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Savasana Auditions!

12647363_10207217591392457_4903356112447906547_nPeter Casciato ’17 wants you to audition:

yoga is scary and screws with your mind. or it’s calming. sometimes your teacher is constantly adjusting you. sometimes they’re drilling you. sometimes your teacher is a long haired yogi master who is always levitating in full lotus position. yoga, when done in a group setting, may be an intentional way to commit to your practice. or it may feel like a mere robotic repetition of positions passed down from the time of the vedas. or it may be a way to connect with your inner self.
COME AUDITION FOR SAVASANA, a psychothriller short film written & directed by Jacob Seltzer about a yoga teacher training course! Em, the protagonist, is battling her inner demons and looks to yoga in order to cure herself, but when she participates in a yoga teacher training course led by Mark, a manipulative yet seductive guru, the class becomes a cultish experience that complicates internal struggle with an external struggle she must conquer as well.
Come audition! Everyone is welcome!
No need to prepare anything. Sides will be provided
A Cardinal Pictures Production

Date: Today! Sunday, 2/7: 3pm-5pm, Tuesday, 2/9: 4:30pm-6pm
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 110

Trinity Yaks on Wesleyan


A common trend on Wesleyan’s YikYak is making fun of our sort-of rival, Trinity College. These usually range from the mild jokes about the academics of the school (“Went swimming, got an oceanography degree from Trinity”) to sports rivalries (that is, when Wes students actually pay attention to sports). This got me thinking — what does Trinity say about us? So, I took a lesson out of the guidebook of Rolling Stone and I did all my reporting via YikYak ‘peeks.’ Below are the results of months of painstaking investigative journalism.

Updated: Track Team Boycotts Meet to Protest Scheduling Change


Photo by Nikita Rajgopal ’17

This morning, the Wesleyan Track Team boycotted their track meet at Amherst to protest an unfair scheduling change. The J. Elmer Swanson Invitational, an annual track meet hosted at Wesleyan, was abruptly cancelled so that the Men’s Lacrosse team could play on the turf field (the turf field was built in the middle of the track a few years ago). Members of the track team claim that the cancellation was due to the fact that many lacrosse team parents are big donors while the track team is comprised of many students receiving financial aid. Thus, the track team does not have the same financial clout. The track team sent an open letter explaining their reasoning as well as their demands for the future. I also reached out to the athletic department for comment and Athletic Director Mike Whalen’s response is below. 

Anti-Occupation Teach In


Talia Kaplan ’18 wants to end the occupation:

Curious about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Looking for a forum to discuss the issues? Come to a teach-in intended to be a space for education, discussion, and respectful engagement about ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Topics include Israeli and Palestinian Histories, Settlements, Israeli Apartheid?, Jewish and Palestinian Peoplehood, Israeli Elections, and Two States for Two Peoples. Come and go as you’d like. No prior knowledge required. Brought to you by Wesleyan J Street U.

Date: Saturday, February 28th
Time: 11:00AM-2:00 PM
Place: Usdan Couches

Banner Dropping the “T” Word


A couple days ago, a series of banners were displayed in Usdan urging students to not to use the word “townie.” The banners are part of an effort by the Middletown Wesleyan Relations Committee (MWRC) to work towards their wider goal of “expanding and strengthening the Middletown-Wesleyan relationship.”

The word “townie” is often thrown around on campus when referring to Middletown residents, often with negative connotations. I spoke with Haenah Kwon ’17, a member of the MWRC who worked on the banner drop, to learn more about the current campaign. She explained that the banner drop was an effort to start a discussion:

Wesboxed: Renovations in the Package Center


Love it or hate it, the wesstation and the package center are integral parts of the Wesleyan experience. And it just got a lot easier, although not necessarily more efficient, to receive your packages. As you have probably noticed, wesstation and the package center have consolidated into a spiffy, newly renovated centralized space in the Usdan basement. Wesstation took over the old package center and the package center moved next door to B22, formerly a music practice room.

