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An important message

Nudity is only acceptable in public when alluded to behind an opaque object or when covered by shadows and conveniently cropped camera framings.  Follow this advice, or suffer the wrath of ResLife/PSafe/these guys:

Happy Sunday!

Cupcake Decorating at Full House

Lila Becker ’12 writes in from somewhere over the Wash road:

This Sunday, come to Full House for House Hopping Day and decorate cupcakes! You can meet Full House residents and get a tour of the house, as well as ask any questions you have about the application process.

Date: Sunday, Feb. 20
Time: 12pm-5pm
Place: 202 Washington Street (on the corner of High Street and Washington Street), in the kitchen

Wesleyan Ranked 4th in College Brand Equity

In case you’ve run out of ways to tell your parents, friends, and other muggles how great Wes is on this loooong winter break (for most of which you’ve been stranded inside), the Global Language Monitor just released its new 2011 MediaBuzz College ranking that puts Wes 4th among colleges for internet brand equity.  What does that mean, you ask? The Global Language Monitor tracks internet activity to determine shifts in language and culture around the world (Google does this too now. Go figure).  They have honed their internet scouring servers to create lists of colleges and universities based solely on internet buzz.  Is this the U.S. News killer we’ve all been waiting for? Probably not. But it’s an interesting take on the relative attractiveness of schools to the world at large.  From the GLM:

“The ‘flight to quality’ continues unabated.  The savvy consumer of the education marketplace appears centered on the price-sensitive ‘public ivies’ and technology-centered schools, as well as on-line alternatives.  The solidly performing ‘little Ivies’ are now now fairly well distributed across the country– and are holding their own,” said Paul JJ Payack, President of the Global Language Monitor.”  One  aftermath of the recent recession is that consumers understand that it is smart not to accept ‘retail pricing’ and that colleges are no different in this regard from any other institution.”

The TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings are a way of seeing the schools through the eyes of the world at large. It is a democratic, self-generating ratings system, since it captures the brand equity associated with each of these fine institutions. GLM’s TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings actually removes all bias inherent in each of the other published rankings, since they actually reflect what is being said and stated on the billions of web pages that we measure.

See the rankings and other interesting tidbits collected by the GLM after the jump.

Jigglypuff for WSA

There are so many things on campus that can be improved.

We were given more points this semester, but price inflation means that we can buy less than we did in any previous year. Broad Street rips off students, regularly charging over 30% more than, for both new and used books. And Reading Week? More like Reading Monday.

The WSA needs to do more than change. The WSA needs to evolve. Vote for Jigglypuff as a write-in, and show that you want more from the WSA.

Winter Festival (and the Spirits! [and the Mixolydians!])

Everyone needs a little more elementary school in hir life (without the oppressive heteronormativity of elsewhere, U.S.A):

Do you miss the holiday parties of elementary school when you glued things, made milk carton gingerbread houses, and were so high on sugar that your teachers just gave up? If so, relive the glory days this Friday from 4-6pm at Interfaith house. There will be crafts, food, the Spirits at 4:30, and the Mixolydians at 5. If we are lucky enough to have snow, expect snowmen, snow angles and an epic snow ball fight!

Date: Friday, Dec. 10 (Today)
Time:  4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place: Interfaith House (203 Wash)

Apply to Live in Interfaith House!

Deena Godfrey ’12 also wants to live with you next semester.  Look at you, you’re so popular!

Interfaith house is a wonderful community full of awesome people who are interested in engaging in lots of community service and social justice programs. We welcome all types of people from all backgrounds. No religious affiliation is necessary, just an openness to learning! We have amazing facilities which include a gigantic kitchen, laundry room, study room, and lounge!

Some house programs we have done this year are: Cookies for Coexistence, Islamophobia and Park 51, and of course, the FAST-A-THON!!!!

We have some vacancies for next semester (including a single) and would love to have more people in the house. If you are interested in joining this awesome house please email dgodfrey(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for an application. Applications are due by November 21 at 5 PM.

If you’re not convinced, check out their awesome house music video from last year!

Apply to live in Full House!

Lila Becker ’12 (director extraordinaire) wants YOU to be her potential new housemate:

Looking for a great kitchen and a house full of wonderful people who love to cook? Want to fall asleep to the smell of freshly baked cookies? Want to eat freshly baked cookies? It’s not too late to apply to live in Full House! Two doubles and one single are available. Email for an application. Applications are due by Friday, 11/19 (THIS FRIDAY!)

Looks like an offer you can’t refuse… take it while it’s hot!

University Tees

Alyssa Rassi ’12 wants your club/organization/team/residence hall to look fab and organized:

Does your club/organization, team, or residence hall need custom apparel or promotional products? If so, you’re in luck! University Tees is finally here at Wesleyan. University Tees is a company that specializes in providing college students with custom apparel and promotional products in an easy and inexpensive way. The Wesleyan Campus Manager (Alyssa) will help you with all of your custom apparel and promo product needs. University Tees focuses on convenience for the client, so Alyssa can meet with students about product selection, design ideas, the ordering process, and more. She will also bring actual samples and catalogs to reference during the meeting itself. University Tees also strives to produce unique and high-quality items for all clients, so students can customize their designs based off of their own ideas and concepts. Professional artists ultimately turn these ideas and concepts into awesome designs, no matter how many revisions it takes. All apparel and products are always inspected throughout the customization process to ensure optimal quality, so clients can rest assured knowing that they are getting exactly what they are asking for. The best part is that the price quotes are all-inclusive, meaning that there are no additional charges for artwork, setup, screens, or shipping! Why not give University Tees a try on your next order? You’ll see how different they are from other companies in the market, and you won’t be disappointed. 20% off all orders placed this November!

The Cookie Cup

This message brought to you by Lila Becker ’12:

Don’t you wish that you could snack on some delicious cookies and at the same time, help the Pakistani Flood Relief Initiative? Well, this Wednesday, you can!

Wednesday from 7-8:30pm on the first floor of Usdan, program houses and halls of Wesleyan will compete for cookie glory. Here’s how it works: you pay $2 for a ballot, sample the cookies, and vote on your favorites. The money goes to the Pakistani Flood Relief Initiative, the eternal fame and glory to the winners of the contest. And the cookies (and enfranchisement) go to you!

Don’t miss your chance to help out the Pakistani Flood Relief Initiative, and settle one of the most important issues of our day. (No, really. Full House and Science Hall have a serious cookie rivalry going.)

Date: Wednesday, October 27
Time: 7 – 8:30 PM
Place: First floor of Usdan
Cost: $2

Start Wearing Purple!

In memory of the ten publicly reported LGBT teen suicides of the last month (and many others of the more distant past), people across the country are wearing the color purple today in symbolic support of the queer community and its lost, taunted, abused, or otherwise mistreated souls.  It would undoubtedly mean a lot to those at this school who have been harassed about their sexualities, or who are still hiding in the protection of the closet, to see any amount of visible support from the queer and non-queer communities of Wesleyan.  So, if not for the unfortunate suicide victims, wear purple today for your friend, your classmate, your family member, your loved one, yourself, or an unknown queer soul whose day you’d like to brighten.

But maybe you need a more convincing argument?

Date: Today, October 20th
Place: Anywhere and everywhere