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Genome Quilts

Artist Beverly St. Cleary, also a practicing psychologist, speaks about the genesis of her new project:

“My idea for genome quilts grew from the juxtaposition of two experiences at Wesleyan University in November 2001. First I viewed an exhibit of work by Anni Albers, an artist I have admired for many years. The show included her serigraphs of triangles arranged in a grid. I was struck by their similarity to quilt patterns. The next day I attended a lecture about the Human Genome Project and was impressed by the beautiful shapes of the proteins illustrated and the interesting patterns made by the microarrays. I realized that I could use a simple quilt block to represent each of the four bases in DNA: cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine. A square bisected into a light and dark triangle is rotated in four orientations to resemble the letters C, G, A, and T. These blocks are placed in sequences determined by the base sequence, so one can read the genetic code by looking at the quilt. The color and fabric choices influence the overall design.” – Boing Boing

Her Website

NY Times Discusses Unusual Finale

Peter Applebome of the New York Times sums up the strange, end-of-the-year events and attempts to discuss the character of Wesleyan:

“Students have somewhat mixed feelings. In a brand-name world (and a recession job market), students care about the Wesleyan brand, too, and can do without the more baroque post-hippie notions of life there. On the other hand, some worry that the administration is too intent on creating a watered-down, made-for-the-rankings image.”

Interesting, the first article I’ve read that hasn’t just addressed all these issues in isolation. Check it.

Holly Wood, Alex Rosen and M. Roth cited.

"Dartmouth Teacher Sues Students for Being Mean to Her"

That sounds like the title of an Onion article…I can’t tell if this is a joke or not:

“As an example of Venkatesan’s rejection of views different from her own, the student highlighted Venkatesan’s cancelation of class for a week after the class applauded a student who contradicted Venkatesan’s opinions about post-modernism.” – Dartmouth News

More here from our friends at Gawker

[Edit]: She did in fact file a lawsuit, but has rescinded it. Now she teaches at Northwestern! Check out the Gawker update



A friendly health advisory sent out this afternoon:

Public Health Advisory: Head Lice

“There have been a number of apparent cases of head lice on campus recently. To date, we know of no cases with actual lice identified, but a number of cases credibly determined to have nits (egg casings).

Lice are a successful human parasite because they may go undetected for a period of time. To have lice is not a failure of personal hygiene or responsibility to the community, it’s just bad luck.”

….I’m throwing up.

Ostranenie Deadline!!!!

The deadline for Ostranenie Magazine’s Spring Issue is TODAY at midnight! Submit!

Ostranenie is an open venue for publication. We consider ALL work (creative, critical, or otherwise) that’s capable of 2-D reproduction AND this is issue will be in COLOR. So send us what you’re making–whatever it is.

There is no upward limit on the number of submissions you can send. Just e-mail them to OR get them to Box 91776 via campus mail.

Here is an incomplete list of what we consider (for ideas):

prose, manifesto, collage, poetry, diagram, nonfiction, art, documentation of 3 or 4-D events, interview, criticism, translation, fragment, autobiography, photography, essay, statement of poetics, artist statement, transcription, etc.