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Procrastination Destination: That Sounds Fun!

Hubbard ParkWhy waste all your time procrastinating on the internet when there are so many lovely places in nearby central Connecticut ripe for exploration? Two Middletown experts, Manon Lefèvre ’14 and Piers Gelly ’13 write in with a pretty spectacular list of places one could visit while procrastinating or not procrastinating.

Does a goldfish really have an attention span of three seconds? Sometimes it feels like Wesleyan’s lasts just under four years. I’ve now lived in Middletown for six years, and my girlfriend, Manon Lefèvre ’14, has been a Nutmegger since she was nine. As such, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite places in CT. It’s neither comprehensive nor conclusive, but maybe you’ll learn something from our experiences.
When it gets really hot out, you can tube down the Farmington River for a 2.5 mile scenic ride (and some mild rapids). It’s a little steep at $20, but totally worth it. Last time I went, there was one particularly scary bit of rapids and we were warned that if you went straight down the middle you would get stuck in what they call the “washing machine,” where you get sucked into a whirlpool and just spin around like a washing cycle. It happened to my friend Nicole, who panicked and had to get talked down by a lifeguard wearing nothing but a tiny speedo.—ML

Queer / Art / Poetics

10393791_10103751468593669_538286171258535590_nThis series of events promises to remake your world. I would especially recommend every single thing taking place in the conference, but particularly Professor Crosby’s talk on Saturday. For more information, you’ll find it breaking from the poet-theorist-professor who rides the break (beat, line, etc) Rachel Ellis Neyra:

The Queer/ Art/ Poetics Conference is going to be an Event from the 23-25 of April. Which is to say, it is a multiple: five panels of generative thinking about aesthetics and politics; a musical performance; a reading from a memoir. Please see the links below for specifics about the different performative parts of this intellectual scene of world-making where tender and sharp critique, rigor and style will come together, and break apart. Please remember, though, that liveness is where it’s at, so those words will not capture… After the screening of The Punk Singer last November, when Professor Brewer Ball said that she wanted her scholarship to feel like a feminist and queer party where inky zines, funk and punk sounds, and an ethics-of-self-for-others abound, that was the preamble to this. We have put our queer shoulders to the wheel. It’s time to get down with scholars flying and riding in from all over, to continue making of Wesleyan a ground to think as an undercommons, to look for paranormal sightings, listen for extraterrestrial soundings. Calling on Whitney Houston, Azealia Banks, George Clinton: “Do I frighten you?” We hope so. Do dare to join, to listen with care. — Rachel Ellis Neyra, Katherine Brewer Ball, Roy Pérez, and the Sexual Politics/Sexual Poetics Collective

For more information:

The QAP conference schedule // M. Lamar’s performance Thursday night // Christina Crosby’s reading on Saturday to close the conference // Facebook Link

Date / (Queer)Time: April 23rd-25th and please refer to the schedule

Place: Beckham Hall // Vanguard Lounge

Wescam Write-In

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.18.54 AM

Now that theses are over and spring has sprung, some students are beginning to think about the hallmarks of the end of the semester: final work for classes, trips to Miller’s pond, running out of points, spending time on Foss, spending time in the library, and—perhaps most importantly—Wescam. I am tired of explaining Wescam to freshmen, so I have decided not to here is a pretty accurate summary of the website. To celebrate the advent of this incredible Wesleyan Experience, I want you—the reader—to submit the most hilarious/cute/weird/silly/blasé (yeah, that’s right MOST BLASÉ) stories so that I can up my game before the season begins to amuse other Wesleying readers and keep the witty spirit of  ‘scamming alive. Link here. Submit your stories! and…

Rowan Ricardo Phillips Reads at Russell House

attachmentWesleyan, I will not lie. I am so excited about this event that I considered letting it get “lost in the internet ether” and go unposted so that I could be the only person in attendance. Alas, I am not so evil. Embrace the night and get thee to this event. From Rachel Warner ’14:

Rowan Ricardo Phillips is a poet, translator, and literary and art critic. He is the author of the forthcoming book of poems Heaven (FSG); of The Ground (FSG), his first book of poems; and When Blackness Rhymes with Blackness (Dalkey), a collection of literary criticism on poetry. He is translator of Ariadne in the Grotesque Labyrinth, Salvador Espriu’s Catalan novel. A frequent contributor
to ArtForum, The New Republic and The New Yorker, Phillips is also a devoted writer of poetico-philosophical takes on soccer, which he contributes to Howler, The New Republic and The Paris Review, and a deep listener to cante hondo and The Wu.

Become an Eco Facilitator

squareFrom Rebecca “Eco Diva” Sokol ’15

The Wesleyan Sustainability Office is seeking students to serve as Eco Facilitators for the 2015-2016 school year. Eco Facilitators are peer-to-peer sustainability educators who promote energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and other sustainable habits on campus.
In the fall, EFs will enroll in a semester-long student forum designed to equip them with the tools to promote these behavior changes. In the spring, EFs will be paid to continue in their role.

Submit to Loam Magazine

loam2logoA gentle extension from Kate “Schnitzel” Weiner ’15:

Submissions for loam, Wesleyan’s environmental arts magazine, have been extended to April 1st.

This semester’s edition is an exploration of place. How can we use art
to make sense of our interactions with nature? We’re imagining the
foraging human, the entanglement of roots and city concrete, spaces of

Share with us how, why, and where you inhabit place.

Send submissions by April 1st loammag[at]gmail[dot]com

Vigilante Margarita/Bernd Klug/James Strong

11021455_734389261206_1614464370501490656_oA last minute request from Ben Zucker ’15:

EMG (experimental music group) presents
the first EMG show of the year! ?

Vigilante Margarita  The Buenos Aires based trio, Vigilante Margarita is landing in the US for the first time to do a tour in NY and surroundings. VM is: Cecilia Grammatico (drums, samplers), Guillermina Etkin (voice, piano) and Cecilia Lopez (voice, synthesizer). Vigilante Margarita is a Buenos Aires based trio of indie/experimental rock. 

WeSlam’s 24-Hour Group Slam

maxresdefaultA poetry prospect from Lily “Iron Woman” Myers ’15:

This Saturday is WeSlam’s24-hour group slam! 

What does that mean???

All participants will be randomly paired up with another poet at 7:30pm Friday the 27th, in the lounge of SENIOR FAUVER, exactly 24 hrs before the slam begins. You then have the next 24 hours to write a group piece together, to be performed on Saturday night at the slam, in 200 Church at 7:30 pm!

Seeking Artists for a Video Game

unnamedAttn all graphic designers / artists on campus, Rob “Dirtbag” Don ’15 has a plea for you:

Dear Wes,
We’re currently seeking artists (with some proficiency in photoshop /illustrator/ graphic design/ etc) to join us in working on our very own indie video game. Humble is a two-dimensional platformer built on Unity. Any questions or curiosities should be directed to rdon[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. We’re looking for artists of all kinds, so don’t hesitate to contact!