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Donnie Collins on Greek Life (Finally)


From Katy Thompson ’15:

Donnie Collins is a Phi Alpha Tau brother at Emerson College who will be coming to Wesleyan with his fraternity brother John Lewis, to share his story about positive fraternity experiences as a transgender student.

After his insurance claim for top surgery was denied (this decision has since been revoked), the brothers of Phi Alpha Tau joined together and raised more than twice the amount of money needed to pay for their pledge’s top surgery. Donnie (now also a Tau brother) could not have been more grateful. In a society that frequently shames greek life for not being accepting, particularly of the queer community, it is refreshing to see an example of the positive impacts that greek life can have.

Girl#$wag Takes the Crown at Battle of the Bands, Will Open Spring Fling

Not pictured: Girl#$wag. Sorry.

Last night at Eclectic, seven Wesleyan bands kept the crowd raging and vibing for almost three straight hours. The bands performed in the following order: Girl#$wag, Molly Rocket and the Crooks, O Presidente, The Japanese, Robert’s Don, Grand Cousin, and Treasure Island.

Girl#$wag began the show at around 9:30 p.m. to a large crowd of fist-pumpers and ragers. A bit more mellow acts followed after, but still maintained a vibrant crowd throughout. I ran away from the mosh pits that formed during The Japanese’s performance.

After a slow but incredible performance from Robert’s Don, things took a turn as established campus acts Grand Cousin and Treasure Island got the crowd jumping for every second.

If you don’t know already, the winning band gets to perform as the opener for Spring Fling. The thirteen-some judges stayed for the entirety of the show and deliberated afterwards which band would take the prize. (Disclosure: This blogger was among them.) After considering many different criteria, such as which band would translate well outdoors, get people dancing, excite the crowd for the rest of the concert, and more, the judges, myself including, held a vote and Girl#$wag came out on top.

Discussion on “Peaceful” Uprising in Tunisia

tunisia flyer

From Joe Ringoen ’14:

Arab Spring in Focus: The “Peaceful” Revolution in Tunisia

Interested in the Arab Spring? Not sure what to do with your WesFest prefrosh? Come out to WesAmnesty’s main spring event on Thursday night!

The event will include a brief video presentation, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A led by students and faculty. They will contribute diverse perspectives on the unique revolution occurring in Tunisia, from personal accounts to academic knowledge of the social movement. Mahmoud Ghedira ’16, a Tunisian native, inspired the event after creating a viral YouTube video of Tunisian students in America expressing their solidarity with the Tunisian people.

Date: Thursday, April 18
Time: 8-9 pm
Place: PAC001

Where D@ Pr3f0sh @t?!: WesFest Arrives

What’s good prefrosh? Yeah, I see you coming to Wesleying before reading through any packet the Admissions office may have given you.

Roth welcomes you on Andrus jk you're not at UCSB

Roth welcomes you on Andrus jk you’re not at UCSB

Wesleyan has an almost scary amount of things you can check out for the next few days, so whether you’re an ED student with an unofficial host or someone who’s probably going to Brown but came here to skip school, take it all in.

Just to note a few highlights from the awesome lineup of events, today will feature performances including poetry by WeSLAM in 200 Church, Second Stage’s Eurydice, and the Asian culture show Mabuhay. Tomorrow includes Battle of the Bands, an Open Mic at 200 Church, and an a cappella concert in Olin. Different majors and departments are holding open houses. Most importantly, ITS Helpdesk will have drop-in hours all day; take advantage of this golden opportunity.

Here are the full schedules for today, Thursday, and Friday. Enjoy the nice weather and party hard.

Art and Social Consciousness Residency

residency posterFrom Angus Macdonald ’16:

Art and Social Consciousness Residency

WestCo and Resonant Motion, Inc. present a two-part residency with Noah Baerman on the relationship between the arts and activism. Come to this discussion on how arts and activism influence each other and overlap. Be inspired to create your own works of art that influence change. The first part of this residency will be this Wednesday, April 3rd at 8 o’clock in the WestCo Lounge. The second will be on April 17.

Date: April 3, 2013
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: WestCo Lounge
Cost: Free

Korean Late Night


Jeffrey Lim ’14 wants you to get super stoked and eat really delicious food:

Korean Late Night Part 2 of Spring semester!

Did you enjoy the last one? Were you not able to make it?
Either way, come out to this one for some delicious late night snacks!!!!

Kimbap 5/$2 (<–new price!)
Ramen 1/$3
Yakult 2/$1
Hobbang 1/$2
Dumplings 3/$2

Date: Tonight , March 31st
Time: 10 pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge in Exley

Following “Hate-Related Incidents,” Oberlin Cancels Classes for a Day of Solidarity


Not long after Wesleyan’s own “Diversity University” panel followed on hateful remarks on the ACB and racial identification in Public Safety reports, Oberlin College is experiencing its share of diversity-related conflict.

The liberal arts college in Oberlin, OH, received reports this morning of “a person wearing a hood and robe resembling a KKK outfit between South and the Edmonia Lewis Center and in the vicinity of Afrikan Heritage House.” Shortly after, the college officially cancelled classes for the day, and students acted quickly to organize a “day of solidarity.”

Oberlin has reportedly been experiencing numerous accounts of hate-related issues recently. According to Arianna Gil Oberlin ’15, an active organizer in the “day of solidarity,” the past month has seen many “threats, attacks, defacement, and graffiti” against students of color and queer students.

This page offers a detailed timeline of the incidents of hate from February.

When asked about whether the suspects are students, Gil responded, “No one really knows who they are. I have my thoughts.”

Design or Model for the Fashion Show


From Ericia Byer ’13:

The Fashion Show Committee is looking for DESIGNERS and MODELS!!

Models: Tryouts are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the MPR.
Tuesday/Thursday: 7-10pm
Wednesday: 9:30-10:30pm
Please come to only ONE day!

Designers: If you missed sign-ups email Ericia Byer (ebyer@wes) or Heather King (hking@wes) so that we can add you to our list
*Design whatever you want! People have done everything from caution tape, garbage bags, to swimsuits and graphic tees. Be creative ;)

See our facebook event: Here

Federalism and Floating Cities

From Charlie Smith ’15:

A Discussion on Federalism and Floating Cities with Professor Elvin Lim

What is the function of federalism in US politics? Can competition between governments make them more responsive to the needs of their citizens? Could floating communities in international waters provide this sort of competition?

Come join Students for a Free Society for a discussion on the role of Federalism in US politics and its potential (if any) for promoting good governance. Professor Lim will be with us to discuss the “right to exit” and the potential for competition between governments to produce better services. We will also discuss the work of the Sea Steading Institute in attempting to make floating cities in international waters to innovate in the provision of government services.

Date: Today 2/19
Time: 8pm – 9:20pm
Place: 41 Wyllys Rm.111

Discussion on Money in Politics


From Alicia Gansley ’15:

Money in Politics: A Discussion with the Roosevelt Institute and Democracy Matters

This week the Roosevelt Institute will be partnering with Democracy Matters for a discussion on campaign finance reform. Most Americans believe that the influence of big corporate money on American elections and public policy is a problem, but what is to be done about it? Is it, in fact, a problem? How do we make American elections more just, and how do we make our democracy more “by the people”?

You can learn more about the influence of money on politics at Democracy Matters

For more information, email aedavis@wes (Amy Davis from the Roosevelt Institute) and/or agansley@wes (Alicia Gansley from Democracy Matters).

Date: Wednesday, February 20
Time: 7-8 pm
Place: Usdan couches