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Musicians/Bands Needed for Fall Fest

Out House is looking for student performers and bands for its annual Fall Festival, which will happen on Oct 10th. Fall Fest will have a very folksy feel to it, and probably won’t have enough space for large bands, but all bands are encouraged to sign-up.

Contact rostfeld@wes for more information.

First Outing Club Meeting!

Do you like hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing, climbing, camping, apple-picking, cliff-jumping, kayaking, or anything else that has to do with the outdoors?

If the answer is yes, then check out the Outing Club. All year long the Outing Club hosts hikes, camping trips, canoe trips, and other excursions to the great outdoors! We also rent outdoor gear to students at a very low price.

The first meeting will be Wednesday the 16th at 10:00 at Out House (132 High Street).  It won’t be so much a meeting as an ice-cream fueled meet-and-greet,  so be ready to talk to some really chill people while eating some delicious ice-cream.

Date: Wednesday, September 16th
Time: 10 pm
Place: Out House (132 High Street)

Outing Club Meeting Tonight

There will be an Outing Club meeting tonight at 10 pm at OutHouse (132 High Street) 

The meeting will begin with a slideshow. Then, we will be discussing:

Wesleyan Outdoor Orientation Trips (WOOT Trips)
The Spring Workshop Series
Gear Inventories / Gear Purchases for Spring
and The Snow School Outdoors Club (which will be meeting for the first time this Friday at 3pm)
Hope to see you there!

This Weekend and Spring Break with the Outing Club

Knot into studying on a Saturday? Knot yet sober from Friday night? This joke is funny. KNOT! Join Terrence, Gus and Jared for a workshop on how to tie practical knots and construct bomber tarp shelters. This Saturday from 1-2 pm at Outhouse. No experience or equipment necessary.
Contact Gus Seixas ( with questions.

The Banff Film Festival is coming to Wesleyan on March 2nd and will be in the Science Center Auditorium at 7pm! The film festival showcases tons of outdoor short films! Proceeds will benefit the Ragged Mountain Foundation, and Upward Bound. Definitely check it out!
If you would like to help set up for the film festival, contact us (

From the Bay Area? Can’t get enough of that beautiful California weather? Join us on a 2-3 night camping trip in Santa Cruz or Big Sur! We will have cars leaving from the East Bay and from Davis. The drive to Santa Cruz is about 66 miles, just over an hour, but we can also continue 2 hours down the coast on the spectacular Highway 1 to Monterey or Big Sur.  If enough people living in Southern California are interested, Big Sur is only 307 miles (about 6 hours) from LA (totally worth it)! This is still in the very preliminary planning stage so please respond right away if you’re interested and we’ll keep you posted!
Contact Julia Michaels ( if you are interested.

Did Spring Break creep up on you, leaving you unprepared to plan what you will do? Want to go somewhere cool and do an outdoors activity? Join an Outing Club spring break trip! We’re having a meeting on Monday at 9:30PM at Outhouse to talk about and start planning possible trips. As of now, nothing is set, so come by and help plan a trip.
Questions or RSVP to Jared Schroder (

First Outing Club Meeting!!

The first meeting of the Wesleyan Outing Club is this Wednesday, Sept 10th, at 10pm, at Out House (132 High).

Reasons to come:
1. Announcements of super sweet outings that are happening this weekend (beaches, mountains, orchards, cliff jumping! plus surprises.)
2. Plenty of ice cream and desserts. Contributions not necessary but welcomed.
3. We miss you. You miss us. The end.

Never been to a meeting? Never missed one? Everyone is welcome!! Come see old friends and meet new ones and bond over the wonderful outdoors. Swing by and say hello!

Love and trail mix,
The Outing Club

Cross Country Skiing with the Outing Club

Come join the outing club for a cross country ski extravaganza on Sunday March. 2 at 10 am

Me: I hear it’s going to snow this weekend.
You: Really? We should go cross country skiing with all those skis outhouse has!
Me: Yeah! Before it gets too warm.
You: It gets warm in CT?
Me: Oh right, I forget you’re not from VT.
You: Well, what if the snow melts before Sunday?
Me: We can play soccer in the cold.
You: And then drink hot chocolate and eat popcorn!
Me: Yes!!!
You: But I have a lot of work.
Me: Are you really going to do work between 10 am and 12 pm on Sunday?
You: Well…
Me: It will energize you for the day… and give you a reason to be alive.
You: Okay, you’ve convinced me!
Where: Outhouse
When: 10 am Sunday
Why: Because we love snow.
What: Xcountry skiing at Wadsworth (bring a car if you have one) OR soccer in the back yard
AND hot cocoa and popcorn
Who: You me and everyone we know
||__|| (our parallel skis on the path… so metaphoric.)

email oriana.korol@gmail with questions.

