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So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Well, folks. That’s it for me.

After three semesters of incoherent, irreverent, and irresponsible blogging, I’m finally calling it quits. As of this post, I’m officially retiring. Of course, I wish it wasn’t so, but I’m old, and Wesleyan’s making me give up my senior house.

It has been an absolute, absolute pleasure to serve this community – I can think of very few greater joys. Thanks Zach and Manwar-Battewar, thank you very much for letting me into the family. And thanks to all y’all – you crazy-ass Weskids – for all your wonderful insanities. 

(Also, quick shout-out to Mel ’13, Katya ’13, and the other WesRave organizers for what was just about the greatest damn thing ever. That, I think, is pretty much as good as it is ever going to get. Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my cold, black heart.)

Right – I’m going to wrap it up here. Don’t wanna outstay my welcome. If I don’t see you, or indeed if I don’t know you, have a great life. And keep fighting the good fight, Wes.

This is Nick Quah ’12, commonly known as frostedmoose, signing off.

Post-TDF Stats: An Interview with Dean Mike Whaley

Continued from yesterday, here is the second administration-centered interview on Tour de Franzia (henceforth marked as TDF), this time with Dean Mike Whaley, Vice President of Student Affairs. It’s pretty damn long, and so I’m just going to jump into it, but before that I want to note two things:

(1) Zach and I conducted this interview on the morning of Spring Fling, so when we tell this story we like saying “We pregamed Spring Fling with Mike Whaley.” Technically, that’s not an inaccurate statement, but there were no drinkies, so maybe it is. But that’s only if you’re being particular about the definition of pregaming.

(2) When we were conducting the interview, the dean had ambient, meditative/trance music going on in the background. This compelled, at least for me, a sleep-inducing lull that resulted in a lack of coherence, and so the conversation went in a mostly roundabout fashion. What follows is not the natural conversation as it happened, but a selective reorganization of the transcript. We assure you, however, that nothing whatsoever is misrepresented.

Read on for Dean Mike Whaley’s thoughts on administrative tactics to stop Tour de Franzia, possible wrongful SJB charges filed against students, and whether or not Public Safety is planning to use video footage to identify students on 4/20. For previous Franzia coverage, see emails from various administrators, Public Safety’s “Awareness Report,” and video footage by Wespook.

Post-TDF Stats: An Interview with Dean Rick Culliton

So, for the past week, Zach has been getting me—by threatening me with a glow-stick, as usual—to run around with him to get the administrative perspective on Tour de Franzia. Here’s the first product of that running around, an interview with Dean Rick Culliton, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, who was gracious enough to give us—via a set of terse email replies—the post-game stats of last Friday’s revelries.

A longer, more conversational interview with Dean Mike Whaley, Vice President for Student Affairs, will be posted sometime later today, if I ever finish my paper in time. (Edit: Whoops, probz tomorrow.) For Public Safety’s own “Awareness Report” regarding the event, click here.

Could you describe the administration’s attempts to prevent Tour de Franzia from taking place this year?

As you are aware, the university increased its staff presence by doubling up the public safety shifts and bringing in about 20 student affairs staff to monitor the event, secure facilities and address violations of the code of non-academic conduct.

Did you think these strategies were successful? If so, how so?

The increased presence of staff led to less vandalism than previous years and an increase in the number of students documented who will now face judicial charges as a result.

Mysterious “Wesleyan Treasure Hunt” Begins

From out of nowhere, I get a curious email:

It’s called, “The Wesleyan Treasure Hunt.” It consists of a bunch of plaques hidden around campus with clues on them. The first clue is on the east wall of Usdan (the CRC side). People will need a smartphone or computer. It’s really hard.

Given that the silent rave is tonight, this might just get interesting. (But just to be clear: this treasure hunt is permanent – it goes beyond tonight)

Rock on, Wesleyan. Rock on.

