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Nerd post for nerds

1) They finally updated (and Obamafied) the images on the site.

2) History Detectives, my favorite show ever, apparently made a stop in M-town, because I am currently watching an episode about a book about anarchy some random dude found in Olin. It originally aired in July 07.

The more you know…

Did you know Usdan had a PA system? I always suspected it, and my suspicions were confirmed today when, during lunch, a voice came over the loudspeaker and said, “In honor of Tuition Transition Day [or whatever], we just wanted to say that, no matter what you’re paying, you’re here for free.”

No word on when your checks will be arriving.

(Seriously, though, thanks to all the alums and others who have donated money toward the tuition funds. I would be in Ohio right now weeping if it weren’t for you.)

ETA: Explanation in the comments

Define ‘friend’

Well, today during my daily “why am I so much less employable than everyone I know?” pity party, I went to double check my FB privacy settings. And discovered that you could prevent CERTAIN people from seeing your photos. And, as you can see, when you request this electronic toddlerfacepush, FB wants to know your “friend’s” name.

What a world, what a world…

Wesleyan Ultimate is Awesometimes

Wesleyan Ultimate sent three teams to the High Tide ultimate tournament this week in Savannah, GA (where I currently am). Vicious Circles won the women’s division, Nietzsch Factor B won the men’s B division, and NF took second in the men’s division. Yay!

Really poorly written article with sweet photos here

Yearbook candids, oh noes!

Hey seniors, in case you are not the type to read your email particularly carefully, the email that went out today about sending in photos for the yearbook included a significant deadline change.

The deadline for submission is now MARCH 8th, which is this Saturday.

The instructions in the email included a password, which I feel like I shouldn’t post, so check your email for the info if you want to submit some photos