vazquez ’06 (Kool A.D.) of Das Racist with Lakutis and Kassa Overall. Check out Kool A.D.’s recent mixtape, Palm Wine Drinkard, here.

There will be a photo booth. There will be a love lounge. There will be dancing with disco balls on deck. Hosted by Don “Cornelius” Jones.

Tickets available online here. Due to occupancy restrictions, tickets WILL sell out.

Date: Friday, February 17
Time: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM
Place: Eclectic
Cost: $8.50
Facebook: Link

Big Freedia @ Eclectic

Note: despite what the poster says, the Bounce workshop is at 8.

Next on Wesleying’s concert series, Eclectic prepares to ignite:

Big Freedia, the Queen Diva of New Orleans Sissy Bounce Music, is bringing her ass-shaking party music to Wesleyan on Thursday, February 9th. At 8 o’clock in the Eclectic Ballroom, Big Freedia will give a workshop on the sacred tradition of bounce music and give hands-on instruction on how to bump to this (directed by Josh Ente ’08).

When that’s over, go home and get fancy, because at 10 the party starts. Opening DJ sets will be provided by Sankofa (Luke Turner-Owens ’12) and Kilbourne (Jason Kilbourne ’14).


Legendary hip-hop producer AraabMUZIK and Wesleyan Alumn LE1F (Khalif Diouf ’11) are coming to Eclectic on Friday, February 3rd. AraabMUZIK has worked with dipset members Cam’ron, Duke Da God, and Hell Rell. He’s also made beats for Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Cassidy, Gucci Man, Young Dro, and Fabolous. His latest album, Electronic Dream, has received extremely positive reviews, earning the “Best New Music” label from Pitchfork and praised by FACT magazine.

Tickets are $5. Buy them or at Usdan on Monday. Due to occupancy restrictions, tickets will sell out. Event is presented by Eclectic and Ujamaa. [TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT.]

Online: Facebook, AuralWes,
When: February 3rd, 2011
Where: Eclectic House (200 High St)
Contact: channa@wes

Awesomefest! at Eclectic

The Eclectic-hosted annual music festival Awesomefest! returns to Eclectic on November 12th. Support new music at Wesleyan University. Witness future MGMTs, Das Racists, and Santigolds.

Two Stages. Fourteen Bands. Your Mind, Fucking Blown. Winner receives a STRAIGHT CA$H PRIZE. Second place gets a Japanese Fighting Fish. Come early, stay late, and dance for your friends. Each band gets 20 minutes. Click past the jump for full lineup of acts.

Mustard Pimp Tonight at Eclectic

Mustard Pimp is playing TONIGHT at Eclectic. Their debut album dropped October 25th on Dim Mak. Their single ZHM was released last month with remixes by Dada Life, The Subs, Cyberpunkers and Tom Starr. They have performed at Ultra Music Festival, House Of Blues, Avalon, Voyeur, and Webster Hall, just to name a few. They have released remixes for Designer Drugs, Shinichi Osawa, Steve Aoki, Dada Life, Fischerspooner, and Crookers. (Event)
Opening Acts:

Date: TONIGHT, 10/29
Time: 10 PM
Cost: FREE
Facebook: LINK

Halloween Party: Eclectic is Dead

An obituary written postmortem from Eclectic:

Since our inception, we’ve been digging graves. We’ve finally finished ours, now we just need some spiteful motherfuckers to dance all over it. Our death knells—can you smell it?— and the celebration begins on the 29th. Dress to kill, boo-boo, ’cause you know we will. All remaining Eclectic members die at the party. All living students get to help.
Where: 200 High Street.
Why: The only funeral you’ll have fun at.
How: Molly Ringwald
When: Oct. 29th
Time: 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Tickets are $5 and can be purchased online here. (Tickets will sell to capacity. Those without tickets will not be let in.)

WestCo Cafe Rave: Middle School Dance

From Steve Jobs and Jason Kilbourne ’14:

Yo. This is Steve Jobs. Believe it or not, when I was in Middle School I was a G. Backroom passes, squeezin asses, you know the deal. But you? I saw you. Bein a lil bitch, doin homework, trying to talk to girls. Remember when I asked your crush on a date? Never called her again.

Well this is your chance to make up for bein a dweeb and come kick some ass at the WestCo Café this Saturday, Middle School Style. Fucking wilin’, fight-startin, ass-shakin, condom-wrappers-on-the-floor music you feel me fam? oh and slow dances.

10-11:20 Guy Fridge (UK Bass/Garage/Juke/Kuduru/Freshman)

11:20-12:30 j666n (Crazy House/Moombah/Baile/Bass)

12:30-2 Bastille (Wesleyan/Dancefloor/Legend)

This event is FREE, FUN, and SWAG. Come on time cause we gon’ reach capacity.

Date: Oct. 15
Time: 10:00PM – 2:00 AM
Place: WestCo Café

Trap Haus

From Don-Christian Jones ’12:

Yup, you right, we don’t have sex anymore.  Well, if we do, it’s for money and that’s our own business.  Come party @ The Trap Haus and dance ‘til the floor collapses.  Gucci Mane on the balcony makin’ it rain.  Jeezy said he might come through.  Polish your timbs, press your polo.  Ladies, get fancy.  Hair done, nails did.  Please get your weave on point!  NO OFF POINT WEAVES ALLOWED.  Mo’ money, mo’ problems but if you got it, why not flaunt it?  We ballin’ in this recession.

Sincerely Yours,


DJ’s include:

Goodhead (Don-Christian Jones ’12 / Charlie Hanna ’12)
J666n (Jason Kilbourne ’14)
Sly1z  (Sam Lyons ’12)
HARRISON SCHAAF (Harrison Schaaf ‘11)

*Doors close at Midnight

*RIP Aaliyah

UltraSound at Eclectic

From Eclectic:

Unfortunately, formerly annual Sex Party will not occur this year. Everyone got too naked. There was too much touching. We had too much sex. The sex was too sexy. Far too sexy. And, unfortunately, err’body got pregnant. So now, we’re going to give that bloated tum-tum of yours an Ultrasound. We’re not interested in the gender (‘cuz what’s gender, anyways?) of the badass fetus that’s everyday growing fatter, hungrier, and greedi…er inside of you, but we are interested in finding out whether or not the little big-head li’l-bodied humanoid can fucking dance. This is not just Sex Party under a different name. This is a new era of party. This is what happens after that drunken one-night stand of a mistake. This is Ultrasound.

Service in Honor of Nora Miller ’12

Everyone in the community is welcomed to join us in the Chapel on Thursday to honor the memory of Nora Miller ’12. There will be an open reception afterwards in the Daniel Family Commons on the third floor of Usdan. A food collection has been set up in her name and we welcome you to donate non-perishable food either in one of the bins around campus or at the service.

Date: Thursday, 9/23/10
Time: 5 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel