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WestCo Guest Lecture Series: MUFON and UFOs in Connecticut

Tonight at 10 in the WestCo Lounge, Rachel Mastracchio ’11 will be giving a lecture on MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. Rachel is a licensed Field Investigator for MUFON, and will be talking about the history of ufology, the mechanics of the Mutual UFO Network, what her role is in the organization, what an investigation entails and a few historical sightings in Connecticut.

Plus, as usual, there will be snacks provided by the WestCo RA’s.
Date: Sunday, March 2 (today)
Time: 10 PM
Location: WestCo Lounge

WestCo Guest Lecture Series: Lolcats and Communes

In addition to the Lolcats lecture being given at 10 by Ben Bernstein ’10, Yotam Marck (who doesn’t, in fact, go here, but is the cousin of Izaac Lichter-Marck ’11) will be talking about his experiences as a member of the Naharovet, a communal youth movement in Israel.

In Izaac’s words,

“Yotam has lived in a commune for three years and is an expert on cooperative living and the kibbutz movements, zionism, marxism, and ping pong. come steal his ideas pineapple top tree grew where the jack o lantern plate.”

Date: Tonight, February 10
Time: 9:00 and 10:00
Location: WestCo Lounge

WestCo Guest Lecture Series: Lolcats

This Sunday, February 10th, the first iteration of the WestCo Guest Lecture Series will be delivered by Ben Bernstein ’10. Ben will be giving a “cultural, social, and artistic critique of the lolcat phenomenon, complete with pictures, which makes a lot of sense, because the lecture’s on lolcats. It will take place in the WestCo Lounge starting at 10 PM. These lectures typically run about half an hour, with time for questions afterwards. There will be food, because this is typically combined with WestCo snacks, but probably no cheeseburger.

Date: Sunday, February 10
10:00 PM
Location: WestCo Lounge (knock, somebody will let you in)

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, the original post on the Lecture Series is here.

WestCo Guest Lecture Series

Last semester, Ben Seretan ’10 started a program in WestCo called the Guest Lecture Series, which ran biweekly throughout the fall. The Guest Lecture Series is, umm, a series of lectures delivered by anybody who wants to give one. The program in the fall had lectures on the basics of anarchism, the ecology of the suburb, tattoo culture, self-defense and subversive crafting. WestCo is continuing the program this semester, and anybody who wants to give a lecture is absolutely welcome. It runs biweekly on Sundays at ten, and there is sometimes food. The first one will not be during the Super Bowl, but rather the weekend after that.

If you’re interested in delivering a lecture, email me at
If you’re interested in coming, just show up.

Seriously, it can be about anything that interests you.

By the way, I’m Nick Marshall, I live in WestCo and I’m running the series this semester. The lecture series isn’t affiliated with Wesleying.

Gag Reflex Show!

Mary Lauran Hall ’10 brings us science! Sort of:

Researchers at the American University in Cairo recently published a study in which it was found that humans aged 18-25 experienced drastically improved study skills (heightened concentration, increased brain activity, especially acute memory) for up to seven days when exposed to moderate to high levels of long-form improvisational comedy. Researchers determined that the study group with the most benefits had witnessed long-form type improvisational comedy in an environment with two elevators and a marble floor and then experienced prolonged exposure to short-form improvisational comedy (also known in some English vernacular as “improv”).

Clearly, in order to improve performance during exam time, everyone should come to the GAG REFLEX READING WEEK SHOW TONIGHT, at 8 PM, in the SCIENCE CENTER LOBBY. The person who is most fucked with work to do wins a bottle of Southern Comfort!

Date: Tuesday, Dec. 11 (Also known as tonight!)
Time: 8:00 PM
Location: Science Center Lobby

Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater

From Facebook:

The Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater troupe, in its 30th year of performance and with over 60 original pieces in its repertoire, describes the work they do as Latin Classicism, an unusual mix of primarily European or American classical music with Hispanic elements including tango and merengue.

Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater will present a highly varied program with excellent dancers from its recent Spring Series at Lincoln Center Plaza: “Treinta,” a multi-style group piece with modern classical music; “The Deer Dance,” a struggle between a man and a deer based on a traditional Mexican dance; “Aluminum Frame,” a woman bathing provocatively to Schubert music; and the comedic “Danza de los Viejitos”. Some of the pieces display the Company’s Latin Classicism or use of classical music, whether of the past or the present, with Latino dance styles and rhythms.

Prior to the performance, Annabella Gonzalez, the Director of Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater, will teach a two-part master class on “Traditional Mexican Dance”: an informative lecture with a video on traditional dances from different parts of Mexico, many of which display the magic of masks, followed by a class concluding with a section of the famous “Danza de los Viejitos”. Traditional Mexican dance is an extremely rich field with over 20,000 danzas that reflect Mexico’s indigenous peoples’ political, social, and dance culture.

It’s free, but space is limited, so get tickets at the Box Office the day of the performance.

Date: Friday, April 13
Time: 8-9:30 pm (Master class 5:30 – 7:00 pm)
Place: Greene Room, Alpha Delt

"Adrenaline Rush" Pajama Party

The Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority will be hosting an Adrenaline Rush Pajama party tonight at Eclectic.

Date: Friday, April 13
Time: 10-2:30pm
Place: Eclectic

$3 Wesleyan Students and Greeks w/ID and Pajamas
$5 Students/Greeks without Pajamas

Film Hall Double Feature

Film Hall will be putting on a Double Feature tonight, showing Electric Dragon 80000V and Deep Throat:

Electric Dragon 80000V follows Dragon Eye Morrison, as he gets struck by lightening as a child, granting him electric superpowers, bursts of rage, and awakens his inner dragon. The only thing that keeps him calm is his electric guitar. Elsewhere in Tokyo, Thunder Buddha reigns as an electronic vigilante with 2000000 volts of electricity running through him. Naturally, they duke it out. Rock.


A girl needs to untangle her tingler, which instead of being in the normal spot between the legs is 9 inches down her throat. We all know what comes next. It’s the greatest and most influential film of all time to feature large amounts of things going into people’s mouths and grossed 50,000 times its production cost.

So it’s an angry electric guitar playing superhero fighting a vigilante named Thunder Buddha, and the world’s most famous porn film. And it’s free.

Date: Friday, April 13
Time: 8-10pm
Place: Film Hall (Nic 6 basment)

Oh God

please take a prefrosh. There’re a billion of them who need somewhere to crash during Wesfest. Email me at if you can do it.