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HealthCorps Info Session

From Sophaloph Ackoff ’11:

Interested in Health? Working with Teens?


Info Session Tuesday, February 22nd in Usdan 108, 5-6 pm with a 2010 Wesleyan Alum

HealthCorps is a comprehensive health education program founded and developed by host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” heart surgeon, and bestselling author Mehmet Oz.  As a part of a national initiative launched in response to a drastic decline in the health of our nation, HealthCorps trains recent college grads to work as community health educators. Based upon a “Peace Corps” model of employment, Coordinators serve two years in a designated high school and community. Coordinators advocate for health-conscious behavior from within the school, in order to foster a generation of self-empowered individuals today, for a healthier America tomorrow.

To Apply to become a HealthCorps Coordinator: Deadline April 1st

Date: Tuesday, 2/22

Time: 5-6pm

Place: Usdan 108

Plume Giant at Earth House

Schmhowe Schpearson ’12 writes:

This Thursday (2/17), at around 9:30 pm, Plume Giant, Yale’s favorite folk trio, will be melting faces with their glorious harmonies.  You may remember their album release show at Earth House last Fall, or you may remember weeping the next day when you found out you missed it.  Well, here’s your chance to see the mighty Plumes in action!

Opening the show will be the Appledaughters, playing original spirituals by Sam Long and Howe Pearson! AND all the way from Conn College comes the lovely Fleur de Lise: Shades of 90’s one-hit wonders meets Joni Mitchell, if she had been spending a substantial amount of time with James Mercer. Delight your senses with guitar, cello, and kahon.

What the folk!  You’ll be a social disaster if you miss this!  Come see these liberal arts bands connect(icut)!

  • Date: Thursday, 2/17
  • Time: 9:30pm
  • Place: Earth House
  • Cost: None.

A Veiled Announcement?

Quiet rumors about our administration working on a major shake-up of Wesleyan’s departmental structure ought to start getting louder: in his most recent Roth on Wesleyan post, President Roth suggests he likes the idea of dissolving departments.

“Liberal Learning and the University of the Future,” President Roth calls the January 31st entry, and he keeps the tone safely theoretical. It’s Mark C. Taylor, not Roth himself, who suggests “moving from silos to networks, abolishing departments and tenure,” in his book, Crisis on Campus. But President Roth likes much of what he sees. He writes,

“[Taylor] is right on the money in attacking the powerful, long-term trends toward specialization in university culture, trends which have a decidedly negative impact on undergraduate education. At many schools this has led to a fragmentation of intellectual life, with powerful departments defending their own interests without regard to the welfare of the institution as a whole. Who is going to articulate a holistic vision for undergraduate education when only specialized success is awarded professional prestige?”

Roth’s answer? It might be the next word in his post: “I.”

Russian Department Discussion Panel

Russia: that ever-evasive, enchanting yet terrifying, historically violent political playground that’s produced the world’s most infamous criminals and inspiring revolutionaries.

This Thursday night please join Russian House and faculty for enlightening discussion. Professors will engage in debate, but the questions and topics are your call – anything from Stalin’s purges to Putin’s pecs.

Let’s be real. You’ve got questions. And if you don’t, well you’re not curious enough so sit back and relax with a fat plate of Haveli and an eager ear while all the smart kids ask the questions. Either way everybody wins.

WHEN: This Thursday, December 2nd from 6-7PM
WHERE: Downey House Lounge
WHO: Russian Faculty and interested students
WHAT: A panel where faculty will discuss questions posed by students (AND free Haveli dinner)
WHY: We all want to know what they think because they have PhD’s and are super freakin smart*
*And special guest, psychohistorian Phil Pomper, will be returning from retirement. If you missed the chance to have a class with him this is an event you do NOT want to miss. Trust me.

–from Laura Lupton ’12

Much Musics at Earth House: TONIGHT!

Howe Pearson ’12 ‘writes’:

Three of the greatest folk/bluegrass/happiness bands in the history of the world, one night.

9:30ish – Sam Long and the Appledaughters!  What the folk?  Originals and perhaps some Velvet Underground and loud noises.

10 – Plume Giant!  A stupendous folk trio from the streets of Yale coming to make harmony-laden music that is as beautiful as it is badass.  This is going to blow your minds and simultaneously break and mend your hearts.
Buy their brand new album here (or listen for free!).

11 – The Church Street Review, Wesleyan’s most sensational, sassy, and sensual bluegrass band since 2009.  Things they enjoy include wyverns, beer, and long walks on the beach.  Come on out if you like raucous fiddle tunes, melancholy waltzes and above-average solos.  Featuring the inimitable Scott Infusino on bass fiddle.

Time: 9:30pm

Place: Earth House

The Cost: Nothing.

The Beautiful Side of No More Privacy

Miss home? Arcade Fire, Google, and Chris Milk will turn yours into something profound! Especially if you’re from a pre-fabricated suburb, and you used to spend time running to nowhere in it.  You need Google Chrome, and you need a home address. And you may need to share this with your mother.

Wesleyan Spirits’ Spring Jam: Tonight at 9!

The Spirit ’81 writes:

The Spirits’ Spring Jam! Come see it. Big things. New musics. A life-changing experience. A waste of your time. All wrapped into one hour of songs you love and other songs too. A revelation; a revaluation! A cappella–without boundaries!

Plus, it’s your last chance to see senior Phi Beta Kappa members Daniel Charness ’10, Justin Bours ’10, and Hansel Tan ’10 do the only thing they are good at!

Date: May 7th
Time: 9pm
Place: Memorial Chapel
Price: Fo FREE