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Rocky Horror Picture Show @ CFA Hall

From Sarah Marmon ’14:

We would like, if we may, to take you on a strange journey- a journey through the craziest night in the lives of the newly engaged Brad and Janet. After a flat tire halts their trip to see an old science teacher, the couple stumbles upon Dr. Frank-n-Furter’s castle, filled with servants, groupies, party guests, and his very own live experiment. Come see the campiest, sexiest horror parody movie this side of Denton! Absent Toast, Wesleyan’s very own Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast performs the midnight cult classic right in front of the screen, with full audience partici…pation.

Date: Friday, December 7
Time: 11:30pm — 1:30am
Place: CFA Hall
Cost: Free!

Halloween Part 2: Zongo Junction and Men W/ Bad Manners

Noah Rush ’14 writes in:

After the storm, come celebrate Halloween one more time with Zongo Junction, an 11-piece afrobeat band hailing from that factory of bands, Brooklyn, New York. It’s gonna be dope, da dope dope dope. Check em out.

Opening for Zongo will be Wesleyan’s most altruistic band, Men With Bad Manners, who unlike all other Howe Pearson projects, still exist at Wesleyan. If you don’t know who Howe Pearson is, educate yo self. Also check out MWBM

Date: Friday, November 2
Time: 10:00 pm – 2:00 am
Place: Buddhist House, 356 Washington (Freshmen, walk to the side of campus you’ve never been to before!)
Cost: 00000000

Spotted: Headless Squirrel on Warren

Below: a more upbeat picture of a squirrel joining an Arabic class. After the jump: somewhat graphic image of headless squirrel.

This past Sunday, a squirrel came to its gruesome end after being pecked alive by a red-tailed hawk. On Thursday, Wesleying commemorated the six-month anniversary of a Wes Squirrel’s death by vulture. Squirrel enthusiasts, beware. Here comes another crime report.

On Thursday, October 25, at approximately 9:30 am, Alexandra Ricks ’16 and I were walking down Warren Street from Freeman Athletic Center. Ricks stopped in her tracks and shrieked. I quickly followed suit when I saw what laid before us.

There, in the middle of the sidewalk, was a dead Wes Squirrel. Sans-head.

It is common to see dead squirrels here and there at Wesleyan, but rarely does one see a sight like this. The squirrel was sitting in an upright position, with the complete front half missing. The spine was severed, visibly sticking out of the corpse’s bottom half. (Click past the jump at your own discretion.)

Rocky Horror Picture Show Auditions

Come audition for the sexiest shadow cast on campus— Absent Toast!

If you are a fan of Rocky Horror or just like being your sexy self on stage, this show is for you. No preparation or experience is necessary; come as you are. The show will be on December 7th at 11:30 pm.

Parts available:

Date: Wednesday, October 10
Time: 7:30-9:00 pm
Place: Usdan 110

Be Wary: You Might Be OverheardAtWesleyan

If you’ve been on a magical excursion to the WesACB in the past 15 hours, you may have stumbled upon a post that might make you reconsider discussing last Friday night in public. Likely inspired by Overheard in New York, @OverheardAtWes is a new Twitter account that tweets the ridiculous things Wesleyan students say. Be aware when you’re talking about that hook up last night or your love for Feminist Ryan Gosling. Someone’s listening. Even when you’re stoned:

Is this the new “Shit Wesleyan Students Say?” Will the student body have a self-reflective revelation? How long will it take for something to be called a social construct? Only time will tell.

Africa @ Wesleyan Information Session

Do you want to study abroad in Africa? Are you interested in volunteering in Africa, or learning more about African Studies at Wesleyan?

If so, come along to Africa @ Wesleyan, an information session (with free lunch) covering all of these topics. Carolyn Sorkin from the office of international studies will talk about programs for studying in Africa, and Wesleyan students will talk about their experiences studying and volunteering in various locations on the continent. We’ll also talk about current programming in African Studies at Wesleyan.

For more information email scroucher(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, or just drop in on Friday.

Date: Friday, October 5
Time: Noon – 1:00 pm
Place: Judd 116

Kirtan @ Buddhist House

Interested in Kirtan?

Chanting, singing, and vocal experimentation every first and third Tuesday of every month at Buddhist House. Bring songbooks, drums, bells, and yourselves. Questions? Contact tcitino(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, mkudlerflam(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, iross(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, slmartin(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Date: Starting October 2
Time: 9:15 pm
Place: Buddhist House (356 Washington) Meditation Room