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I swear I went to school with 5 Chucks.

Okay, so this post probably won’t make sense to you if you haven’t seen the CW’s Gossip Girl. In fact, you might be a better person if this post doesn’t make sense to you.

Comments on Gawker post about the October 3rd episode of Gossip Girl:

  • “Serena’s a shoo-in for Brown with her recovering alcoholic steez – and if not, there’s always Wesleyan as a safety school.”
  • “I’m also obsessed with Chuck Bass!!!!!!!1!!! He obvs doesn’t want to go to Dartmouth either, he is pure Wesleyan material– I swear I went to school with 5 Chucks.”

You know you love me. XOXO, Alumni Boy

EDIT: For the fans of the show, head over to The World Forgot to download the lovely acappella cover of Fergie’s “Glamorous” that appeared in the beginning of the episode. Flossy flossy!

WesNYC Music: MGMT, Bottle Up and Go, Spirit Marines

In the New York area? No plans tomorrow? Well, it’s the luckiest day of the year (7/7/07), so you shouldn’t just sit on your ass. Why don’t you take a trip to the Flamboyan Theatre (107 Suffolk, NYC) and see MGMT (formerly known as The Management)? Their new album Oracular Spectacular will be out this September, and word on the street is that it’s really good.

If you head over to Bottle Up and Go‘s myspace, you will also see that they have several New York shows coming up including a show with The Spirit Marines at TRASH BAR (256 Grand, Brooklyn) this Monday, July 9th. I plan to be there, and hopefully I will see you. Hopefully, I will be drunk and ready to tell you all about post-Wesleyan life.

Wikipedia Taught Me: Film Edition

As I prepare to graduate, I think about my education…

As I continue thinking, I realize all of the things I learned from wikipedia that I didn’t learn at Wesleyan.

To begin: See that lady over there? Well, that lady is actually a man, Harris Glenn Milstead…commonly known as his stage/drag name, Divine. Milstead was the inspiration for Ursula the sea witch, a character from the 1989 Disney animated-feature The Little Mermaid. Unfortunately, it seems that he never saw the film, as he died in 1988 from sleep apnea right before he was set to play a duel role on Fox’s Married With Children as Peggy’s mother and Uncle Otto. Milstead played duel roles twice before in the films Female Trouble and Hairspray.

Most importantly, Disney apparently loves drag queens. And I learned this all from wikipedia.

America’s Next Top Alumni

Wesleyan’s own Kim Stolz ’05 made a special appearance on last night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model. For those who don’t know, Stolz was a contestant on the fifth cycle of the show. In the last episode, the producers brought back several girls from former seasons. If you missed it the first time around, you can catch Kim again this Sunday.

Lumberjack Isto 2.0

I’m a bit late with this, but the wonderful Isto, Chris White ’06, has posted a buttload of new videos. Watch them here on youtube.

Here’s a personal favorite from this series…

Make sure to check out the rest!

O’Rourke’s Breakfast: Every day but Monday.

Saturday’s Breakfasts with Brian at Weswings just aren’t enough? Well, you’re in luck. The Coppertop Grill (344 Main Street) is serving O’Rourke’s breakfast every Tuesday-Friday from 7am-11am, and on Sundays with slightly later hours. This was covered a while ago in the Argus, but I was told to spread the word!

Virbs Before Nouns, Mothafuckah

Max Goldblatt ’05 has a demand…

“get wesleyan people on this place. it’s a lonely place… but so well designed….”

What is he talking about? Wait, what? Another social networking site? Yes. Admittedly it is another one of those sites that you may sign up for, forget about, and then realize later that the favorite bands you listed were so two years ago. However, maybe it’s the new love of your life and you will digitally get down until the sun comes up.

In any case, you should sign up…because Max and I are lonely. Plus, it’s not as annoying and filled with spambots as myspace.

On another alumni-related note, Chris McDonald ’06 recently created a “playdate” EP entitled Double Ice Creams Tonight, featuring Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim and Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim. I put it up for download here.

Fun Fact You Won’t Learn From a Professor: Did you know that Lil Kim has a charity? I’m kind of obsessed with it, mostly because of it’s name and the complete absence of a definative cause.