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Liveblogging Election Night: Dear-God-Make-It-Stop Edition

Two years, 94 debates, one drunk/high/sober liveblog, and endless polls later, we’ve finally arrived. Two candidates entered (well, technically a lot more), one will survive. Who will it be? Tonight wesleying will be continuing (and thank God, finishing) our election coverage with a liveblog of the results as they roll in tonight. There are a couple of locations on campus where we’ll be station (and where you can follow along):

  • Usdan has a big projector screen by the staircase showing MSNBC, so plenty of people will be watching there.
  • The American Studies Majors’ Committee and the Government Majors’ Committee are hosting an event at the Woodhead Lounge (location here).
  • In your comfort and safety of your own dorm! Just go to here to watch CNN!

Stay tuned, and get ready to celebrate when Obama (most likely) wins. (If he doesn’t, Nate Silver is totally fucked.) Hopefully it’ll look something like this:

Oh, and Middletown’s polls are open for another 100 minutes. Hurry up and get on line. The liveblog will still appear past the jump once you get back. 

Literal College Survival: Liveblogging Sandy

Haaavvveee you met Sandy? You might have realized by now that you’re not in class. Congrats. While you all get to sleep in and catch up on your reading/get crunk/whatever, we here at Wesleying are working hard to capture the magic of this here hurricane through the power of liveblog. So for the next few hours (or, more realistically, until power or Internet goes out), stay tuned for intermittent updates of how we’re surviving.

Submit photos of your hurricane survival experiences to (or just tweet them at @wesleying).

Here’s a quick summary of what’s open right now:

  • According to an all-campus email, “The Usdan Center is open until 7 pm tonight and is providing meals. We expect it to be open tomorrow from 9 am to 7 pm.”
  • WesWings claims to be open for lunch. (Can anyone verify?)
  • WeShop is open from noon until 5 pm today, but their inventory is pretty raided.
  • “Libraries and other offices, including Freeman Athletic Center, are closed today and tomorrow.”
  • Star & Crescent closed, obviously.

All liveblog content past the jump. When the content stops, you’ll know Wes has lost the Internets, God save us.

Eye to Eye Training

Ariel Jacobson ’15 is eyeing you for Eye to Eye and, eye, there will be pizza. Eye would go if eye were you.

Do you have ADHD or a Learning Disability (Dyslexia, processing disorders, etc)? Then join Eye to Eye! Our training is this Wednesday, October 17th at 3:00 in 41 Wyllys Room 113. There will be so much pizza you won’t believe your eyes (to eyes). COME COME COME!

Eye to Eye is the only national mentoring movement that pairs kids with ADHD and learning disabilities like dyslexia with college students who have been similarly labeled. Using an arts-based curriculum, Eye to Eye mentors help their mentees understand what it means to be a different thinker: to value their own unique minds by building their self- esteem and giving them the skills to become self-advocates.

Date: Wednesday, October 17
Time: 3:00 pm
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 113
Pizza: Yes.

Education Policy Speaker Series: Ansley Erickson

Andrew Ribner ’14 wants you all to know about the next event in the Education Policy Speaker Series:

Come hear Assistant Professor of History and Education Ansley Erickson of Teachers College in New York City talk about Persistent Segregation and the Idea of Choice in American Education.

Erickson is an educational historian who focuses on educational inequality and the interaction between schooling, urban and
metropolitan space, and economic change. She has worked with a number of reform groups and has done ethnographic research in urban schools in New York City.

*This is a part of a weekly speaker series on Education Policy in the US.

Date: Tuesday, October 9
Time: 4:30 pm
Place: PAC 002

Presidentiapocalypse 2012: Liveblogging the Debate

Hello and welcome to the first liveblog of the first debate of the 2012 Presidentiapocalypse! Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “Well, this is awesome! But why is Wesleying doing a liveblog of the presidential debates in the first place?” Good question, insightful reader. Sit down on papa’s lap and I’ll give you an answer.

Wesleying is about all things Wesleyan/college life, right? Right. Some of us here at headquarters were doing some pondering, and we realized: the elections affect students’ lives. And given the reaction to Obama’s victory and 2008 commencement address, Wesleyan students clearly have a part. (Disclaimer: I like Obama.)

We’re here to raise the campus discourse.

We’re here to provide deep political commentary.

We’re here to fucking liveblog the debate.

Giant Gallery of the Giant Plume Giant Show

Friday night was jam-packed with folksy music as four (yes, four) acoustic acts took the stage at Buddhist House. It all began with Miles Orion Butler, a singer-songwriter hailing from the far-off land of Philadelphia, PA. The barefooted Butler played ballads from his EP, Go Lightly, and covers of the Tallest Man on Earth and Dr. Dog.

The Wesleyan band Brushfireconsisting of Mel Hsu ’13 and Jess Best ’14, followed up with their debut performance. Hsu’s upright bass was downright swampy, and the atmosphere got even more southern when an audience member got up and began playing harmonica. Everyone in the house was urged to “get up” and “grind, if you want to” when the band gave us a rendition of  Justin “didn’t-he-used-to-make-music?” Timberlake’s “Rock your Body.”