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Last weekend concert of the year, 13 days before the apocalypse. Sweat out your sins to dance music from the future by Toronto based DEEBS (of Pelican Fly notoriety, a label including Baauer, Sinjin Hawke, and LOL Boys), Wes-Alum C¥BERGIGA (Sam Lyons ’12), and Keenan Burgess ’16 coming straight from the UK.

Date: Saturday, December 8
Time: 10:15pm – 1:30am
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: Free
Facebook: Event

Italian Movie Screening: Benvenuti al Sud

Andrea Ballanti invites you to a free screening of Benvenuti al Sud, a formidable Italian comedy.
Haven’t mastered Italian? No worries–there will be English subtitles:

Alberto Colombo (Claudio Bisio), a civil servant of the Italian Postal Service, has been passed up for promotion to a coveted position in Milan. Following a comical yet ill-fated attempt to secure another such opening, he is assigned to two years postal purgatory in Italy’s southern region. Alberto’s wife Silvia chooses to remain in the civilized north while Alberto is subjected to his penance.

“When a stranger comes to the South he cries twice: when he arrives and when he leaves.”

Date: Wednesday, November 28th
Time: 8pm – 9:45pm
Place: Fisk 210
Cost: FREE!

FROYOLO at Froyo World for Brighter Dawns

Eat gourmet frozen yogurt and support a non-profit riddled with Wes-alums? Kerry Nix ’15 has got the scoop (er… pile? Whatever you call that shape froyo takes outside the machine?):

Hankering for an excuse to indulge in a fruity and/or chocolatey and/or pumpkiny and/or “tart” heap of deliciousness? Come to Froyo World frozen yogurt lounge on Thursday between 7 and 10pm, and your purchase will support Brighter Dawns, a Wesleyan-born nonprofit! Brighter Dawns’ mission is to minimize health disparities and improve health and sanitation in the slums of Khalishpur, Bangladesh by building wells and latrines, and providing health education. Wow – to eat something delicious and feel GREAT about it. Sounds like a fun way to spend a Thursday evening.  Plus, First Lady of Wes and beloved professor Kari Weil will be
joining us at Froyo World. Come on down!

Date: Thursday, November 29th
Time: 7-10pm
Place: Froyo World, in Main Street Market
Cost: by the ounce!
Visit: Brighter Dawns online

Justice for Queers: A Discussion with Margot Weiss

Izzy Rode ’14 wants you to question… question justice, that is:

Following up on the conversation Greg Goldberg facilitated on the
subject of “Marriage and Queers” a few weeks ago, QueerWes presents an
open, informal conversation on the subject of “Justice for Queers”.
Margot Weiss will be joining us to facilitate. Bring thoughts,
enthusiasm, and/or questions!

Dinner will be served.

Date: Wednesday, November 28th
Time: 6-8pm
Place: Open House (154 Church) or The Bayit (157 Church) if we exceed capacity
Cost: zero
Meal: Dinner. For you.

WesAmnesty Presents: Death Penalty Speaker David Amdur

WesAmnesty has invited David Amdur to speak on the abolition of the death penalty in Connecticut, which occurred last spring. He is the Project Director for the Connecticut Network to Abolish the Death Penalty (CNADP).

From CNADP’s website:

The CNADP is a statewide grassroots non-profit organization committed to educating the public on the realities of capital punishment, creating a state and nation free of the death penalty, supporting murder victims’ families, and working for reforms to reduce wrongful convictions.

Mondo’s Pizza will be provided!

Date: Thursday, November 8th
Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm
Place: 41 Wyllys Ave, Room 114
Cost: Free
Food: Free
Facebook: Event

Ujamaa Presents: Joey Bada$$ featuring Project Sterling and E.Oks

McKenzii Webster ’13 invites you to hear your word-wise peers rub elbows with some old-school hip-hop (featured on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”):

Joey Bada$$, a 17-year old rhyme slayer, is on the come up! He is a member of Pro.Era, a group of talented Brooklyn MCs. He is signed to Cinematic Music Group (home to Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, Fat Trel, and SO MANY MORE) and has recently inked a deal with Green Label Sound. Joey dropped his highly acclaimed mixtape ‘1999’ this Summer, and the buzz surrounding it has yet to die.

