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Theater Department presents: Peony Pavilion


And they tried to tell you that Wesleyan didn’t have any adapted-Chinese-operas-slash-wet-t-shirt-contests.  Sara Guernsey ’15 proves otherwise:

Come see a beautiful adaptation of the opera by Tang Xianzu 1598, performed in a hybrid of traditional Chinese and Western styles. There’s a pond in the stage, a tree branch hanging from the sky, clouds to sit on, and tea served at the beginning of the show.

SATURDAY: 2pm, 8 pm.

Tickets: Usdan Box Office or Online

Jahanara Alamgir ’15Grace Herman-Holland ’15Dominique Moore ’14Leah Rosen ’13Linsin Smith ’16, Sarah Corbyn Woolf ’16

Director: Jeffrey Sichel
Adaptation Playwright: Alma Sanchez-Eppler ’14

Stage Manager: Ariella Axelbank ’14
Assistant Director/Dramaturge: S. Dylan Zwickel ’14

When: Tonight, 8 pm, Friday, 8 pm, and Saturday, 2pm and 8pm
Where: CFA Theater
Cost: $4

Boychicks Episode Three

The astoundingly attractive and titillatingly talented Josh Margolin ’11 and Julian Silver ’12 are back, with plenty of Wesleyan and ‘Cac references for all of us.

If you’re not caught up, peep Episodes One and Two.

The boys (chicks?) promise a new episode every Monday, so if you’re looking for a nice way to spend those awkward four minutes between when dinner ends and The Voice starts, you’ve found it. Subscribe to their page on YouTube here.

Karaoke Night at Weshop!

We promise you will not look like this

I mean, what better way to start Bar Night than pre-gaming at a campus grocery store with senior thesis writers buying Red Bull? From Weshop:

Karaoke Night at Weshop: because you’ve always wanted to sing karaoke in a grocery store.

Date: Wednesday, April 10
Time: 7-11 p.m.
Place: Weshop, duh
Cost: fuh-fuh-fuh-free

Open Community Facilitation Workshops Info Session

From Dan Ping He ’13:

Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitators (WesDEFs) are excited to launch a weekly series of workshops on facilitation skills! Come to our info-session this week. Oreos (and maybe other snacks …) will be provided.

Use facilitation skills in your student groups, classroom discussions, or interpersonal interactions! Potential topics that will be covered are: establishing community guidelines, active listening and questioning, workshop design, and social justice dialogues. We are also seeking suggestions from other students.

Date: Thursday, April 4
Time: 4:30 pm
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: Free!

Sustainability Office Hours

From Sustainability Coordinator Jen Kleindienst:

Come join sustainability coordinator Jen Kleindienst for lunch and conversation about sustainability!

Date: Thursday, April 4
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Place: Usdan first floor
Cost: Bring your own lunch!

Henry Robertson Music Thesis featuring Anaphylactic Shock


Henry Robertson ’13 writes in to tell us about the coolest and least capitalized thesis description I’ve heard of in a while:

gettin’ real trippy and weird. gonna tear the house down with our infectious jammin’ and balls to the wall rock.

Date: Thursday, April 4
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Place: Crowell Music Hall
Cost: fo free

Night Office

Dowland Time Stands Still close up copy

From Monica Tinyo ’13, a short and sweet invitation:

Come join us for a candle-lit performance of chant and polyphony for Compline.

Date: Thursday, April 4
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Place: Memorial Chapel
Cost: Free!

Boychicks Episode Two

I’m not posting this because I’ve had a crush on Julian Silver ’12 since the first time I saw him freshman year.  Or because he’s witty, cute, talented, and manly in a sensitive kind of way… Where was I?  The latest from him and Josh Margolin ’11

Perceptions of Beauty Week

Willa Beckman ’15 thinks you’re pretty: 

March 3rd – 8th is the PHA’s Perceptions of Beauty week! Our aim is to reclaim the meaning of beauty from the ideals portrayed by the media in our society to a more universal perception of beauty that emphasizes both internal and external qualities. Come check out our Beauty Wall in Usdan and keep your eyes peeled for post-it notes around campus!

This week, we challenge you to compliment five people each day.

Here are some compliments we have said:
You look awesome…
I love your smile…
You always make really insightful comments in class…
I love that I can rely on you…
Your outfit is super cute today…
You inspire me to stand up for what I believe in…
…and that’s what makes you beautiful!

Desperate Measures 24 hour show promo

Mark Popinchalk ’13 and the rest of his fellow DM’ers have got your back, and they made a video to prove it: 

DM’s annual 24 hour long show is coming up. Friday at 9PM to Saturday at 9PM in The WestCo Lounge. Which hour will you be there for?

Date: Friday, March 1- Saturday, March 2
Time: 9 p.m.
Place: WestCo Lounge
Cost: nothing. well, caffeine if you want them to be funny in hour 23.