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Vigil for Garissa University Students

candlesFrom Alexandria Williams ’15:

On the morning of April 2nd, 2015, several gunmen of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, opened fire on the Garissa University campus in Eastern Kenya, murdering at least 147 people. 147 people. 143 of them university students just like you and I, whose lives were gruesomely stolen. 147 is not just a number, it is the manifestation of post-colonialism, and apathy regarding this tragedy is a symptom of racism. We refuse to let these lost lives be relegated to just another number. Please join us for a nighttime vigil to mourn and respect these stolen lives and to rectify the absence of information and the proliferation of misinformation. 147 is not just a number. All black lives matter. #weareone

Date: Thursday, April 9
Time: 9 PM
Place: Outside Olin Library

FB event here.

Lighthouse BBQ and House Blessing

Lighthouse at Twilight

From Shada Sinclair ’16:

Lighthouse has moved to 210 Cross Street; this is a new page in our history at Wesleyan and we wanted to start the year off right by asking for God’s blessing on the house and the residents. Come celebrate with us through food and fellowship.

Date: Sunday, September 14
Time: 2:00 to 6:00pm
Place: 210 Cross St.
Cost: free

Day of Giving Back / Diploma Sell-ebration


Yesterday on the ground floor of Usdan during lunch, a few students presented a “Day of Giving Back/Diploma Sell-ebration” to the Wesleyan community.  Susannah Greenblatt ‘16, Ari Ebstein ‘16, and David Whitney ‘16 advertised the University, offering diplomas for degrees in the following departments:

Green Capitalism

Moodles and Doodles

Substance Abuse

Flaccid Self-Reproach

Theory of Praxis

Postmodern Label Grazing


Hollow Jargon 

Spring Break Trips Round-Up


Spring Break 2014. Some went home.  Some went to the beach.  Some stayed on campus.  And some went on spring break trips, participating in a wide variety of activities ranging from volunteering to performing to playing frisbee. Wes took the country by storm, traveling to places with exotic state birds such as the pelican, the brown thrasher, and the lark bunting. Take a look at what some of your friends were up to:

ServeUp trip to New Orleans

The Wesleyan chapter of ServeUp traveled to New Orleans to help rebuild communities and work with Katrina victims. ServeUp is a program under InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a network of campus ministries. Stacy Uchendu ‘17 graciously educated me about their experience.

The purpose of the trip, in addition to rebuilding, was to explore the relationship between social justice and faith for Christians and non-Christians alike. Eighteen Wes students were part of a larger group of 300 university students who worked in the Lower Ninth Ward, one of the hardest-hit areas of the city.  Some students built a whole house in three days for the St. Bernard Project.  Others painted houses in cheerful colors to brighten up the community.  A third group worked on a community garden at Our School at Blair Grocery (check it out! Blair Grocery rocks).

The students found it rewarding to work as a team and make closer friendships with their peers.  They learned from the perspectives of the Lower Ninth Ward residents: it is hard to believe that nine years post-Katrina, there is still so much to rebuild.  In addition, they were grateful for others’ openness to discussing faith without judgement.

Back on campus, the students hope to bring more attention to ServeUp, for people of all faiths or no faith, for those who just want to learn about social justice, or for those who want to go to NOLA.