Outings with the Wesleyan Outing Club

Going on an outing this weekend or during spring break? Want to have some trail snacks that haven’t been loaded up in corn syrup, packaged and shipped across the country? Come to the continuation of Outing Club’s INNINGS and make some fresh granola! Meet at Outhouse at 3pm on Saturday, March 1st. Come with your WesCard (so we can make a trip to WeShop for materials), any granola making materials you have, and your favorite granola recipe. While the granola cooks we will be playing board games, drinking tea, and being merry. It will be delicious, sustainable, fun and a product of our own creativity! Email Sarice at egreenstein@wes or Terrence at tword@wes to RSVP, or just show up.

Come explore the abandoned ruins of Gay City! “Started by an isolationist sect in 1796, Gay City‘s early success centered on its mill–originally a sawmill, later a woolen and paper mill. The blockades in the War of 1812, the Civil War deaths of the town’s young men, and a fire each played a role in the demise of Gay City.” We’ll explore ditches, cellar holes, cemetery and stone walls; and hike a 5-mile loop around the pond. Meet at Outhouse this Saturday, March 1st at 11am. E-mail jehrenhalt@wes if you’re interested, and/or if you have access to a car.

Interested in living in Outhouse? It’s a great place to live – lots of fun antics, pranks and outdoor adventures to get in on. Applications are in your portfolio and are due this FRIDAY!

Outing Club Trips To Look Forward To!


The banff Mountain Film Festival featuring inspiring outdoorsey films is coming to Wesleyan next Monday (Feb 25) at 7pm in the Memorial Chapel. Get your tickets by calling North Cove Outfitters at 860-388-6585 ($12). 
Don’t you wish you could have gone on a sweet freshman orientation trip? Well, if you are an  incoming freshman this fall, you will be able to! The Outing Club has been working with school administrators to bring back the outdoor orientation trip, and it’s finally gonna happen. If you are interested in helping plan or lead one of these trips, email Olivia at omiller@wes. 
I heard that this Friday is going to be the most gorgeous sunrise ever in the history of sunrises ever. They’ve done studies that say watching the sunrise increases longevity and improves your sex life. And makes you much cooler. So after decades of planning, we’re going to Miller’s pond to eat some sweet snacks. Everyone bring a snack, man. We’ll meet at Outhouse on Friday morning 5:51am and be back before 9am classes. Bring a car if you have one. Email Galen at gdegraf@wes with questions.
Come hike with us this Saturday at Chatfield Hollow State Park. Crawl out of your musty dorm room to trek over some covered bridges and wander along some meandering streams. Meet at Outhouse on Saturday, February 23rd at 1:30pm with weather appropriate hiking gear and a car if you have one. Email Beth at eogata@wes with questions.
Come for a fun hike to Sleeping Giant State Park – apparently, from New Haven, these little mountains sort of look like a big sleeping dude. Or something like that. Yalies are weird. Anyway, there’s a sweet castle thing at the top, and a great view. This won’t be a super challenging hike, so if you haven’t been on an outing yet because your cardio fitness is a little subpar, fear not! Email Elaine (elauriat@wes) if you’re coming, if you have a car, or if you have questions! Meet at Outhouse, Sunday, February 24th, 1pm.
If you’re interested in some sweet hiking, possibly backpacking, in NH’s White Mountain/Pemiqesset Wilderness, come to the meeting Tuesday (26th) 8pm @ Outhouse. We’re leaving Saturday March 8th and returning the 11th or 12th  (depending on which trail(s) we hike). We’ve got 5 spaces so this meeting is REALLY important in determining who is coming. If you’ve already emailed me, still come on Tuesday. If you can’t make the meeting, email me (Anna) at araithel@wes.