Wesleyan Spirits Spring Jam on Saturday

AJ “Big Bird” Hinds ’12, coming into my house, and once again, as always, as forever, making it all about him, with typical questionable humor:


Against my better judgment, I am once again asking you to post about the Spirits’ Spring Jam (also known as my Senior Thesis because, as you know, I am a weak, weak man incapable of completing an actual thesis). It would be great if you could post it sometime tomorrow, but I wanted to send the info to you today, so that I didn’t forget amidst the festivities.

Title: Wesleyan Spirits Spring Jam: A Senior Thesis Presentation by AJ Hinds ’12
Time: Saturday, May 12 at 7pm
Location: Memorial Chapel
Price: Free
Face: Book

Anyway, Garth Taylor ’12 already had his equivalent of a senior thesis with the Rooks in the ’92 concert, and that shit was tight. 

Oh god I can’t write sentences right now.

Espwesso Closed on Wed, Thurs in Honor of Flinging Springing

Jake Eichengreen ’13, with arms wide open, releases distressing news:

Hey guyzzzz

Just wondering if you could put up a post alerting the general public that we will be closed wednesday and thursday nights in honor of that most wonderous holiday of spring. We will open again on Sunday night for reading week/finals and will be open our normal schedule throughout next week

Y u deny me my drugzzz

Survey on Wesleyan-Middletown Relations

So, when Sofia Warren ’13 sent it in this post-request, she requested the post title: “WE LIVE IN A TOWN!” I have a particular aversion to all-caps sentences, so I decided not to go with it. However, Ms. Warren, I do understand the need to spice up this post, so here’s a picture of a cat next to the details:

How do you interact with Middletown? MIDWES is the WSA subcommittee of Middletown Relations, and we really really want to hear from you.

Help us improve Middletown/Wesleyan relations! Fill out this one-minute survey, and then give yourself a hearty self-five. You rock.

Click here to take survey.

Rock on, Garth.

Sextacy Tonight: XXX me maybe

Oh god i need water head hurts so bad ugh anyway:


send some dirty text messages
get sexy,
and be ready to dance with X!!

Date: May 5th
Time: 11pm – 2am (Performances start at 12am)
Place: Eclectic
Face: Book
Cost: $1 (before midnight), $2 (after midnight)

Why the hell is that song so GOOOOODDD????

Precision Troupe + Fusion: Dangerous When Wet

Cynthia Tong ’14, in the library, with a candlestick, and a bazooka. She writes,

It’s a collaboration woot.

Date: Friday, May 4th
Place: Steps of Albritton
Time: 10pm – 11pm
Cost: Nada
Rain site: Exley Lobzz
Update: According to a comment left by the organizers, apparently the event will definitely be in Exley.

Dear NBC Connecticut: You’re Not Helping

Let’s get this right off the bat: this post is about one particular aspect of the aftermath of the Usdan flyer controversy.

You might have heard of it by now, or maybe even seen it. Yesterday, NBC Connecticut vans were spotted on campus grounds, and we later got word that reporters were trying to squeeze soundbites out of Wes students. Later that night, they ran a news story about the Usdan flyer incident. It was short, it was a little strange, and most disturbingly, it was considerably misleading. Then came the newest update: Rajan Zed, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, is denouncing Wesleyan from across the country and calling on the university to apologize for the incident.

There has been much heated debate behind the scenes here in the cyberspace office of Wesleying ever since last Friday’s incident. We as a self-accountable collective of bloggers had to confront very difficult questions: what is our role in the student body? What are our duties? How far can we go with moderation and censorship? How do we balance between protection and preservation of the discussion? Most of these questions went unanswered, simply because they are so grey and difficult.

But when the NBC Connecticut story ran last night, it was pretty clear what needed to be done. Bad reporting on what happened here at Wes needs to be covered, and the viewing lens of the story has to re-calibrated for the benefit of the community. This is precisely what this post will try to do. Now, I just want to make clear that this is an insanely difficult and sensitive thing to write about. And I know I’m probably going to get slammed in the face one way or another for doing something or for not doing another thing or whatever, but fuck it—I’m doing it. This is something of a long piece, so hit me up after the jump.

Oh, and one more thing: if you’re on the NBC Connecticut staff, hello! This is for you. Really.