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Tonight on the Film Board’s "Thursday Doc Series"

2008. USA. Dir: Tony Gerber and Jesse Moss. Documentary. 85 min.
This unique doc looks at a simulated Iraqi “town” in the Mojave Desert where U.S. soldiers train for service. It’s an experience that affects them and their fellow roleplayers — Iraqi exiles as “villagers,” U.S. vets as “insurgents” — in surprising and engaging ways.

Date: Thursday, February 26
Time: 8PM
Location: Goldsmith Family Cinema

Application Deadline for the Film Board Extended

If you haven’t picked up an application already, don’t miss your chance to apply to be on the Film Board for the 2009-2010 year. Remember, you do not need to be a Film Studies major to apply!

Film Board Applications are available in the Film Studies office, or can be downloaded off of the Film Series website. The due date has been extended to 4PM on Thursday, February 26th in the Film Studies office.

The "Thursday Doc Series" Continues

2008. USA. Dir: Kurt Kuenne. Documentary. 95 min.
Among hte most affecting and important films of the year is a tragic treu story more absurd and infuriating than fiction. Structured as a message to a friend’s son, Kuenne’s film also involves the audience in the complex experience of anger and love. Q&A with Kuenne to follow.

Date: Thursday, February 19
Time: 8PM
Location: Goldsmith Family Cinema

Fall ’08 Sight and Sound Screening

Last semester’s Sight and Sound classes, digital and 16mm, will be showing their final projects at 7pm in Room 190 at the Center for Film Studies. Check out Wesleyan student film production and support your friends!

What: Sight and Sound Screening
When: 7PM
Where: Powell Family Cinema, Center for Film Studies

The Film Series’ "Thursday Doc Series" Begins

2008. USA. Dir: Margaret Brown. Documentary. 97 min.
In Mobile, Alabama, Mardi Gras is the most celebrated social event of the year — fun, extravagant…and segregated. Brown’s thoughtful, un-manipulative film powerfully conveys the racial and class divides that are still prevalent in our society. Q&A with Brown to follow.

Date: Thursday, February 12
Time: 8PM
Location: Goldsmith Family Cinema
Coming Soon: Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (Thursday, February 19), Full Battle Rattle (Thursday, February 26)

Film Series Changes: Additional Big Lebowski Shows

Due to emergency maintenance in the Goldsmith Family Cinema, the remaining shows of the Film Series will be moved to ROOM 190 in the Center for Film Studies — same building, same quality presentation, same comfy seats, just a little further down the hall. Since the new venue seats fewer people, additional shows of THE BIG LEBOWSKI have been added on both Friday and Saturday at 11PM. The new weekend schedule is as follows:

Friday, December 12
8PM – The Big Lebowski, $5
11PM – The Big Lebowski, $5

Saturday, December 13
8PM – The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, FREE
11PM – The Big Lebowski, $5

Even though there are more opportunities to see the film, seats will fill up fast — so be sure to arrive early.

Darling Lili on Film Series

1970. USA. Dir: Blake Edwards. With Julie Andrews, Rock Hudson. 107 min.
Imagine a musical that is also a slapstick World War I espionage romance with a German spy as the protagonist. Think epic sex comedy; think dogfights with the Red Baron; think Mary Poppins stripping. Now stop thinking and come watch.

Date: Thursday, December 4
Goldsmith Family Cinema

Celebrate Halloween at the Wesleyan Film Series

1976. USA. Dir: Brian De Palma. With Sissy Spacek, John Travolta. 98 min.
Screw the schmaltz of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL–De Palma’s modern classic depicts adolescent days as the true horror they really are. Maybe your personal coming-of-age may not have involved telekinesis and pig’s blood, but things were different in the 70s.

Friday, October 31
Goldsmith Family Cinema

Sign-up for Video Game Workshop with Alum

Jeremy Bernstein, a Wesleyan Alum, will be offering a hands on Video Game Workshop for students on Nov. 7th, 9AM -12 Noon.

He is the designer and creator of Truth Invaders, an on-line game exposing untrue statements made by politicians.

Graduating from Wesleyan University a BA and MA in biochemistry, he left the sciences to pursue a MFA in screenwriting at USC. There his life-long interest in games led him to get involved with the Interactive Media program and with the Electronic Arts funded Game Innovation Lab.

He has since written and designed multiple “serious” and educational games, ranging from the on-line political call-to-action puzzle The Redistricting Game to the NSF funded first-person-shooter/high-school-immunology-textbook Immune Attack. He has also designed and written training games for groups ranging from intelligence analysts at the National Counter-Terrorism Center to emergency pediatric specialists at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Contact Lea Carlson at to reserve one of the few openings.

Date: Friday, November 7
Time: 9 am – 12 noon