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Government Black Operations At Eclectic

Working out of the Department of Geography at UC Berkeley, Trevor Paglen is an artist, writer, and self-described amateur anthropologist, who researches secret geography and government Black Ops – highly classified US government-funded programs. His books include Torture Taxi, the first book to detail the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” program, and I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me, a collection of the coded and often outlandish insignia of government Black Ops divisions. His third book, Blank Spots on a Map, will be released by Dutton/Penguin in February. Paglen’s work has gotten in-depth coverage in the New York Times and the Colbert Report.

Using hundreds of images he has produced and collected over the course of his work, Paglen’s talk will show how the Black Ops world’s internal contradictions give rise to a peculiar visual, aesthetic, and epistemological grammar with which to think about the contemporary moment.

(Ed. note: Among other incredible projects, Paglen takes photos of restricted government areas with astronomical equipment. I’m not sure why he hasn’t been arrested yet, but I’m psyched.)

Date: Thursday, December 4
Time: 4:30pm
Place: Eclectic, 200 High St
Admission is FREE.
Also: FREE FOOD. (hint: beef patties!!)

Transportation Improvements!

Thanks to the efforts of the WSA Shuttle Committee, Marcello Curridori of Wesleyan Transportation Services, and Dave Meyer of Public Safety, with additional funding from the Wesleyan Administration, some awesome changes (and fee reductions!) have been made on transportation, effective immediately. They include:

$5 Weekend Shuttle to/from New Haven!
Coverage: Usdan Center < --> Union Station, New Haven
Departures: Friday 6pm / Sunday 3pm
Returns: Friday 7pm / Sunday 4pm
Cost: $5
Additional Info: Tickets are available at the University Box Office in the Usdan Center. Friday shuttle reservations must be made by Thursday at 4pm. Sunday shuttle reservations must be made by Friday at 4pm.

FREE Daily Shuttle to DATTCO Bus Stop!
Where: Usdan Center < --> DATTCO Bus Stop (Middletown Park & Ride)
Departures: Daily, 8am
Returns: Daily, 8:30am
Cost: FREE
Additional Info: Reservations are available in your student portfolio, here (login required). Reservations must be made by 3pm the day before departure. This shuttle connects to DATTCO commuter bus to New Haven and Hartford, which costs $4.65 one way (exact change required).

If these changes are successful, additional departure times may be added!
The WSA Shuttle Committee are: Saul Carlin ’09, Andrea Neustein ’08David Markowitz and Jennifer Liebschutz ’11, and Cesar Medina and Melgily Valdez ’09 last semester. (Hunter Craighill ’09, though a lovely person, was not involved).

US Supreme Court Counsel at Eclectic

Philip Allen Lacovara has argued more than a dozen cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, including United States vs. Nixon. His resume is vast (Google it – pretty intense), but in brief, he graduated Columbia Law first in his class for three consecutive years, acted as Deputy Solicitor General, and was VP and Senior Counsel of General Electric while President of the DC Bar. Lacovara now heads the pro bono program at Mayer Brown LLP, where he is also Senior Counsel. He is acting as consultant in the latest of the Guantanamo Bay series of habeus cases, Boumediene vs. Bush.

Lacovara will discuss the evolution of presidential power since FDR, the current Administration’s approach to the war on terror, and the challenges and questions facing our country’s next president. Highly recommended for anyone interested in law, public policy, or the future of the presidency. Or free food (see below).

Thursday, February 21
Time: 4:30pm
Place: Eclectic, 200 High St
Facebook event link here.
Admission is FREE.
Also: FREE FOOD. (hint: empanadas!!)

Sponsored by the Government Department, the Eclectic Society, and the Student Program Fund.