To find out more about the new consolidation, I sat down with Danielle Salafia, a postal clerk who has worked at Wes for almost 17 years. The following is a shortened version of our interview:

Getting Yoked With President Roth


For me, there are only two reasons to go to the gym: so people see me working out and so later I can brag that I worked out. Today, as I was checking out my biceps in the mirror, I saw someone familiar working away on the stair master. No, it wasn’t a past hookup that I was awkwardly, yet cordially, avoiding. It was President Roth! I had to find out his secret. What is the elusive Michael Roth’s workout like?

I caught Roth as he was getting off the stair master. He prefers the stair master or the elliptical because he has a chance to read. Along with that, he explained, “the handles are convenient so I don’t fall off.” He usually does cardio for at least 30 minutes before hitting the floor for some weight training. As seen in the picture above, Roth prefers to stick to the machines. All throughout, he listens to Richie Havens, the Laura Nyro Pandora station or Wilco. Best of all, he uses his cardio time to read Wesleying on his iPad. While we appreciate the loyalty, if you’re able to read, you’re able to workout harder… No excuses!

Well there you have it: 30 min cardio and some weight training on the machines. Next time you’re at Freeman and looking for a spotter, President Roth is your man.

Middle Eastern Late Night

1149471_10205492597338377_1065247164320730728_oEmily Greenspan ’16 invites you to a snack:

Finals time: you’re stressed and hungry, it’s the end of reading week and all you want is yummy in your tummy.

Have no fear–J Street U, Middle Eastern Perspectives, Wes for Peace, Muslim Student Association, and Turath House bring you: Middle Eastern Late Night!

All proceeds will go to the Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME), an organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists to advance sustainable regional development in the Levant. For more info about the Gaza Water Project check out the link.

Make sure to bring cash!

MENU ITEMS WILL INCLUDE (but may not be limited to):

-Homemade hummus w/ all the good spices (zaatar, cumin, paprika, etc.). With pita or carrot sticks ($3). With both pita and carrots ($4). Sliced hard boiled egg: .50 extra.
-Malawach (pastry-like pancake) — prepared sweet, w/ powdered sugar and honey or savory, w/ skhug–hot sauce. ($3)
-Tomato+cucumber salad ($2)
-COMBO: Hummus w/ carrots and/or pita + salad: ($5). Everything: ($7).

ALSO——we will be DELIVERING from 9:30-11:00.
You want food delivered to you? Email middleeasternlatenight(at)gmail(dot)com with your name, what you want, your location, and your phone number so we can find you!

Time: 9:30pm-Midnight
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Price: Bring $$$

Posse Profiles: Bryan Stascavage and John Fought

photo from the Wesleyan Newsletter Blog

photo from the Wesleyan Newsletter Blog


Bryan Stascavage ‘18 in uniform

This is the first installment of a series of interviews getting to know the veterans in the Posse program.

Bryan Stascavage ‘18 scheduled our interview for 6pm on Sunday at the Usdan tables, so he would have enough time to talk before he attended the WSA meeting, where he sits as the Vice Chair of Academic Affairs Committee. Only on campus for three months, Stascavage has made sure that his voice and political views are heard. He also wrote an opinion column for the Wesleyan Argus. Some of his views, he admits, might not be the most popular on a campus as liberal as Wesleyan. “Somebody might hit me with a hammer,” he joked. No one has hit him yet, but if they did his US Army training might come in handy.



Emily Greenspan ’16 invites you to:


~beats by dj cyroos and caroqueen~

J Street U, Middle Eastern Perspectives, WesAmnesty, Wes for Peace and Turath House are v v v v excited to bring you an evening of Arabic, Hebrew and other dance tunes to start your night off right.

All proceeds will go to the Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME), an organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists to advance sustainable regional development in the Levant. For more info about the Gaza Water Project click here

Tickets sold at Usdan, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11AM -1:30PM ($3). $5 at the Door.

Doors open 9:30 PM! Hope to see y’all there!

Date: Friday, November 21th
Time: 9:30PM
Place: Westco Cafe