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Updates with Connect Middletown

A new CTRail Hartford Line train

There have been some big changes to public transit in and around Middletown!

The new CTRail Hartford Line launched service on June 16, which means Meriden Station, only around 17 minutes away from campus, will have a reliable and frequent rail service going between New Haven and Springfield, MA. But one-half of the puzzle is still missing–the running of the M-Link Express to connect Middletown and Meriden Station.

This past March, the vision for Connect Middletown was published.

Read more about what’s happened since then after the jump:

  1. In April and May: Fighting Budget Cuts to Middletown Area Transit Bus Service
  2. The CTRail Hartford Line Opened on June 16th and is Currently Running
  3. The M-Link Express Route is Making Progress in being Planned

Hillary Rodham Clinton Comes to Middletown, but during Wesleyan’s Fall Break

Well, MRoth’s efforts at differentiating Wesleyan’s brand from Wellesley’s is all but over once HRC comes to Middletown. RJ Julia posted on their website and Facebook page that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be coming to Middletown on Saturday, October 21 at 2pm for a book signing of her new book, “What Happened.” Sadly enough, this event will take place during Wesleyan’s fall break and many students therefore, will not be able to attend.

This event is ticketed and will cost $30+tax. You will get a copy of her book and chance for it to be signed. Here are the extremely vetted guidelines for this event. According to the event’s page:

Unofficial Orientation Series 2017: Transportation at Wesleyan

Any current Wes student will tell you, Middletown is seriously lacking is its ability to help you get out of Middletown (not that you would ever want to, of course). This post will try to help sort through different travel options for getting off campus and for getting around campus. I’ve tried to include as much information as possible by including hyperlinks about how a service pertains to Wesleyan and how it can easily be accessed.

Ever since Uber/Lyft has come to Middletown, ride sharing has been the predominate means for students to leave campus for breaks or on weekends. There is public transportation in Middletown, however it is not something students have historically used to get around. Hopefully, this will change! If you keep reading at the bottom of this post, current students, Noah Kahan ‘19 and Rosanne Ng ‘19, in addition to recent Wesleyan grad, Alex Garcia ‘17, are in the process of designing a way for public transportation to be revived in Middletown in order to better connect Middletown to the wider region!

This is a living document, meaning that it will be updated throughout the semester as changes occur. If you think that any information needs to be added/edited or have any concerns/questions, please ask or let me know at nkahan[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.