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Happy Presidents Day from ITS.

In honor of Washington, Wesleyan ITS has bumped up late night bandwidth. Between 8pm and 6am, internet speeds will be about 50% faster. The change first went into place last night.

Isaac Levy

Top Election News Sites


I’m having anxiety about The Election. Tomorrow’s the day, and I’m refreshing a slew of political blogs and quick news sites constantly. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite sources and sites with y’all too.

  1. FiveThirtyEight. This site is my all time favorite for election statistics. It’s run by a couple of smart statisticians and they know their stuff. They interpret all the polling data and give odds for an Obama victory, which is currently 98.1 percent.
  2. Realclearpolitics. This is great for news article compilations, but their projection math isn’t as accurate as fivethirtyeight.
  3. Pollster. Another good projection website. Popularly cited by CNN and Fox.
  4. After these three, I either go to Politico or I head over to the more conventional news sources, like NYTimes, or AP news (via Google news).
  5. Spend 10 minutes doing real work, think about Nov 4, and go back to #1.

So there you have it. Find out about things before your friends. CNN and NBC should have up to date news feeds on their sites too.

NYT writes about Trolling

The New York Times Magazine will be publishing an article this Sunday about internet trolling, with a focus on /b/ and free speech.

/b/ reads like the inside of a high-school bathroom stall, or an obscene telephone party line, or a blog with no posts and all comments filled with slang that you are too old to understand.


Why inflict anguish on a helpless stranger? It’s tempting to blame technology, which increases the range of our communications while dehumanizing the recipients. Cases like An Hero and Megan Meier presumably wouldn’t happen if the perpetrators had to deliver their messages in person. But while technology reduces the social barriers that keep us from bedeviling strangers, it does not explain the initial trolling impulse. This seems to spring from something ugly — a destructive human urge that many feel but few act upon, the ambient misanthropy that’s a frequent ingredient of art, politics and, most of all, jokes. There’s a lot of hate out there, and a lot to hate as well.

It’s an interesting read.

[NYTimes: Malwebolence]

3G iPhone :-)

For those not following Apple’s every move, or those who don’t care, Apple news is unavoidable! A few minutes ago they unveiled a new version of the iPhone and dropped some money off the price. That’s right current users, your pod is now obsolete. Of course, you’re still locked in for two years.

Live coverage from Engadget: here.

Public Safety’s policy for 4-20

Public safety had a presence on foss hill last year, but only a few students got in trouble. Their limited enforcement policy may be at an end. This email was recently sent to Wesleyan’s reslife staff. I wouldn’t be surprised if similar emails were sent in previous years though, so perhaps this really doesn’t mean anything.

Hi everyone,

As you know, Sunday, April 20th is “4/20,” and many students are planning to meet on Foss Hill at 4:20 PM for a unified pot-smoking party. Please remind your residents that possession/use of marijuana is a violation of the Code of Non Academic Conduct and inform them that Public Safety will be on Foss Hill on Sunday afternoon.

I hope you all get an opportunity to enjoy some of the many WesFest events this weekend.


This 4-20 video comes from Fort Lewis College in Colorado.

Wesleyan email to delayed

Email sent from any wesleyan address to addresses may be significantly delayed or automatically flagged as spam. The domain has been greylisted due to a series of mass student mailings that were marked spam by wesleyan students who get their mail forwarded to yahoo.

If you’re sending an important email to someone who uses yahoo, for now you should send it from somewhere besides wesleyan webmail.

I will refrain from making any snide comments about this situation, even though it would extremely easy. Thanks for the info, faithful sys-admin, and good luck convincing staff not to send unsolicited mail!

Superimposed Super Mario

Hey Wesleyan, it’s me Isaac. Yeah I’m abroad in Scotland but I’m still going to post random, awesome videos on Wesleying.

Normally when somebody uses an emulator to produce a video from a game, the emulator just shows their final trial. If they mess up and have to rewind 2 seconds and try a part over and over to get a jump right, all you see is the perfect jump in the video. However in this clip, you see every trial superimposed. The creator compares this to quantum mechanics, because eventually the 140 trials collapse into one successful run.

The video comes from Kaizo Mario World, a hacked version of super mario world made incredibly difficult. For more information or to create your own videos, check out this link. Even if you don’t care about the science, this video is really, really cool!

Bonus: Videos that I enjoyed recently:
James Bond Crocodile Jump Stunt Attempts (and success)
200 People Freezing in Place at Grand Central Station
Sarah Silverman & Matt Damon revenge music video [NSFW]Tips for Yahoo to negotiate

German Haus Party!

German Haus is throwing a big party this Thursday Night. It’s been a while since G-Haus has had a party, and I am excited to mingle with the fancy pants.

Where: German Haus, 135 High St
When: Thursday, 10pm – 2am
What: Party w/ Live DJ, Free Strudel and free Kuchen (Cake). They will also have popular German Beverages.

Please knock loud as the main party will be happening downstairs.

See also: facebook event