Joey will be performing at Psi U on Friday!!! Project Sterling (Eric Wilson ’15) and E.Oks (Evan Okun ’13) will be opening!

Date: Friday, November 9
Time: 10 pm-12 am  (Doors open at 9:30 pm and will close at 10:30 pm)
Place: Psi U
Cost: FREE!!

Stolen Wesleyan Laptops Found… For Sale on Craigslist by a Middletown Resident

Not all campus crimes are committed by people on campus, kids...

Police are making headway on the case of laptops lifted from Hewitt about a month ago. From the Middletown Patch:

A 23-year-old city man charged with stealing a laptop from Wesleyan University was advertising it and many others in a Craigslist ad, police say. Christopher Aresco, 23, of Aresco Drive, was discovered with five other Macbooks, according to Middletown Police, who have been investigating a recent rash of student computer thefts.

Police arranged a set-up at the McDonalds on Washington Street that led to the man’s arrest. The MacBook Pro Aresco attempted to sell the officer matched the serial number of a laptop taken from Freeman Athletic Center on September 20th.

But what about the missing Hewitt laptops?

After officers searched his bedroom, they found five more laptops that matched the description of those stolen from Wesleyan, which Aresco told police he bought from a person, “and didn’t feel good about these,” the report indicates.

Legal Chalk-In: A Political and Artistic Success


After Homecoming weekend’s attempt to chalk peacefully ended in a much-talked-about altercation, Wesleyan students tried once more to get their voices heard… er, seen. On Friday, October 26th, a group of students organized a massive legal chalk-in on Church Street in front of Exley Science Center. The event’s legality was its key component: the sidewalks outside of Exley are owned by the city and not the university, and students had made proper contacts with the city government to confirm that chalking students would not receive punitive action.

Starting mid-afternoon, students were marking up the sidewalks with crates of chalk provided by the UOC. The operation centered around the main Exley entrance, but student designs quickly filled sidewalks up to the intersection of Church and Pine, down past Shanklin Hall, and the sidewalks in front of Olin on the opposite side of the street.

What was on the sidewalks? Photos, videos, and more after the jump…

CCYAL First Meeting of the Semester

Do you wish you lived in a Roald Dahl novel? Is Captain Underpants still your favorite book to date? Jill Tan ’15 invites you to indulge in your passion for children’s literature:

CCYAL is back! If you are a writer, illustrator, or just love children’s books, come join the Collective for Children’s and Young Adult Literature (CCYAL@WES)! Work with other creative people and make your very own book at our weekly meetings, and come hang out with us and talk about the books you never stopped loving from childhood.

Illustrators, writers, and children’s book enthusiasts are all welcome. Bounce ideas off of your peers, participate in weekly free-writes, and experience what goes into creating a book. Hope to C-Y’AL there!

Date: Wednesday, October 24th
Time: 6 pm
Place: Shapiro Writing Center (167 High Street)
Cost: Free

Education Policy Speaker Series: Charles DePascale

When in doubt, the answer is "C"...

Think you’re free of everything related to standardized testing now that you’re in college? Andrew Ribner ’14 says “Think again!!”

In conjunction with WesJustEd and its weekly speaker series on US education policy, Dr. Charles DePascale visits campus to discuss standardized testing and evaluation in education today.

More information on the speaker himself:

DePascale is a Senior Associate with the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment. The Center, based in Dover, New Hampshire, provides consulting services to help states and districts foster higher student achievement through improved practices in educational assessment and accountability. Prior to joining the Center in 2002 he served as principal psychometrician for the student assessment unit of the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Date: Thursday, October 18th
Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Place: PAC002
Cost: Free