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Stress Relief Study Break

Take a study break. You deserve it. From Tanya Purdy, director of WesWell:

Study Break! Stress Relief Study Break Wednesday 5/9 9-11pm Usdan 110

Get information and tools for stress relief and a free 15 minute chair massage.  First come basis! Brought to you by SALD and WesWell

Date: Tonight! Wednesday, May 9th
Time: 9-11pm
Place: Usdan 110

Let’s Talk About Race: Meeting Tonight

Concerned students (not affiliated with any one group in particular) are organizing some action in response to the Holi flyers which were put up in Usdan on Friday, April 27th. The meeting will be held tonight, April 30th, from 9 to 11 pm in Usdan 110. (If people have prior engagements feel free to come whenever and stay/leave as long as you can! If you cannot make this meeting but are interested in getting involved, please contact one of the people listed below.)

This meeting will not be a meeting about discussing the individual who posted the flyer. It is our hope that this meeting can be a constructive one about larger institutional racism on campus and how we can take action to educate the community about it (and work towards both understanding, acknowledging and working against it). We will also discuss the broader effects on campus and what can we do to better understand each other. Please come with thoughts on what can be done if you have any and a positive attitude! For more information, please contact Sophia G Massey ’15 (sgmassey@wes), Cheryl Walker ’12 (cwalker@wes), or Elaine Chan ’12 (echan@wes).

Hope to see you there!

  • Date: Tonight, April 30th
  • Time: 9 pm – 11 pm
  • Place: Usdan 110


From the ever-amazing Peer Health Advocates:

Get psyched for SEXQUEST, a quest for sexual health knowledge and goodies!

Participate in activities like the condom balloon toss, and collect prizes at each of the stations scattered around Foss Hill. Students who visit all eight activities will receive an additional prize, and are entered into a drawing to win a high end sex toy, such as this, this, or this.

Sex can be fun!!! :D

  • Date: this Friday, April 27th, 2012
  • Time: Noon to 3pm
  • Place: All over Foss Hill! (rain location: inside Usdan)

Revolutionary Self-Care Workshop

From Alysha Warren, CAPS counselor:

Join us for a lively discussion about building and maintaining healthy relationships. Through self-reflection, movement and skills-building, clarify your needs in relationships and learn how to set boundaries and manage conflict.

  • Date: Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 (tomorrow!)
  • Time: 7pm-9pm
  • Place: Downey House

Volunteer for Unspeakable Acts and Know The Line

From Tanya Purdy, Director of WesWell:

Unspeakable Acts and Know the Line is a series of skits addressing sexual assault, relationship violence and alcohol issues that WesWELL sponsors during New Student Orientation. This peer theatre piece was first performed at Wesleyan in 2002. The performance is a powerful introduction to sexual violence and alcohol use on campus and provides a starting point for further discussion for these difficult but important topics. Each year, the performers have put their own unique stamp on the piece(s) they perform, to make changes that help the audience understand the issues more clearly, and even add new skits.

April Convocation

From Michael Leung ’15:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Convocation
(Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander and Queer Month)

Usdan Daniel Family Commons ~ 4:00PM

Come enjoy some light refreshments as faculty, staff and students share their personal stories on their identities, discuss what April means and its importance today and into the future!

Opening Address – Queer Interns
Student Reflection – Gavin Swee (Class of 2013)
Student Reflection – Mansoor Alam (Class of 2015)
Staff Reflection – Joyce Walter (Director of Student Health Services)
Student Reflection – Miranda Linsky (Class of 2014)
Closing Address – Allegra Stout (Class of 2012)

Date: April 3rd, 2012
Time: 4:00pm
Place: Daniel Family Commons

Mixed Heritage Week

From the amazing Alicia Castagno ’12:

April 2-6 is Mixed Heritage Week!
Join MIX in celebrating and exploring mixed heritage awareness
Mixed heritage: Any self-identifying pluralistic identity including multiracial, multiethnic, cross-cultural and transracially adopted

Open to anyone and everyone.

Monday April 2: Screening of Bullfrog Film’s 2011 Documentary, “Multiracial Identity” on mixed heritage identity and multiracial history in the United States.
6:30-7:30pm Usdan 108

Tuesday April 3: An open discussion of mixed heritage and identity politics, facilitated Professor McAlister, creator of “Mixed in America: Race Religion and Memoir.” Catering by Iguanas Ranas! 
6-8pm Usdan 110


From Tanya Purdy, Director of WesWell:

Are you in recovery and searching for a supportive space at Wesleyan?

If you are in recovery from alcohol and other drugs, you are not alone. Recovery@ is a network of students, staff and faculty who gather for mutual support as they navigate the particular challenges of recovery at Wesleyan. Our primary purpose is to stay clean and sober, help other members of the University do the same, and support one another in our efforts.

We come together once a month during the academic year for an informal discussion and networking. The rest of the month, we support each other through texts, emails, social engagements, and attending AA and NA meetings in the Middletown community.

Feel Good, Look Good!

From Willa Beckman ’15:

Come view fourteen international short films that address issues with body image and the media. Runtime is approximately 80 minutes. Then stay after the films for an open discussion with Ruth Striegel. Dinner will be provided!

This event is hosted by the PHAs through Feel Good, Look Good. Our aim is to raise awareness about society and the media’s influence on beauty ideals and its promotion of unrealistic and unhealthy body image. We hope to redefine beauty as more than physical appearance and promote lasting self-esteem and confidence.

  • Date: Wednesday, March 7th (Tomorrow)
  • Time: 7:30PM-10:00PM
  • Place: Shanklin 107
  • Facebook: Here

List of Films after the Cut: