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What’s Next: A Discussion About Student Activism


Monday night, students gathered in the DFC to attend What’s next: an open town hall about campus organizing, a discussion dedicated to discussing campus organizing and community action. The open town hall was organized by Jordan White ’19 and Kazumi Fish ’19. In the Facebook event description, the organizers said that the event was an intentional space for people new to campus organizing and others who have been involved in campus activism for longer to come together and learn from one another. Part of the description read:

Drawing on the impact of last month’s WhoRunsWes community meeting, we want to hold a similar space for people to vent and share their ideas about campus organizing and community action. We want to bring together those who have always done this work with those who wish to begin.

The description also listed clear goals of what the town hall hoped to accomplish:

Clowns Take Wesleyan?


It’s the last thing you’d expect to invade calm and quaint Connecticut, especially after the squirrel epidemic that has still not subsided. And here we are, watching live Facebook streams of people returning to their dorms, declaring bravely that they refuse to die at the hands of a clown. Watch the video if you can muster the strength, cause this shit is terrifying.

Other students were also worrying about potential clowns at Wesleyan: