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Procrastination Destination: The Return of Neopets and A Very Long Harry Potter Sorting Quiz


I’m actually brain dead so there won’t be any clever introduction to this. I’m just giving you the great procrastination ideas that you beautiful people all deserve. While completely avoiding studying for my final tomorrow I have rediscovered Neopets. Remember that great game that everyone played at some point from the age of 6-13? (If you still play it I’m not judging you, it’s literally amazing.) It teaches you all about taxes, banking, gambling, and life’s disappointment because did anyone ever actually get a goddamn rare negg or paintbrush?

I encourage you all to rediscover this fantastic game like I did when, instead of writing my Nietzsche paper, I made a Nietzsche neopet with only Nietzsche approved characteristics.





Alternatively, if you have scoffed at my first suggestion, you can take part in this great 125 comprehensive personality assessment that will sort you into the correct house at Hogwarts.

Enjoy while I start studying for my final tomorrow and cry while eating cold Sonic cheese covered tater tots.

Javanese Gamelan


From The CFA

A magnificent orchestra of bronze gongs, xylophones, drums, strings, and voices, the gamelan accompanies feasts, ceremonies, and dances. The Wesleyan Gamelan Ensemble, under the direction of Artist in Residence I.M. Harjito and University Professor of Music Sumarsam, presents classical music of central Java.

Date: Thursday, December 10th
Time: 7:00PM
Place: World Music Hall, 40 Wyllys Avenue, Middletown


Wesleyan Organ Students in Recital


From The CFA

Organ students share a seasonal program at South Congregational Church. A soup and sandwich lunch follows in the parish hall, for which a free-will offering is suggested.

Date: Wednesday, December 9th
Time: 12:00PM
Place: South Church, 9 Pleasant Street, Middletown




From The CFA

“As seductive as the color and shape and fragrance of a flower,” sound and image will bend and twist in response to the gentle pressures of language, data, and attention.

Date: Tuesday, December 8th
Time: 9:00PM
Place: CFA Hall, 287 Washington Terrace, Middletown

In Depth: Zymurgy Collective


As part of our In Depth student group series, Keren Reichler ’16 and Miriam Kudler-Flam ’16 were nice enough to sit down with me and talk about their new Zymurgy Collective. After being dormant for a couple years, this club has come back to handle all of your fermentation needs. Read on to learn more about fermentation, how to get involved, and the many possible synonyms for the word ferment that you have not thought of before.

Matthew Daniels: “Depiction, even over Description: How Data Journalism is Changing the Art of Storytelling”


From Joli Holmes ’17: 

Interested in data visualization? Journalism? In cooperation with the Allbritton Center, the Digital and Computational Knowledge Initiative (DACKI) is pleased to bring Matt Daniels to Wesleyan to give a talk on Wednesday 11/4 and to meet with students in classes and small groups on Thursday 11/5.

Matt Daniels is a media artist and designer, fascinated with the possibilities of data-driven narrative. For Daniels, this has often meant analyzing and illustrating the content and popularity of music,its lyrics, and its locations. He has produced infographics keyed to such things as the size of rappers’ vocabularies and the timelessness of some music based on Spotify data. He publishes an online magazine called Polygraph.

Date: Wednesday, November 4th
Time: 4:30PM
Place: 41 Wyllys Rm 112

Zymurgy Collective first meet up


From Keren Reichler ’16:

Do you like to eat kimchi/sauerkraut/pickles/kombucha and other fermented miracles? Do you want to learn how to make these yourself? Are you grossed out, intrigued or just curious what all the hype is about?Do you want to learn about and practice the art of fermentation?

Join the re-activation of Zymurgy Collective, Wesleyan’s fermentation collective! Fermentation is life! If you’re interested in DIY practices, supporting local food production, learning how to make your family’s traditional recipes or playing with your food,  join ZyCo!

ZyCo is about fermentation as a community ritual, as an art, and as a politics. ZyCo is about remaking community, honoring life-affirming decomposition, challenging the industrial food system, decolonizing health, celebrating the micro-organisms that make up our world and re-discovering ancient wisdom.

Join the collective if you:
know how to ferment or want to learn.
are good at getting shit organized.
can help make a digital platform.
want to make fermented art and fermented music.
want to eat ferments.
want to take photos and videos of our fermenting shindigs.
just can’t contain your excitement about making some yummy ferments!!

We will also be creating an online ZyCo platform to share art and reflections inspired by our ferments.

We’ll be convening at 264 Court St. on Monday, November 2nd at 5pm.No experience necessary!

Date: Monday, November 2nd
Time: 5:00PM
Place: 264 Court St. Middletown, CT

FB event here

Real Food Challenge Info Session


From Alexandra Fireman ’16:

Hey you! Do you eat food at Wesleyan? Do you know WHERE the food you eat comes from? If you’re interested in finding out and learning about the Real Food Challenge, come stop by our info session/preliminary meeting/fun time/hang out/snack sesh.

The Real Food Challenge is a national movement to create a healthy, fair and green food system. We’ve been working hard in the past few years to collaborate with Bon Appetite to make smarter and more sustainable food purchases. If you’re interested at all in food or sustainability come by and learn about this awesome project! There will be snacks on snacks on snacks (all REAL of course!) To learn more about RFC check out their great website here:

Date: Thursday, September 24th
Time: 8:00PM
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 112

Alpha Delta Phi Presents: MULTIPLAYER MADNESS


From Clara Pinsky ’16:


No better way to fend off beginning-of-school blues than yelling at a tv screen with friends. Join us for our third rush event of the semester! Become one with the characters of Super Smash Bros in the company of some Alpha Delta Phi siblings. It’ll be a dope time with multiple gaming stations and some snacks for the eating.

As Mewtwo once said, “I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”Use your gift of life to procrastinate homework and play video games with us instead.

Fb event

Date: Wednesday, September 16th
Time: 4:30PM
Place: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High Street)