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Israeli Film Festival at Goldsmith

Professor Katz in the Religion and Hebrew Departments writes:

The Jewish and Israel Studies with the co-sponsoring of the Film Studies Department would like to invite you, your students and friends to the opening of The Ring Family Wesleyan University Israeli Film Festival on Thursday, January 28 at 8pm at the Goldsmith Family Cinema. Each Thursday, for six consecutive weeks, an Israeli movie will be screened. The last screening will take place on March 4. Our first movie, Souvenirs, is the winner of the Golden Gate award from the San Francisco International Film Festival (2007) as well as the winner of the Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary (2006). Shahar, an unemployed film maker, starts a filmed journey in search of his father’s, an 82 years old Yemenite, “souvenirs”, left with local girls during his service in the Jewish Brigade while stationed in Amsterdam during the Second War World.  This charming and funny journey starts in Israel and continues through Italy and Germany and ends in Holland with an unexpected discovery. During this journey, some myths of bravery are questioned with compassion and without the heart break. After the screening, film critic Laura Blum will deliver a talk entitled “Military Affairs: Souvenirs and the Romance of the Jewish Brigade”.

Next Thursday, the comedy A Matter of Size will premiere in Connecticut with commentary by the two Israeli directors.

I hope to see you at the movies, Dalit Katz.

For a complete listing of the movies playing in the series, check your film calendars. They’re all in there.

Time: 8:00 PM (movie time)

Date: This and upcoming Thursdays.

Location: Goldsmith Cinema


So, it turns out that ALUMS CAN ACTUALLY PRODUCE A Cool Truck.GOOD MUSIC. SURPRISE SURPRISE. TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. Ex-members of Joe Jones, Jon Earle, Andrew Carr and Mike Zimmerman (All ’08), and Ben Seretan ’10 have put out a record as Cool Trucks, which is called Cool Trucks. It is really sweet, and you should definitely give it a listen. It sounds kind of like Clinton-era indie rock.

The link:

More info:

(via auralwes and my housemate)

LEGIT: Bikes for Sale

Angus McCullough ’10 wants to sell you a bicycle:

Need a bike? Got a broken one? Want to be as cool as this guy? Well, LEGIT can help you out.

On Saturday from 11-3, we’ll be set up outside of Usdan to sell, fix, tune and adjust bikes for little money and with lots of love. Our going rate for a sick, slick, campus bike? $50. You want a classic cruiser? $50. Rocket bike? well, prices vary…

Any repair is FREE, except the cost of parts, most of which are rebuilt and FREE. And you can always come by the LEGIT bike room on Friday afternoons (located right outside the HiRise door) Or, set up an appointment.

Contact Angus (amcullough(at)wesleyan(dot)edu), Rishabh, (rphukan(at)wesleyan(dot)edu), or Miles (mbukiet(at)wesleyan(dot)edu).

Date: Saturday 4/28, or every Friday
11-3, or Friday afternoons
Location: Outside Usdan, or Hirise

WESU Spring Training

Mary Longley ’10 says you could be on the radio:

WESU is holding DJ training this spring! Now’s your chance to be on the radio– alternative, free-form radio to be exact. Come train, chat about music, and check out our totally sweet record collection. And in case you thought WESU only played music, we’ve got a range of high quality public affairs programming, too. Trainees interested in any aspect of radio should come by! Training sessions will begin the week after spring break and are held at WESU, above Broad Street Books. Pick one, mark your calendar.

For more info, take a look at and/or email with questions

When: Thursday 3/26 at 4:30pm, Sunday 3/29 at 2pm
What: WESU Spring Training
Where: Above Broad Street

Also, the best thing about WESU besides the whole freeform radio thing is the WESU iTunes feed.


“Fear and Tremolo,”* a show being put on next semester by Ben Bernstein ’10, Liz Valentin ’11, and Nick Marshall ’10, is having auditions. “Fear and Tremolo” is going to examine the way that musical representation works and doesn’t work compared to dramatic representation, and is going to use a three-person cast that will need to act and play their instruments. The framing device will be the story of Abraham and Isaac.

Please prepare something to play that showcases your strengths as a musician and something to demonstrate your acting. Auditions will probably run around 10 or 15 minutes each, so don’t bring anything too lengthy. There are signup sheets in the lobby of the theatre building.

If you have questions, email Ben (bcbernstein@wes), Liz (fvalentin@wes) or Nick (nmarshall@wes).

Date: Tuesday, December 9th
Time: 7-10 PM
Location: Jones Room, Theatre Building

* This name is subject to change, on the grounds of being really silly.

New Theatre Notice

Ben Bernstein ’10 writes:

Liz Valentin and I are writing and directing a new three person show for next semester. The piece is going to examine the way that musical representation works and doesn’t work compared to dramatic representation, and is going to use a three person cast that will need to act and play their instruments! It’s going to be really fun and camarederous, so email me (bcbernstein@wes) or Liz (fvalentin@wes) if you’re interested and have acting and instrumental experience. Unfortunately, you need to have a mobile instrument, sorry cellists and pianists! We’re hoping for a guitarist, a string player, and a brass or woodwind player!

The show is going to go up at the end of next semester, so let us know if you’re interested now.

Ben wrote and directed Patterns of Inheritance earlier this semester.

"Why Didn’t You Come Before The War?" in Memorial Chapel

The Contemporary Israeli Voices lecture series, sponsored by the Jewish and Israel Studies Department, is sponsoring a performance by Fabiana Meyuhas tomorrow, October 29, at 8 pm in the Memorial Chapel.

From the announcement:

This one-woman show, based on a book by the same title and written by Lizzie Doron, depicts the story of a few second-generation Holocaust survivors as seen through the eyes of those born in Israel after World War II. The show deals with the change of heart in Israeli society towards those who survived the horrors of the camps: from incomprehension and rejection to empathy and acceptance.

Fabiana Meyuhas plays Elizabeth, who survived while her entire family perished in the camps. Fabiana Meyuhas has appeared in leading parts at Israel’s main theatres (such as Habimma, Hakameri, Beit Lessin, Beer Sheeba) and in various films and television programs. She won the best actress prize at the Akko Fringe festival.

Reception will follow in Zelnick

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 29th
Time: 8 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel

Lighting Designer Needed

Patterns of Inheritance, an opera about the Internet written by Ben Bernstein ’10, is looking for a lighting designer. The show, going up October 16th, needs somebody with lighting experience to, umm, do the lights. If you’re interested, contact as soon as possible.

Patterns of Inheritance Auditions

Ben Bernstein ’10 writes:

Do you sing? Have you ever read a “web log?” If so, you should audition for Patterns of Inheritance.

The piece is about the internet — the entire libretto is composed of chopped up blog posts and wikipedia articles, and the orchestrations are fragments as well. Using constant movement and a cast of six singers and eight instrumentalists, we’ll use a mutually creative process to construct a one hour opera that will sound something like Philip Glass, or the Dirty Projectors. It goes up parents weekend (October 16/17/18), which will allow you to show off to mom and poppers.

We’re also looking for a viola player to round out the pit.

Signup sheets for voice or viola auditions will be available at the Theater Studios tomorrow, or just email to set up a time. We’re very flexible!

Date: Saturday, Sept. 6
Time: 12-3:30 (we said five on the flyers, but we ran out of time)
Location: Theater Studios, East Room