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Vote Rowan S ’11 for SBC

Rowan S ’11 writes…


Hey there, Wesleyan: VOTE FOR ROWAN!

WSA elections are open and you should all head over to the voting website.

Here’s why you should vote for me:

Chesapeake Energy Corporation.
General Electric.
One clusterfuck of an economy.

Sum them up and you get the Wall Street mess that helped me double my bank account in less than one year. My point(besides shameless self call)? I know how to allocate funds to make the best of any situation.

As a member of Shakti—the group that plans Samsara—I have direct experience with the SBC funding process. In fact, I’ve already approached the WSA with ideas to help fund student groups. I believe we need to make it easier for student groups to access allocated funds after they have met with the SBC. Elect me to the SBC and I will not only improve the funding process but also improve access to allocated funds!

I am going to work the numbers so hard your student group will be drowning in golden SBC splooge! I will bring results!

Click here to VOTE ROWAN S’11 FOR THE SBC!!

Rocky Horror Picture Show… Tonight!


Paul Linton ’11 writes in to tell us about the Rocky Horror production happening tonight!

Tonight at 11:59pm! Come see Absent Toast, Wesleyan’s own Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, perform in Exley room 150 (the giant lecture room on the first floor). You know you want to…

“I pledge allegiance to the Lips of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and to the Decadence for which they stand: One movie, under Richard O’Brien, with sensual Daydreams and Erotic Nightmares for all. We are Absent Toast, your friendly Wesleyan Rocky cast. Come see our nipples.”

Date: Tuesday December 15th
Time: 11:59 PM
Place: Exley 150

Run Crew for Bat Boy: The Musical

Tamar Glatman Zaretsky ’12 want you to be on run crew for Bat Boy: The Musical, going up this weekend. I paraphrase:

Bat Boy needs people to dress like ninjas and move furniture.

Bat Boy needs people to dress like ninjas.

Bat Boy needs ninjas.

Email tglatmanzare@wes if you want to be a ninja. Or something like that. Show goes up Thursday. Cast party non-optional.

Lecture – Finding Pete: Rediscovering the Brother I Lost in Vietnam

John Gallagher ’12 writes in to let us know about an interesting lecture that will be happening tonight:

findingpetePeter Morse Hunting ’63 was the first Wesleyan graduate killed in the Vietnam War. He and his youngest sister Jill were products of a family that valued service. At Wesleyan, Pete found the intellectual framework for his values and the preparation for his next step in life. As a civilian volunteer in Vietnam he analyzed the U.S. military presence as it shifted from advisory role to combat force and the shifting currents of attitudes among Vietnamese. Pete’s life inspired Jill to work for peace, but first she had to come to terms with his death. Join her as she discusses her quest to explore the mystery of Pete’s death and how it resulted in a book 44 years later.

When: November 8th (TODAY) @ 8PM
Where: Alpha Delta Phi Living Room

This event is Sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund

Multiplayer Madness @ ADP


Come this Thursday to the Alpha Delt living room for Multiplayer Madness. There will be a number of TVs set up with some of your favorite games.

Want to be a Rock star? We’ve got a Band for you to join.

Want to Smash some Bros? We’ve got that too.

Don’t like having many pixels? Come play Atari.

What: Multiplayer Madness
When: Thursday, October 1st, from 8-10
Where: Alpha Delt Living Room

S’mores @ ADP

Chocolate!Stack of S'mores
Graham Crackers!
A warm fire!
(Chocolate! Marshmallows!)
All this, and more, at Alpha Delt this Tuesday night, from 8 to 10! Come by and snack on these tasty treats.

What: S’mores
Where: Alpha Delt Living Room
When: Tuesday, September 29th, from 8-10

S&C Menu – 9/28-10/1

starandcrescentThe S&C menu has been sent in for this week. Again, hours are 5-6:45 for Dinner, Monday through Thursday, and 12-12:30 for lunch on Tuesday through Thursday. As always, the first three freshmen to every meal eat free.

Sept 28th
Dinner – Green Salad, Red Wine vin, Lemon Caper Chicken/Tofu, Cheesy Broccoli, Roasted Potatoes
Dessert – Pumpkin Spice Cake

Sept 29th
Lunch –Mei Fun (Noodle Stir Fry) Chicken/Tofu
Dessert – Fresh Fruit

Dinner – Green Salad, Charred Tomato vin. Paella w/ Chicken, Salmon, Shrimp, or veg version VEGAN
Dessert – Berry Crisp

Sept 30th
Lunch – Broccoli and Rigatoni, Balsamic marinated Chicken/ Tofu, Rst Garlic oil, Parmesan Cheese
Dessert – Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars

Dinner – Green salad, Champagne Vin, Shrimp Creole or Veggie w/ Rice VEGAN
Dessert – Banana Custard

Oct. 1st
Lunch – Butternut Squash Bisque, Herb Focaccia
Dessert – Snickerdoodle Cookies

Dinner – Green Salad, Garlic Dijon Vin, Cheesy Chicken or Tofu Alfredo w/ Penne
Dessert– Chocolate Pudding

Afternoon Improv @ ADP

Tamar Glatman Zaretsky ’12 wants to improvise with you:

Like comedy? Like improv games? Like Charades?
Then come to Alpha Delt this Sunday for Afternoon Improv. We’ll be playing improv games, making people laugh, and ROFLing. Festivities will be lead by some of the top improvisers on campus (we promise). It will be a great time for all!

What: Improv
Where: Alpha Delta Phi Living Room
When: Sunday, September 27th, 2-4pm

Porn and Milkshakes @ ADP

MilkshakeLadyDavid ’11 has a creative writeup to tell you about this semester’s Porn and Milkshakes at Alpha Delt:

There have been many great combinations throughout the years: peanut butter and jelly, coffee and cream, jalapeno cheddar combos and zesty salsa tortilla combos. But one delicious combination that has probably never crossed your palette is pornography and milkshakes. Yes, the creamy, frothy, deliciously sweet treat shared by young steadies after a sock-hop, and milkshakes, which are also pretty yummy. So come one, come all, come watch people come extravagantly excessive amounts (on the screen), at Porn and Milkshakes, this Wednesday, at Alpha Delta Phi.

What: Porn and Milkshakes
Where: Alpha Delt
When: Wednesday from 8-10(ish)

Walk the Line Labyrinth


Áine McCarthy ’10 just wrote us to let us know about a cool little get-together tonight.

Walk the Labyrinth on the Equinox.

Meet at the labyrinth at midnight (September 22, technically) to walk in honor of the equinox.

Date: Sept. 22
Time: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Place: Labyrinth, behind Davison Art Center and Anthro Dept.

While I can’t tell if this is university sanctioned, it sounds pretty cool, so if you’re a night owl, why not show up?