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Cornell Shoots Porn, Too—In the Library

Colleges Still Good For Something: Cornell Library Serves as Setting for Porn Video

Cornell’s back at it. This week, in addition to the sheer public-defecation epicness of the Avicii concert, Cornell’s very own “Cameron Knight” shot and starred in her first (we assume) one-woman porn show. In the university’s engineering library of all places. Gawker had this to say:

In the video, a young blonde woman, possibly Miss Knight, records herself on a laptop webcam wanking and masturbating in broad daylight while seated at a public work station. The library is largely deserted but for one other student, who appears to be working (or maybe also wanking and masturbating) at a table in the background. Based on the emptiness of the library, and the fact that the video was uploaded to a hosting site in August, EzraBoard users have deduced that it must have been shot over Cornell’s summer term, when the school is populated by a scant mix of over- and under-achievers.

You can watch the video itself here (link definitely NSFW), and read Cornell’s comments about it here. Extra points if you watch the video in Olin. But fear not, Wes. We had Cornell beat by 13 years:

P-Safe Report: Boozedan Without the Booze

On Thursday night, two P-safe vehicles drove up to Usdan ready to take action. There had been a complaint about students bringing a handle of alcohol (what else?) to dinner. Visibly pissed and ready to write them up, they marched up the stairs, only to find out that the group had filled the handle with water. A simple smell test was enough. Doesn’t P-safe realize that we would be more stealthy about our alcohol consumption?

At least it was a welcome break from all the parties they’ve crashed lately.