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ThesisCrazy Part 6: 261 Pine Street Edition!!

The residents of 261 Pine lookin’ cute

After a short hiatus due to being crazy busy, we’re back with the final ThesisCrazy installment, and it’s a special one too!! This article features three of the residents of 261 Pine Street; we have Phie Jacobs ’22 sharing their ~pertinent~ novella on a fictional disease pandemic, Kevin Le ’22 reveals the mind of a poet, and our very own head editor maury, Margaret Fitch ’22 talks about hybridizing the personal and the academic in her thesis about music performance anxiety! Read on after the cut!

Interviews by soap and maury

ThesisCrazy 2022 Part 4: Durham CT Is Closer Than You Think

The internet tells me that this building may be haunted

Hello hello! After a short break we’re back with more ThesisCrazy goodness! Today we have Ann Zhang ’22 discussing Shanghai’s Flatiron building, and Hannah Gearan ’22 sharing her process of making a documentary close to home. Also P.S. these interviews were done before the thesis deadline, so keep that in mind while reading. Keep going under the cut!!

Interviews by zoomy and saph.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: ThesisCrazy Time!

Hopefully this isn’t you right now 

It’s that time of year again! The days are getting longer, the weather is (sort of) getting warmer, and theses are almost due. In our annual Wesleying tradition, we want to hear about them! Seniors, come claim you 5 minutes of fame (in the form of a 10-15 minute interview) and tell us about your topic, your process, and the trials and tribulations that led to this point. And definitely tell us about your definitely-not-drunken plans for April 14th!

Fill out this form and a writer will reach out to you to set up an interview! And if you want a great way to procrastinate, look through the ThesisCrazy archives here, and see each year’s worth of interviews below:

Ben Shapiro is HORRIFIED by Wesleyan’s COVID Sex Suggestions

We’re famous

Y’all, we’ve finally made it. The Daily Wire (the stupid conservative news outlet created by short-but-not-a-king pundit Ben Shapiro) wrote an EXCLUSIVE article article entitled “Wesleyan Encourages Students To Masturbate, Take ‘Kink Quizzes’ In Mandatory COVID Module”. Apparently they had an ~informant~ in the student body that alerted them to the anti-American, pro-Communist things that the Wesleyan COVID Moodle was telling us about sex. And let me tell you, this article is one of the best things I’ve ever read.

Procrastination Destination: Get Baked (Goods)

It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting colder, the days are getting (painfully) shorter, and we’re all drowning in finals. That means it’s time for Procrastination Destination! Keep checking in all during reading period and finals for fun Wesleying articles to help you do anything but your work. If you can’t get enough of our current offerings, feel free to check out past Procrastination Destination posts here.

The first way you can procrastinate is by coming to the Wesleying fundraising bakesale! Wesleying is entirely student run and receives no funding from the university, meaning we are a truly independent publication (not beholden to you, Mikey Roth). We pay a monthly fee to keep this blog up and running, and we need your help to keep doing that! So come by the Exley Lobby between 8pm and 11pm on Sunday, December 12 to get some cheap, tasty baked goods made just for you by your very own Wesleying writers and editors. We hope to see you there!

A Wesleying Goodbye

Hello Class of 20infinity. It has been a pleasure serving you from your Unofficial Orientation to your ThesisCrazy, and providing this space as a platform for Wesleyan-centric bitching and memery. Please note that this blog will be dissolved on August 31 in keeping with the new policy to archive Wesleyan media that does not comply with the University’s desire to avoid criticism and mockery. We encourage you to utilize other platforms for engagement, including our main University channels and other safe enough spaces. Thank you.