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Film Series: Rififi

1955. France. Dir: Jules Dassin. With Jean Servais, Carl Mo?hner. 122 min.


Four men devise an elaborate plot to rob a jewelry store, but tensions arise as plans start to go awry. This canonical caper flick builds to one of the most nail-biting heist scenes you’ll ever see, played out in total silence. Take careful notes: If that grad school thing doesn’t pan out, you can always fall back on a life of crime.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: The Graduate

1967. USA. Dir: Mike Nichols. With Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft. 105 min.


A directionless college grad returns home for a summer of pool-floating and parental nagging – only to find himself trapped between the well-toned legs of cinema’s most iconic cougar. Set to the timeless stylings of Simon & Garfunkel, the late Nichols’ celebrated ode to post-adolescent discovery hits a resonant note of emotional poignancy.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Film Series: Brute Force

1947. USA. Dir: Jules Dassin. With Burt Lancaster, Hume Cronyn. 98 min.


The harshest of Dassin’s socially conscious films noir concerns prison inmates suffering under a power-mad security chief who pushes institutional cruelty to the point of sadism. The imprisoned men reflect on their former lives as they channel their present frustration into a risky escape attempt. Co-sponsored by the Center for Prison Education.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: Shaft

1971. USA. Dir: Gordon Parks. With Richard Roundtree. 100 min.

Q: Shaft is…
(a) The black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks
(b) The man that would risk his neck for his brother man
(c) The cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about
(d) A bad mother… (Shut your mouth)
(e) All of the above

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Film Series: Never on Sunday

1960. Greece/USA. Dir: Jules Dassin. With Melina Mercouri, Dassin. 91 min.


Opa! In this lively comedic fable of American arrogance, a pretentious yank (the director himself) visits a Greek fishing village and tries to reform a popular local prostitute to his standards of intellectual grandeur. But that Hellenic Holly Golightly and the lusty locals might have a thing or two to teach him instead. Dassin series introduction by Middletown Mayor Dan Drew.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: Piranha 3DD

2012. USA. Dir: Alexandre Aja. With Christopher Lloyd, David Hasselhoff. 83 min.


Popular spring break destination Lake Victoria is in for a bloody time after an unexpected earthquake releases deadly piranhas into its waters, banding together a group of unlikely strangers. Will they stop the feeding frenzy before it’s too late? This tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy offers plenty of gags, gore, and gratuitous nudity bursting out in all three glorious dimensions.

ATTENTION: Due to a distribution mixup, tonight’s film will be Piranha 3DD, 2012 sequel to Piranha 3D. Not to worry: there will still be swarms of fish murdering people in three dimensions.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Film Series: Wreckmeister Harmonies

2000. Hungary. Dir: Be?la Tarr. With Lars Rudolph, Peter Fitz. 145 min.


In an economically depressed village, an unusual circus attraction and a mysterious man spreading controversial philosophical ideas stir anxieties amongst the townsfolk. Tarr sustains a poetic yet nightmarish resonance through strikingly dour black-and-white photography and elegantly choreographed long takes.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: Citizenfour

2014. USA. Dir: Laura Poitras. With Edward Snowden. Documentary. 114 min.

Equal parts thriller and character study, this fascinating Oscar winner covers the days surrounding Edward Snowden’s outing of unlawful NSA spying practices. Poitras’ unbridled access to her subject makes for an unusually intimate piece of filmmaking, which captures a moment in American history with rare palpability.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Film Series: Manila in the Claws of Light (rescheduled screening)

1975. Philippines. Dir: Lino Brocka. With Bembol Roco. 125 min. 


A blue-collar young man struggles to survive in the big city as he chases fleeting memories of his lost love. This preeminent classic of Filipino cinema executes social realism with raw vitality, earning comparisons to Scorsese – and a recent restoration via his World Cinema Project. Co-sponsored by PINOY.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

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Film Series: Playtime

1967. France. Dir: Jacques Tati. With Tati, Rita Maiden. 124 min.


If visual complexity and laugh-out-loud comedy seem like oddly intriguing bedfellows, consider this symphony of simultaneous gags – a veritable Where’s Waldo book brought to life. Amidst sets so intricate and expensive that they bankrupted the obsessive Tati, his beloved character Monsieur Hulot navigates Paris in all its frightening modernity.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free