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Plume Giant at 200 Church

Howe Pearson ’12 writes:

Plume Giant, Tall Heights, and Anthony da Costa are playing at 200 Church tonight!  They will play this song, and they will look like this:








  • Date: May 28
  • Time: Concert O’ Clock
  • Place: 200 Church
  • Facebook event: link

Opening Tonight: New York: You Are My Wife

Daniel Thatcherson of the Baby-Mâché Players writes:

Hello Wellesleyan University! We are absolutely thrilled to bring our production of New York: You Are My Wife to your quaint little campus. The Baby-Mâché Players, an up and coming theater company from the outskirts of ol’ NY City, have crafted a collective work of art that brings together the best of our Big Fat Apple and throws it up in your face in the form of a cabaret show. Songs! Monologues! Slam poetry! We’ve got it all. So why don’t you come along TONIGHT, TOMORROW, or SATURDAY at 8 as we take you for a ride through “the heart of it all”?! Find out more here!

You’ve never seen The City like this!

This is the best thing you’ve ever seen.

  • Date: April 21, 22, 23
  • Time: 8pm
  • Place: WestCo Café
  • Cost: FREE! No tickets. Just show up.

Free Radicals: a history of experimental cinema

With filmmaker Pip Chodorov

And special performance by Black Lake

Saturday, April 9th.  4PM.  Goldsmith Family Cinema.

Presented by the Wesleyan Film Series and the Cinema Sorcery Front.

Featuring an introduction of short experimental films, a projection of Free Radicals, and a followed by a performance by art/music duo Black Lake.

A preeminent artist and historian of the experimental cinema of the American Underground through the present, filmmaker and film activist Pip Chodorov offers an experiential introduction to a unique world of art and film in the form of the experimental cinema.   Named after the Len Lye’s landmark experimental film of dancing lines and marks scratched into the emulsion, “Free Radicals” gives an informative and accessible introduction into the world of avant-garde cinema, immersing the viewer in its unique visual worlds and perspectives.

“Paris-based filmmaker and film activist Pip Chodorov offers this affectionate overview of some of the leading figures of 20th century experimental film. Narrating in a personal and plainspoken manner (“I’d like you to meet some of my friends and see their films”), Chodorov combines clips and even films in their entirety with conversations with such luminaries as Hans Richter, Robert Breer, Michael Snow, Peter Kubelka and Stan Brakhage in his final recorded interview. The film, which takes its title from Len Lye’s direct animation classic, shows how avant-garde filmmakers were often left in a no man’s land between the art world and the commercial film industry. It was up to visionaries like Jonas Mekas and the organizations he founded – Film-Makers’ Cooperative, Anthology Film Archive – to help struggling filmmakers out. (At one point, Ken Jacobs describes dumpster diving for food.) Warm and inspiring, Chodorov’s film is part essay and part loving tribute.” – AFI Film Festival

Upright Citizens Brigade! This Friday!

Come see the UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE TOURING COMPANY perform at Wesleyan this Friday night! The show starts at 9:00 pm at Memorial Chapel and will run a little under an hour and a half. Grab your tickets at the Usdan box office! $5 each.

It’s your chance to see some incredibly talented improvisers live on stage from the theatre that brought you Amy Poehler, Ed Helms, Jack McBrayer, Aziz Ansari, Rob Corddry, Horatio Sanz, and many many more. Opening act: Gag Reflex.

* Date: Friday, April 8th
* Time: 9:00pm
* Place: Memorial Chapel
* Cost: $5

Important News For Thesis Writers

Are you writing a thesis? Does it feel like the sun may never again shine on your pretty little overloaded head?

CAREFUL with your misery metaphors. It turns out that, in yet another instance of science fiction threatening to turn into fact, “scientists [are] debat[ing] risks of SUN-BLOCKING and other climate tweaks to fight [global] warming,” as reported by a Huffington Post article entitled “Geoengineering: Scientists Debate Risks Of Sun-Blocking And Other Climate Tweaks to Fight Warming.” The article, which describes a recent conference of various stripes of scholars who convened in England to discuss “the planet’s fate,” ends with a scientist addressing the conference as follows: “I don’t know how many of us can sleep well tonight.” So, maybe one day, the sun really won’t shine anymore!

Not directly Wesleyan related, but hey, it puts things in perspective. And another “hey,” who knows, Connecticut could go dark as quick as anywhere else.

Like Improv Comedy?

Come see the UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE TOURING COMPANY perform at Wesleyan on Friday, April 8th in the Memorial Chapel! UCB Theatre is the home for all things comedy in Los Angeles and New York. It is also one of the most respected improv schools in the country, along with The Groundlings and Second City.

So come check them out! It’s your chance to see stars of today and tomorrow live on stage from the theatre that brought you comedy greats like AMY POEHLER, ED HELMS, JACK McBRAYER, AZIZ ANSARI, ROB CORDDRY, HORATIO SANZ, SCOTT ADSIT, MTV’S THE HUMAN GIANT, The Daily Show‘s ROB RIGGLE, Saturday Night Live’s BOBBY MOYNIHAN and, ABBY ELLIOTT and many, many more.

Promotional Video for “New York You Are My Wife”

James Margsden of The Baby-Mache Players Inc. writes:

You ever been to New York? Have you? Well, neither haven’t we have. So come join us for an evening of songs and monologues about the heart of it all, the silver skyline, the big fat apple…  New York City. Don’t bring your kids.

“New York: You Are My Wife” Promo from Josh Margolin on Vimeo.


A New Play by The Baby-Mache Players Inc.

2011 All rights is reserved.

Music from Big Pink Live at 200 Church

HOLY ROASTER! Wesleyan’s own “The Band” will perform The Band‘s debut album, Music from Big Pink, in its entirety tonight at 200 Church. Take a load off for a bit and walk on down to Big Red at 10:30pm for a ramble of a time!

  • Date: March 2nd, 2011
  • Time: 10:30pm-11:30pm
  • Place: 200 Church

What It Is Music Group

From WhatItIsMusicGroup(at)gmail(dot)com:

Are you interested in booking shows, but don’t know where to begin? Do you like finding new music? Do you want to learn about live music production, from beginning to end? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you are the perfect person to helm a new collective effort by What It Is Music Group to add a new dimension to Wesleyan’s live music scene.

What It Is Music Group does not care about famous bands, big budgets, or putting our names on a flyer. We do not have any affiliations other than to ourselves and to live music. Our mission is to find new bands that we feel will be exciting and different. Our shows will not just be something to do on a Saturday night, but a destination for curious and enthusiastic audiences. This group is for those of you who care deeply and earnestly about promoting a cooperative music culture here, and want to do something proactive toward that end.

For our part, What It Is Music Group is dedicated to educating a new generation of students who express a desire to learn how concerts happen at Wesleyan, from negotiation with bands and their agents, to securing funding from the school, and to planning and running shows, devoid of personal politics among the different factions of the student body. Ultimately, we hope that our efforts can breed a new class of driven and engaged students that are able to create their own groups and forge their own paths as they book their own shows going forward, united by their singular commitment to providing the student body with new and exciting live music.

If any if this interests you, please email us at WhatItIsMusicGroup(at)gmail(dot)com. We would like to start organizing, planning, and teaching everyone who is interested as soon as possible. And of course, if you want to book a show through us, and know the process, feel free to do so.