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Tie-Dye with Alpha Delta Phi

The excellent events at the Phi keep on coming from Charming Yu ’13:

Missing summer already? Fret not. Stop by Alpha Delt today for one of the most classic summer activities ever: tie-dying. It’s time to show your creative side! We’ve got quality dyes and rubber bands. BYOT: Bring your own t-shirt.

Date: Saturday, September 22
Time: 4-6 pm
Place: Alpha Delt (185 High St.) Porch/Front Lawn

Support Need-Blind On Your Way To Pi

A message from Need-Blind Dumbledore’s Army Direct Action :

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to contribute to the Need-Blind campaign? Do you have hands? Then come to the Exley lobby Friday at 2:30pm to help turn 12 yards of felt into 2,800 red squares raising awareness about Need-Blind! You can stay for five minutes or for five hours (although we’ll be long gone by then).

Red squares are a worldwide symbol of accessible education; here at Wesleyan students have been writing their own messages about Need-Blind in black sharpie (school colors dontcha know).

We’ll provide the red felt, some safety pins and a few sharpies, but we could really use more safety pins and sharpies.

See you at 2:30,

Some people who might not be here without Need-Blind.

Date: September, 21
Time: 2:30 p.m.
Place: Exley lobby

Board Games @ ADP

From the rushtastic, fantastic Charming Yu ’13:

Did you know that Men and Women are from different planets? Or that playing Quicksand carries some Risk? Want to Settle some Catan or Pursue Trivia?

Visit Alpha Delt this Tuesday night and have these questions answered..and more! We’ve got board games galore and plenty of snacks. Lots of fun.

Time: 7-9 pm
Date: TOMORROW, 9/18
Location: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St.) Living Room

Multiplayer Madness @ ADP

Rush-tastic Charming Yu ’13 has an awesome event y’all should go to:

Want to just dance the night away? Perhaps smash some bros? Maybe you want experience the samurai lifestyle? All your dreams will come true at Multiplayer Madness. You’d be mad if you missed it.

What: Multiplayer Madness
Date: Friday, September 7
Time: 8-10PM
Place: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St.)

The Wesleyan Spirits Want You To Audition…

Coming at you from Brian Lee ’13:

…But only if you’re male and enjoy singing… and college acappella. The Wesleyan Spirits, Wesleyan’s oldest, all-male acappella group, are holding auditions for any dudes, homies, sk8er boiz, ballas, hustlas, pimps, playas, bros, or all around good-guys with angelic voices.Bring something to sing, a funny joke or haiku, a pen, and anything else that makes you feel special.

The Wesleyan Spirits is the oldest all-male singing group at Wesleyan University. Now in our 32nd year, we are committed to performing a diverse, ever-changing repertoire of beautiful and challenging music while upholding the great singing tradition of Wesleyan… and to having a great time in the process.

What: Wesleyan Spirits Auditions
Date: Tuesday & Wednesday, September 3 and 4
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Place: Alpha Delt Greene Room (185 High St.)

Second Day Snacks @ ADP

From the excellent Charming Yu ’13:

Welcome back to campus! Reconnect with friends–or meet some new ones–talk about your summers and how the first two days of school have been. College work seem overwhelming? We have snacks, coloring books, connect-the-dots, and stories with Erhard!

Date: Tomorrow, September 3
Time: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Place: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St.)
Facebook: link

Nakhla ’13 Releases New Music Video, Signs “Charlie Brown”

Mark Nakhla ’13, ASL music video superstar, released a beautiful new video to Coldplay’s “Charlie Brown” yesterday.

It is the latest addition to his growing repertoire of artistically-composed videos. You may remember his interpretations of Drake’s “Headlines” and Jay-Z and Kanye’s “No Church in the Wild,” both of which went viral and have over 20,000 and 40,000 plays respectively. His “No Church in the Wild” video was featured on the Huffington Post, which also covered the criticism it drew from other members of the ASL community. The new video clearly pushes in a different direction, most visibly featuring Nakhla in a solo performance.

Nakhla notes how the criticism surrounding his previous video influenced his newest one on YouTube: 

Who is Wesleyan?

Another request from Wesleyan’s Orientation Puppet-Masters Interns:

You know those giant glass cases in Usdan? The Orientation Team is making a collage this year for the youngin’s and we need you to help us! Please submit your pictures, words, anything, that you think answers, “Who is Wesleyan?” Feel free to submit pictures of you and your friends.

Get on it! Link here.

Be a Drag Queen/King for Bend it at Beckham!

Coffee House Seeks Performers

Yet another plea for student performers during Orientation:

“Coffee House” during Orientation is the alternative to the dance party Bend it at Beckham. We are looking for poets, musicians and other students looking to perform. The description that will be in the schedule is as follows: Looking for a chill alternative to the dance party scene? Drink a cup of coffee, listen to performers, intellectualize, philosophize, problematize… or just relax.

Coffee House will be from 10 p.m. – 1 a.m. on Friday, August 31, in the Usdan Cafe.

You will also be guaranteed early housing! Apply! Your performance could be just a minute-long dada poem or a 15 minute-long set; the event is very flexible! Seeking at least one person willing to do a dramatic reading of Kierkegaard.

Apply here.