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GPA Calculator

Because speculating about grades is more fun than working for them.

Instead of studying for finals I made a GPA calculator, available for download here. You can either input your current GPA and number of credits and find out how future grades will affect you, or keep track of all your grades ever.

I promised I’m not obsessed with my or anyone else’s GPA. Just with spreadsheets, and calculating things, and academia. Yay!

I <3 Media Coverage

Some of you may have seen or talked with the repoter that was here recently (at Joe John’s chalking meeting, and possibly other places) from the Hartford Advocate. The article he wrote, which nicely summarizes recent goings-on and is well worth reading, is available here.

“Pesci [director of media relations] says that the [tunnel] walls will not be left in their current condition because the graffiti is a violation of the student code of conduct.

“‘We don’t want graffiti all over our buildings,’ he says. ‘Who really wants to live in a place, or work in a place, or study in a place that is covered in graffiti?’