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Humans emerge victorious!

The game of zombies versus humans came to an end at 5PM on Thursday as the final zombies starved.

Congratulations to Dave Goldman ’12, Jacob Roberts ’11, Jason Pomper ’12, Jeremy Wolf ’12, Julissa Pena ’12, Mark Popinchalk ’13, and Seth Alter ’11 for keeping the human race alive!

Zombies versus Humans update: Day 2

The zombies picked up the slack today, notching 15 kills and increasing their rank to 21. Humans watch out!

andrus zombieHere’s a link to the full list of zombies and humans, with an overview of the rules, props to Eli Fox-Epstein ’11 for setting it up.

Remember: Zombies, report your kills including the name of the person you tagged! Humans, report when you’ve been zombified!

Tagging rules, safe zones, and kill zones after the jump if you need a reminder.