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Film Series: Walkabout

1971. UK/Australia. Dir: Nicolas Roeg. With Jenny Agutter, Luc Roeg. 100 min.

Two young siblings become stranded in the vast Australian Outback, with only an Aboriginal teen on his Walkabout to help them survive. Roeg brings the coming-of-age tale to a striking, kaleidoscopic backdrop, where the sweltering landscape is just as much an object of fascination as the characters who traverse it.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: Raiders of the Lost Ark

1981. USA. Dir: Steven Spielberg. With Harrison Ford, Karen Allen. 115 min.


Archeology professor slash snake-hating adventurer Indiana Jones must locate a priceless Judeo-Christian artifact before the Nazis beat him to it. The timeless badass must brave booby traps, power-hungry Germans, and an irate ex-lover in this action-adventure joyride.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Film Series: Arab Labor

2008. Israel. Dir: Shai Kapon. With Norman Issa, Clara Khoury. 96 min.


We present two episodes from Season Two of this satirical sitcom about an Israeli Arab couple and their daughter who have moved into a Jewish neighborhood. Arab Labor’s characters play on religious, cultural and political differences to poke fun at the divides in Jerusalem’s mixed society. Speaker: Creator/writer Sayed Kashua.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

2014. Japan. Dir: Isao Takahata. Animated. 137 min.

A humble bamboo cutter encounters a young girl who sprouts forth from one of the shoots: a princess sent from above to experience the hubris of man. In adapting Japan’s oldest recorded folktale, Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away) dazzles with sparse, striking imagery and experimental animation styles.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Film Series: To Be or Not to Be

1942. USA. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch. With Carole Lombard, Jack Benny. 99 min.


During the Nazi occupation of Warsaw an unlikely husband-wife duo find themselves at the center of a convoluted spy plot, leading a ragtag band of merry stage actors as they apply their dramatic talents to fool the resident Gestapo forces. Lubitsch’s genre-mixing farce balances sidesplitting laughs with biting political satire and nervy wartime suspense.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: Dear White People

2014. USA. Dir: Justin Simien. With Tessa Thompson. 108 min.


At a prestigious, predominantly white university starting with the letter “W,” black students struggle to overcome systemic injustice and make their distinct voices heard… This film’s comedic chaos hits close to home, provoking chuckles and cringes of recognition in equal measure, and inventively sparking necessary debate without claiming easy solutions. The screening will be followed by a discussion, hosted by The Ankh.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Film Series: Through the Olive Trees

1994. Iran. Dir: Abbas Kiarostami. With Mohamed Ali Kesharvaz. 103 min.


Celebrated Iranian auteur Kiarostami revisits the making of one of his own previous movies, during which one actor
fell in love with another. Despite a deceptively simple style, the line between fact and fiction is removed as the film folds in on itself, complicating the events and our understanding of them.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: The Godfather: Part II

1974. USA. Dir: Francis Ford Coppola. With Al Pacino, Robert De Niro. 200 min.

Our opener is no mere sequel, but a self-contained tale of corruption, betrayal, and lost humanity even more ambitious and devastating than its predecessor. Coppola revisits the Corleone family, intertwining Michael’s ruthless expansion of the business with Vito’s inevitable rise from immigrant to Godfather.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Film Series: …And We’re Back! (Again)


cat film series

Gird your loins, Wes: the Film Series is here! Sure, it’s cold outside, but if you can survive the trek to the Center for Film Studies, you will be rewarded with the warm, pure, joyous magic of cinema… starting with Coppola’s The Godfather: Part II on Wednesday, January 21. This quarter’s calendar is stacked, with 6 new releases (including award-season favorite Birdman and the Connecticut premiere of Godard’s experimental venture into 3-D, Goodbye to Language) alongside a slew of beloved classics (comedy favorites Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Zoolander will brighten your frigid winter). The calendar also features the Eighth Annual Ring Family Israeli Film Series, sponsored by the Ring family and the Center for Jewish Studies, on Thursday nights starting on January 29.

The Film Series screens four films a week, Wednesday through Saturday nights. Wednesday and Friday nights cost $5, Thursday and Saturday nights are free. The films begin on time, at 8 p.m. in the Goldsmith Family Cinema, and are shown in 35mm or DCP (Digital Cinema Package) wherever possible. For more information, look for a Film Series calendar in your mailbox or on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter or email us at wesleyanfilmseries[at]gmail[dot]com. Now somebody get me to the Goldsmith!

Film Series: Christmas in Connecticut

1945. USA. Dir: Peter Godfrey. With Barbara Stanwyck. 102 min.


Bachelor gal Stanwyk is a domestic life- style columnist who’s been faking it her whole career. But when a veteran is invited to spend Christmas with her, she must pretend to be the perfect housewife she’s only written about. Ask any prof – this is exactly the kind of feel-good farcical fun that happens here while we’re on break.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free