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Furnace Fire at Lotus House Leads to Early Morning Adventures


Lotus House is located at 356 Washington Street

It’s 4:15 AM on Sunday morning, that period of time when it’s half super late on Saturday and half super early on Sunday, and the piercing sounds of Lotus House’s fire alarm startle me awake. At first I think this sound is my roommate’s alarm clock, which annoys me, but when the way-too-loud screeching persists for about a minute, I figure I should probably leave the room. I’m still too drowsy to realize that I’m forgetting a jacket, shoes, and my phone – a rookie mistake.

My hallmates and I head down the stairs, and contrary to our quick assumption that somebody was either cooking or smoking, we see a lot of smoke accumulating around the first floor that smells like either some crazy chemical or like somebody’s burning their hair. Anything is possible in Lotus House. We wait outside the house until the fire department comes, at which point we’re all like, Yay they can turn off the alarm and let us back in to sleep! But then after a couple minutes PSafe is basically like, Sike! This is gonna take a while.

It’s freezing outside, so they put us in the workshop-garage-annex-type building next to the house, and we wait for about an hour before conclusively being told that the furnace in the basement caught fire and that it ignited some of the house’s super old insulation, hence that chemically smell. Oh and by the way – it’s leaking carbon monoxide. Gotta love it. “It,” of course, being the act of getting poisoned while you sleep in the residential area you pay thousands of dollars per semester to sleep in. But I digress.

Lily Herman: An Interview with a Journalist Extraordinaire

Lily Herman ’16 in front of Usdan. Sorry we used this old ass photo of you <3 <3 <3 (Photo by Olivia Drake)

This year, Lily Herman ’16, is teaching a class in the Center for the Study of Public Life called “It’s a Mess”: An Academic and Practical Look at Digital Media in the Late 2010s. She is a contributing writer at Refinery 29, where she writes about news and politics. She’s been featured in a host of other major publications such as Allure, Teen Vogue, and ELLE, and is the founder of the digital media company Rogue Sunday.

Lily’s pretty busy right now between teaching and covering midterms (!GO VOTE THIS TUESDAY NOV 6!), but I was able to catch up with her for a bit. The interview is after the jump: