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Come Play with Throw Culture, the Coed Ultimate Frisbee Team

From Catherine Morita ’14:we're really a lot of fun

Come play frisbee with Throw Culture!

Practice is at the bottom of Foss Hill from Monday through Thursday from about 4 to 6, feel free to stop by and hang out! We’re a ton of fun and no experience is required to have a good time.  Our practices are always open, so if you can’t make it this week email wesleyancoedfrisbee(at) for information on future practices.

Samsara Saturday Night

Matthew Donahue ’14 writes in for Sammmmsara on Saturday:

Samsara is the annual South Asian culture show here at Wesleyan, and this year it’s back with a bang! Come join us for fun and laughter as you enjoy a show that combines theater, music, dance and above all, a love for South Asia! This year we are happy to welcome back the nationally acclaimed dance team from Brown Univeristy, Brown Badmaash, to join in our festivities, and we hope to get a big turnout because all of our proceeds will go towards helping provide clean water in the slums of Bangladesh and helping ensure education is universally available in certain provinces of India. Tickets are available at the box office. This is definitely something you WON’T want to miss!

Date:   Saturday, Dec. 1
Time:   8:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Place:  Crowell Concert Hall

All Proceeds Benefit Brighter Dawns and IIMPACT India

Casting Call: “An Eye for an Eye”

From Sarah-Jane Ripa:

Shot in the face and left for dead because of how you might pray. Abandoned by hope, love, and the system. Your attacker convicted and put on Death Row. What would you do?

“An Eye for an Eye” is the story of what one man, placed in these extraordinary circumstances did do: he forgave his attacker, and began a journey that will end when there is a World Without Hate. If you would like to participate in an open reading of the play “An Eye for an Eye” please visit here for audition information. The reading will take place as part of Homecoming/Family weekend at 7 PM on October 19. Auditions will be held Thursday, September 13. Email sripa(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with any questions.  

Date: Thursday, Sept 13
Time: 5-10 pm
Place: Usdan Room 136

Gary War @ Eclectic

From Elise Blanchard ’14:

John Maus tweeted recently: “GARY WAR IS THE FUTURE!”

If you like futuristic pop or lo-fi & rock or Ariel Pink or space-ships or sci-fi movies’ sountracks, or just great innovating music, you should show up for this free show.

Plus, Gary War is no only the future but also an amazing performer.

Date: Tonight
Time: 10pm – 1am
Place: Eclectic

Participate in Brighter Dawns’ 5K

Matthew Donahue ’14 wants you to put on your running shoes! Sign up now online or at the event.

 Join us for our 2nd annual 5K for Brighter Dawns and help us improve health conditions in the slums of Bangladesh on April 14th!  Registration is $10 per person and pre-registration, which is strongly encouraged, can be completed online at our website.  Check-in at Long Lane Farm will begin at 10:30AM, and the race will start promptly at 11AM.  Directions can be found on our website. T-shirts and tote bags can be purchased on the day of the event.  Walk, jog or run with us to give impoverished people in Bangladesh the opportunity to live healthier lives!

Westco Open Mic Bake Sale Tonight

Community Service House will be selling some delicious baked goods for open mic tonight!

Proceeds going to Brighter Dawns:

Brighter Dawns is a non-profit organization committed improving water and sanitary conditions in Ward 12, a slum in Khalishpur, Khulna, Bangladesh. Our current projects aim to provide the slums of Bangladesh ease of access to liquid life — clean water — while empowering women and improving health conditions as part of a larger initiative. Thanks to community support and hard work, Brighter Dawns embarked upon its first mission over the summer, constructing 15 wells, 20 latrines, 3 bathrooms and distributing 1,000 health kits to help promote clean sanitation in Ward 12.

Date:  Leap Day
Time:  10 pm
Place:  Westco Cafe
Bring yooo cashh

WISA’s Caribbean Late Night

Yummy Caribbean goodies from Jessica Samuel ’13:

It’s reading period! Take a break and come eat some delicious Caribbean food!
Plates start at $3. Menu includes:

Curry chicken
Stew chicken
Rice and peas
Baked macaroni&cheese
Banana fritters
Tropical punch

Date:   Dec. 10 tonighttttttt
Time:   10:30 PM – 1:30 AM
Place:  Albritton 311
Cost:   $3

Café Candide… tonight

From Lucy Britt ’14:

Go speak in/about French. Eat yummy free food: free pastries, coffee, and tea. Come chill with French students and faculty! Click image to enlarge.

Date:   Dec. 8
Time:   7 – 9pm
Place:  French Hall Lounge (Basement of Nics 7)

WILD Wes Lecture Series: Urban Ecology

Emma Leonard ’13 writes in about a lecture TONIGHT about plants and other green things:

This is one of the last lectures being put on by WILD Wes and its a doosey.  It will be led by Max Piana, a Wesleyan graduate of ’05 and recent graduate of the Yale School of Forestry.  He’s just returned from doing some awesome field work on subsistence farming and nomadic forest management in Mongolia and will be speaking on the subject of Urban Ecology.  woot woot!  So bring some dinner, a friend and the name of your favorite native plant.  Stay WILD!

Date:  Dec 8th- tonight!!
Time:   7:00 – 8:30pm
Place:  Shanklin 107