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Participate in Psych Study on Bilingualism

Do you speak better spanish than I do? Almost certainly. But are you bilingual? Carina Kurban ’14 wants to know:

Bilingual in English and Spanish?
Want $10 cash?
Participate in an online Psych study on bilingualism and get paid for procrastinating!
Find out your eligibility by completing this short survey.
Contact bilingualismstudy[at]wesleyan[dot]edu for details.

Deadline: Saturday April 27th
Click: Here
Make: $10

Dean Culliton Admits He Knows 4/20 Is a Thing

This afternoon, students received an email from Dean of Students Rick Culliton, with the mysterious, somewhat ominous subject line “Weekend events.”

Authority figures seem to have a block on admitting they know the kids they’re in charge of take drugs for fun. Maybe they think it’s their fault or something. Dean Culliton decides to characterize the annual smoke storm on Foss as a protest, which I guess is sort of flattering, but decides he can’t bring himself to mention the name of Zonker Harris without protective quotation marks.

He then reminds us that drugs are still against the rules, and we’ll be in big trouble if we take them, so maybe we should think about that. He refrains from reminding us to eat fruits and vegetables and make sure we get enough sleep, but my mom already called me today and she has that part covered:


Mabuhay_Final_Draft copy

Get yr culture on. From the awesomely named Tess Pei Lemon ’14:

Come to Mabuhay – the Asian/Asian American Culture Show held annually
during WesFest!!!

Support your peers and friends as they perform a variety of
traditional and modern acts including dancing, singing, spoken word,
and much, much more!


Tickets are on sale now at the box office for $5. All proceeds go to
Liberty in North Korea and Brighter Dawns.

Doors open at 5:45pm

Date: Today, Wednesday, April 17th
Time: 5:45 pm  – 8:00 pm
Place: Crowell Concert Hall
Cost: $5

Summer Employment Opportunities from Reslife

Get your ass hired! From Krystal O’Neill:

The Office of Residential Life has two exciting employment opportunities for Summer 2013. We are looking to hire Community Advisors for Summer Housing and Resident Advisors for the brand new Pre-College Summer Program.

The Community Advisors will be have programming responsibilities, office obligations and duty rotations. The contract period will run from May 20, 2013 through September 1, 2013. Please note that you will have weekend responsibilities on August 31 and September 1st, 2013 (during move-in). Compensation for this position will be a free housing and $8.50 per hour for 20 hours of office work.

The Pre-College Resident Advisor will be responsible for high school students who will be taking Wesleyan Courses over the summer. This position will have responsibilities for six nights and will do both weekend and week night programming. Compensation for this position will be free room and board in 200 Church and a stipend of $1000. The contract dates will be from June 24th, 2013 to August 1, 2013.

If you have any questions, please contact Krystal O’Neill (koneill[at]wes), the Area Coordinator for Summer Housing and Foss Hill.

Link: Here
Deadline: April 5th, 5:00 pm

Murder and Media in the New Rome

9780230108363_p0_v1_s260x420Murder and Romance [Languages]! Scarlett Perry ’15:

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and the Thomas and Catharine McMahon Lecture Series present:

“Murder and Media in the New Rome”
The Murder of Giovanni Fadda (1878) and the Trial that Followed
by Thomas Simpson

Simpson is Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Italian, Assistant Chair for Italian, and Associate Director of the WCAS Drama Major at Northwestern. His recent publications include Murder and Media in the New Rome (Palgrave, 2010); co-editor and translator, Marco Baliani’s Body of State (FDUP, 2011); contributor to Dramatic Interactions (Cambridge Scholars P, 2011).

Reception will follow.

Date: Wednesday, March 27th
Time: 4:15 pm
Place: The Common Room, Department of Romance Languages and Literature, 300 High Street

Apply to be the next Language Bank Coordinator

Hannah Bailenson ’13 has an urgent message!

Interested in gaining leadership experience at the Office of Community Service? Apply to be the next student coordinator for the Language Bank!

The Language Bank consists of a database of student volunteers who provide free translation and interpretation services for the Middletown community.

Here is the link to the job description and application:

Deadline: Midnight, Tonight! (12:00 am, March 27th, which is actually the night of the 26th)

Unlocked Magazine Accepting Submissions

Ella Dawson ’14 has a proposition for you:

Hey sexy Wesleyans,

Unlocked Magazine, Wesleyan’s student-run art and sexuality magazine, is accepting submissions for our spring issue! We want your poetry literotica, opinion or humor pieces, interviews, essays, top ten lists and general debauched prose. We’re also looking for photography, drawings, paintings, etc.

Written submissions are due by March 25th, the first day back after break, and should be sent to unlockedmag(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you want to become involved in modeling or shooting for our ongoing photo projects, email unlockedmag(at)gmail(dot)com for more information. The art/photo deadline is April 1st.

Deadline: April 1
Contact: unlockedmag(at)gmail(dot)com Makes Wesleyan ‘Speech Code of the Month’

fire1Uh, we won?

In February, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) flagged Wesleyan for contradicting its own commitment to freedom of speech with what it deems “substantial restrictions on students’ expressive rights” and named us Speech Code of the Month. Wesleyan last drew FIRE’s ire in 2011, during the infamous Beta-Gate, when they chastised The_Real_MRoth in an open letter for restricting our freedom of assembly with his changes to the university’s housing policy.

What exactly, you might ask, is a speech code? According to their website, “FIRE defines a ‘speech code’ as any university regulation or policy that prohibits expression that would be protected by the First Amendment in society at large.” In this case, FIRE is drawing attention to a clause in Wesleyan’s Student Handbook on discrimination and harassment.

The right to abstain from performing acts and the right to be protected against actions that may be harmful to the health or emotional stability of the individual or that degrade the individual or infringe upon his/her personal dignity.

Monsoon Wedding and Free Indian Food

Indian food, guys! Indian Food! From Simoneil Sarbh ’13:

Come watch Monsoon Wedding and eat some delicious free Indian food in Usdan B25 sponsored by IIMPACT INDIA! Cause like why not?

Date: Thursday, February 28th
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Usdan B25
Cost: Net gain of Indian food